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There are lots of free online typing lessons for beginners that teach you on how to place your fingers, good typing ergonomics and ways to type more effectively.
TypingWeb offers free online typing courses for entry, intermediate, as well as advanced level typist. Peter’s Online Typing Course provides a full set of typing knowledge and lessons to newbies. Simply choose your lesson and goal (how many wpm you want to achieve) to start your typing lessons. There are 15 free typing lessons available, which become more and more difficult as you progress. Esta página contiene elementos que necesitan Javascript para disfrutar de una completa experiencia multimedia.
Tutoriales gratuitos de TypingWeb: ofrece algunos tutoriales de mucha utilidad para aprender a colocar las manos y los dedos sobre el teclado.

Periodista Digital, SL CIF B82785809 - Avenida de Asturias, 49, bajo - 28029 Madrid (España) - Tlf. PERIODISTA DIGITAL, SL CIF B82785809 - Avenida de Asturias, 49, bajo - 28029 Madrid (España) - Tlf.
Girls typing games are really hard to find as most sites are targeting adults and kids, regardless of gender. It first recommends you to study the principles for effective learning and good typing ergonomics, before you start the practical lesson. The course also includes number row and math keys. Its touch typing basics cover most of the information that you need to know before you begin your typing lessons online.
While you’re practising, it shows you which finger that you are supposed to use to type the particular key. However, the whole typing lessons are non-interactive, which means that you can’t identify your errors and your typing speed during the lessons.

They are extremely useful for you to build a strong foundation and learn the basics in typing.
The beginner’s typing lesson is divided into 9 parts, where each part focuses on different section of the keyboard. There are 40 lessons available and you can change its difficulty level. You can also choose different characters and songs.

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