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Big Blue Piano is a virtual electric piano similar in sound to the Fender Rhodes.At the moment it is extremely minimal, with no GUI based controls at all (other than the keyboard). Also known as digital pianos, these musical instruments have grown in popularity in recent years. The Yamaha Arius YDP140 weighs 121 lbs and has a 64 note polyphony and half a dozen distinct voices.
The electric piano dimensions can be important if portability is an issue, so you need to check the specs.
In fact, Harold Rhodes himself was reportedly furious when a Rhodes advertisement suggested that the synthesizer captured the essence of the piano that bears his name.
Most of the issues with the Rhodes Electronic Piano were solved by cleaning the contact points of the terminal strips that connect the patches with the amplification and trigger switches. In 1988, I donated the ARP 4 Voice to local community college and the college kids ruined it within a year. All the Rhodes Service Manuals that I have found online cover only tine models up through the late 1970’s.
If this instrument had hammers, the information for the sparkle top might be of some assistance.
We were unable to find any service manuals for the Electronic Piano as well and we mostly just had to clean and service the contact points so that they can function properly. I just bought a 3363, and the volume is all over the place, along with some dead keys and a constant hum.

Thanks so much for the answer, I’ll keep trying to raise the hood, and get it cleaned up in there. I have been playing one of these for 3-4 years now and I love it, even though the sound is by all objective standards kind of crappy. I also have Rhodes Electronic Piano (Model 3363) there are some keys that are not woking is there any tutorial or recommendations on how to make them work. I am not familiar with any tutorials and we were unable to locate a service manual for this model. Each of the keyboard types matches a Drive and Tremolo setting to provide an accurate musical pairing. The Reface CP is truly mobile—2 built-in speakers and battery-power option let you play anywhere without plugging in. Many of them have advanced features, and competition has driven the prices of these products down to affordable levels. The speakers measure 10 cm in diameter x 2 cm (2W + 2W) and it uses a standard microphone jack.
In fact, nearly twenty years later there still is no synthesizer or digital piano does the Rhodes or Wurlitzer sound any justice until you account for the convenience of carrying your Nord to a gig. I believe the list price was about $1,600, but when ARP ran into financial trouble the retail music stores were blowing them out for about $1,200 – that was all the incentive I needed. Because of their felt hammer tips, they take a lot of skill and care to perform voicing services properly and these models are not the best models for a first time DIY restoration.

The 3363 is a completely different animal, and the technical info seems to be successfully hidden. See 7-1 and 8-1 and especially 9-1 of the Rhodes manual for specific instructions for the felt tips. We also would suggest checking the power supply to make sure that it is supplying proper voltages to the board. Remove these and the top will lift up with no problem … there should be a rod on the inside right that will hold up the top.
The Auto Accompaniment allows new players to play the chord, while the bass plays on its own. Haven’t been able to locate a service manual or schematics for this model, any hlp would be appreciated.
Those two focal points should cover 90% of any issues that you are having with the electronics. Her granny bought it when it first came out to play at home and for her bridge group so she says but hardly played it because she was bedridden most of the time she had it.. Once again, we recommend extreme care when servicing 60’s sparkle-top models and would love to give you an estimate for work in our shop.

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