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During my never-ending search for new sampled instruments to download, I came across a whole list of pianos at Bedroom Producers Blog.
You can see pictures of the instrument and read about his process of recording the samples at his site, as well as download the original soundfont. Togeo Studios is a provider of custom designed resources for music creation and audio production. With the latest free update for Live 9 we’re continuing to fine-tune Push as an instrument for music-making and performance. We often hear music makers and other artists talk of ‘happy accidents’: those moments where inspiration presents itself unintentionally, and to the excitement of its own creator. As even a cursory glance at the web’s leading online repository of them reveals, there are now so many Max For Live devices available to buy or download for free that it’s hard to know where to begin any investigation into them. Since 2009 Claire Boucher aka Grimes has been producing her own unique brand of electronic music to an ever-widening audience of indie and discerning pop music listeners. Did you hear the one about the drummer and the synth player who just couldn’t stay in time? Drummers and electronic beat makers have similar problems to solve, but have traditionally approached solving them in radically different ways. As an artist, curator and activist, Lawrence English has done much in recent years to bring field recording-based music to new audiences. Berlin-based duo Skinnerbox have given their widely admired rhythm engine and drum synthesis instrument a major update.

Last year we posted about Nathan Jonson’s amazing Push Hero game, a great tool for rhythm training which started life as a fun learning resource for kids. Since we officially released Link in Live 9.6, Ableton users have been hosting Link jam sessions worldwide. In our recently released panel discussion from Loop, we heard how some artists find perpetual experimentation with tools and techniques can help keep the studio a fertile ground for ideas.
In recent months, Mexico City has finally started receiving some of the focus it deserves as a melting pot of underground music culture. One of the topics explored at the 2015 Loop summit was how the creative skills and experiences of artists and producers can extend beyond the studio and stage. It’s not just blockbuster film composers who are raving about ProjectSAM; the orchestral sample library developers have gained admirers across an impressive spectrum of genres.
What we tend to forget (or willfully ignore) when we talk about making music is that it’s not always fun.
A new Pack from Rack specialists UNDRGRND SOUNDS is bringing an impressive range of house music’s most significant sounds to Live and Push users in a single package. I cannot find any information on how to create an ableton live pack on my own anywhere in the www, so I would love having a pack available similar to this one, but without the filter effects!
Specializing in custom desiged Ableton Live packs, vst soundsets, audio loops and sample librarys. Coming later this year and currently in beta, Live 9.7 is bringing some big improvements to slicing, recording and programming beats with Push.

By definition they can’t really be conjured on demand, but there are some approaches that can make them more likely. Neither did Davide Compagnoni, aka KHOMPA, whose new album, The Shape of Drums to Come, consists almost exclusively of pieces built around melodic material triggered in time with the drums. Free for existing users or available to buy now, they’ve crammed the Pack full of new devices that integrate the engine’s unique groove, swing and timing throughout your production process.
Her cinematic music is in inspired by minimalist composers like Terry Riley and from visual artists such as Moebius and Hayao Miyazaki. They have been cleaned up and repacked together as a single Live Ready pack that will install automatically into your Ableton library in one clean and easy process. This is a huge sound library with a large assortment of basses, synths, keys, leads, pads and atmospheric soundscapes that will be the inspiration for many new musical creations.
Then, you might try routing the audio of the Rhodes MIDI track to an audio track and record it there.

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