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I have not yet replaced a string, but from what I have read you need to measure the diameter of the string and buy some replacement string which comes on a spool (for the upper notes). The following Piano Key Chart I have made for you, is a complete downloadable reproduction of a real piano keyboard.
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Regarding body armor, the only situation I’ve heard where there is some risk is working on the old square pianos from the 1800s. I broke two strings but both broke at the peg and I was able to secure enough from the other peg to still make them work.
You will need to buy a few tools, but the total cost of the tools should be less than what a piano tuner would charge (assuming you have your own laptop).  Once you have the tools and the knowledge, you will be saving every time the piano needs to be tuned. It was her grandmothers before her and would be at least 100 years old, however nobody in the family plays it. Just tuning to an electronic tuner that does not account for inharmonicity will give the piano a poorer sound to the discerning ear.

It is basically an ornamental piece of furniture so it doesn’t matter too much if a string breaks during my attempt to tune. Having said that, if a string does break, could it be potentially dangerous given the tension or will it simply just unwind. Piano is actually a polyphonic instrument, which means that it is possible to play more than note at once while with violin that is a rather limited thing and it is almost impossible to obtain it with a flute.

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