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FIRST PIANO LESSONS is an eBook, which means it is a digital book and will be delivered to you as a PDF.
Hi Judy, Yes it’s no problem for me to send the ebook directly to your email, but you would still need to pay through paypal.
El eBook Mis primeras lecciones de piano es una coleccion de actividades de aprendizaje y ejercicios disenado especialmente para atraer a jovenes principiantes de piano. Depending on the apps you have installed and your operating system you might be able to go ahead and download the book on your mobile device, but if you have any doubts or problems, it is recommended that you use a computer to download the book and then share it to your mobile devices. You can read the book on screen or print it off.
I have tried to purchase the first piano lessons and some of the Let’s Play Lessons and none of the links will allow me to purchase. We’ve checked all the links on desktop and mobile and everything seems to be working fine and our normal sales have not been affected in any way.

We are about to start your free introduction to piano and wanted to add these to the keys as visual interest? The printables you need are available in The first Piano Lessons eBook – which would very helpful to get him started.
Este libro contiene una guia paso a paso de como introducir unas lec- ciones basicas de piano y teoria musi- cal con el objetivo principal de que el nino aprenda mientras se divierte.
You can print the whole book, or just the printable resources at the back as and when you need them. The first time (sliding snakes) the object is simply to identify the whether the notes go up or down, and the second time (spot the frog) the object is to find where the thirds occur along the line of tones and semitones. It’s difficult for us to work out the problem from this end; but perhaps when you are clicking on the add to cart button and it opens in another browser, that might be blocked by your phone?

I didn’t want to buy the set until I know he is going to stick with it and not loose interest after a month. Estas lecciones adaptadas para los ninos van a construir una base rme y duradera por el amor al piano. Thanks for raising this question, I can see why this is a bit confusing and will make sure I clarify this point in the future.

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