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The Gear S2 is an amazing smartwatch, plagued only by a shortage of compatible apps and not-so-great compatibility with existing Android apps, at least when compared to Android Wear smartwatches. As for the QWERTY keyboard, that app is called Agile Keyboard and is already available for the watch. 3:27 pm March 17, 2011 By Julian Horsey Samsung has just announced a new addition to their TV peripherals in the form of a full QWERTY keyboard remote control.
The Samsung QWERTY remote is a compact controllers designed to do just that and will be included with every premium Samsung TV model including the LED D9000, D7000 Series, and Plasma D8000 Series.
It’s a smart, full-screen keyboard app that has just four keys, and forecasts your next letter choice as you type. But third-party developers have been picking up the slack lately, and we now have two very useful apps available for Samsung’s most beautiful smartwatch.
But once (and if) it gets approved and published on the watch’s app store, you will be able to start conversations with your friends whenever you want right from the Gear S2, and you will also be able to manage chats in all the apps listed above from a single location.
In addition to offering you a full keyboard layout on that tiny screen, Agile Keyboard supports hundreds of emoji (as the app description notes, these might look different from the ones on your phone, but the expressions will remain the same).

Head into the store to get it on your Gear S2, and let us know how you find the experience of typing with a full QWERTY keyboard on a 1.2-inch display! Helping eliminate those annoying times you need to enter text via the on screen keyboard and your standard controls cursors. If your not in the market for a new TV but fancy a little more control over your TV texting then your can purchase the remote from Samsung as a separate item for $99. Enter your email address below (no spam, we promise!):We never disclose our readers' information without prior consent. My predictive text has become so smart that after the first word in a sentence I rarely have to type more than the first letter of each subsequent word before being given the word I want in the suggestion bar. There's really not too much to this, but if you need a break from the world or a little time-out on brain activity, just watch this totally silly video of silicone being poured over Lego bricks.
If you dismiss a notification, you can’t reply to that particular message, and nor can you initiate a conversation with a contact yourself. There is no support for keeping logs of previous conversations, though the developer doesn’t make it clear what exactly this limitation means.

As you tap, it forecasts what’s next, and gives you full words to choose from on the side of the screen.
Around half the time I don't have to even type the first letter as the next word is stting there waiting for me. It's stupid but it's kind of, sort of, fun to see the layers of goo neatly pile up until they collapse all over each other.
At that point, the silicone crawls and oozes down until it satisfyingly fills the crevices around the bricks.
You can type faster, and you have less of a reason to complain about that stock Android keyboard you don’t like.

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