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First I think you have your own Facebook account – so you can easily try to do using your Facebook account with your Facebook friends from your desktop. When you complete this all step you will read Bangla language on your mobile and you can write easily Bangla language after change this “Power-user settings” if you have already installed Bangla writing software.
If you are beginners of your mobile phone and you cannot write bangla so let’s check the popular Bangla writing software for mobile under given below list with download links.
The Munier-Optima Typewriter keyboard, once the ubiquitous overlay especially because of work in government offices, was a matter of interest with me back in the mid-1980s but I never caught on touch typing with it. Much later, in the mid-1990s, I had to learn how to type Bengali the proper way -- no hunting and pecking. In xkben, the Bengali keyboard overlay that I use to write Bengali now on Slackware and Slax, has no dead key -- the full form of the vowels are mapped on to AltGr combinations and all other conjunct characters, explicitly visible or not, are keyed in with a virama between consonants. As this will act as an additional keyboard, you will need to add the following five lines to the xkb symbol file for Bangladesh, bd, or for India, in.

Sometimes, there are special occasions where we'd love to have a commemorative video file to remind us of that particular event or happy day.
SKIA is a unique social app that automatically detects people that have attended the same event as you. Like – when a friend chat with you using avro keyboard or others you should answer your friend by Bangla. The next keyboard overlay that I used to key in a character or two was called DaungJan word processor, which offered a customised version to type text in Bengali with a changed codepage for the Devanagari script.
This keyboard is modelled on the Unijoy keyboard for Unicode Bengali (Click on the picture for a bigger file, png, 86kB). The lines below need to be added to the xkb symbol file for the country we want the keyboard layout to be associated with. In the windowing environment, the keyboard could be selected by issuing the command kcontrol for the KDE Control Menu.

That's 1050 each and every week that you clap eyes on that ugly default homescreen background. If you connect with them, both of your stories will converge together, and the pictures will appear your respective timelines: no need to do anything else. If your mother language is Bangla language so don’t worry about writing your own language, because technology not stays here like time, “Time and tide wait for none” – like this word technology developed.
Gave your time your Facebook friends, I think you need to maximum two day for improve typing skill. Things later moved into Unicode and I switched to Unijoy, an overlay modelled on Bijoy, some time before the mid-2000s.

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