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Expressive touch like a piano - Backlit LCD screen - Easy to use 2-track recorder - 482 GM and XGlite voices - Sound Quality - bass ports - Computer Connectivity Flash ROM - 9 Digital reverb plus 4 chorus effects - 106 Accompaniment styles - Dual and split keyboard modes The PSR-E313 has a large selection of professional sounding voices called XGlite. Digital Music Notebook software included - Other Great Features - Piano Focus: 88 piano style keys, stand, hi-res sample - The Yamaha Portable Grand, YPG-525 is an 88-key portable keyboard with a piano focus.
Offering elegant design and exceptional value, the Yamaha P-70 is just right for the home user.
The P-70 has an amazingly realistic sound quality usually only found in more expensive models. While the sound quality of the P-70 captivates, it also compels with its impressive visual design. Responsive piano action is at your fingertips with the new Graded Hammer Standard keyboard.
The P-70 features an array of commonly used sounds such as grand pianos, electric pianos, organs, harpsichords, vibraphones, and strings.
Rather than simply switching sustain ON or OFF, the P-70 responds to 127 levels of pedal depth. Complement your P-70 with an attractive stand designed to match the look and feel of this fine product. The result is amazing sound quality and 375 Voices for you to choose from, offering compatibility with both 3rd party and Yamaha XG software. Only Yamaha's best keyboards have the capacity to support and reproduce Yamaha's XGlite voices.

Voices reproduce all the natural expression and vibrato of their respective acoustic instruments - Cool! It includes piano-style keys that not only look like piano keys but retain the characteristic size and shape, making it easier for a budding musician to move to an acoustic or digital piano.
Offering quality and value in pianos, grand pianos, digital organs, church organs, guitars, band instruments, violins, banjos, mandolins, speakers, amplifiers, mixers, digital pianos, PA Systems, PA Sound Equipment, Microphones and more. Using Yamahas own AWM stereo sampling, sounds were recorded directly from a variety of instruments. Lightweight construction, curved corners, and built-in speakers make the P-70 look stunning in virtually any setting. Each of these sounds has been recorded and recreated with Yamahas unrivaled attention to detail. The P Series uses highly efficient amplifiers that pack more sound into a lighter digital piano. This allows for a more authentic piano performance by emulating the fluid control a pianist has over the damper pedal. Learn your favorite piano pieces on the P-70 by listening to or playing along with sample performances of standard piano repertoire ranging from beginner to advanced. Just some of the great sounds you'll find in this keyboard are trumpets, violins, electric pianos, harpsichord, organ, guitars and bass guitar.
Included in this selection is stereo-sampled Piano, a selection of special voices including Sweet!

Voices feature long samples of electronically amplified instruments - Dual Mode allows you to combine two voices across the keyboard at the same time - for example piano and strings. Kleebs sells new and used a few of the brand names we offer: Kawai, Yamaha, Dean, Viscount, Takamine, Suzuki, Selmer, Conn, Baldwin, Wurlitzer, Everett, Lester, Chickering, Kimball, Conover, Cable. Each voice is recorded in stereo, and thus faithfully replicates the sound and warmth of the original instrument. Half pedaling is just one more example of Yamahas dedication to its acoustic piano heritage. Kleebs Music is located at exit # 152 off I-79 in Morgantown Commons above the Morgantown Mall.
The P-70 not only duplicates the sound of a real piano, it emulates the feel and action as well. Warm grand stereo piano samples, Portable Grand button and a decorative wooden stand that places the instrument at the correct height.

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