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As a keen self-taught pianist I’m always excited to find innovative new web sites or apps that try to help you learn piano. I enjoyed taking the Piano IQ Quiz, learning a little something about Percy Mayfield and Grieg along the way. Not only does the site have a lot to offer, but it turns out that its creator is a bone fide professional piano player, Daniel Wnukowski, who knows his stuff and is keen to share his wisdom and experience when it comes to learning piano. Through blogging, I can reach a greater number of pianists and help them to reach new levels in their playing. The response has been fantastic so far with close to a thousand visitors a day and growing. We are also working hard to develop a revolutionary 7-day course which will offer free lessons that would normally cost hundreds of dollars anywhere else.
We will be posting comprehensive reviews of software and lesson method books, including an examination of the pros and cons of each.
I will also be posting Q & A sessions from emails that have been sent to me to help other musicians who may have the same questions. How have you found the advent of digital music and widespread Internet access have affected your musical career? The good news is that it’s great to have the ability to download piano sheet music instantly and often free.
Books have become more expensive as a result of all the downloading going on, but are definitely a better investment in the long term. Professional concert performers these days have to find innovative ways to connect with their audiences without compromising their art.

My sincere thanks to Daniel for finding the time to answer these questions and tell us a bit more about his excellent piano pedagogy site. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Serious students who want to learn how to play the piano, should take lessons to heart and go through the whole rudiment of playing the piano. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. I’ve written previously about OnlinePianist, which recently launched a more slick and powerful version of their interactive tutorial app.
I must confess that at first my web developer brain saw the SEO-friendly domain name and site content, lots of mention of free material and free sheet music, and Google Ads embedded here and there and was a little suspicious… There are so many junk sites out there just trying to drive traffic and earn advertising revenue (especially in the area of guitar tab and sheet music) that the jaded skeptic in me suspected this might just be another of those. I managed to catch him between gigs on a whirlwind tour of Beethoven concertos to reveal a bit more about his site, its goals, and his take on bringing classical music to the new generations. Much of the content was written by me or by my trusted colleagues in between our touring schedules as concert pianists. Sometimes, I have taken advantage of this myself by not having to carry 20 heavy books with me on tour. What else do you think classical musicians can do to help reach new generations and encourage them to listen to more classical music?
For instance, new technology can be used in creative ways to sensitize young, amateur pianists to the nuances found in music while also reaching a wider audience than ever before thought possible. Some online lessons have done their best to take you through a curriculum that will ensure you get to learn the basic rudiments of note reading.

Only problem with this is that you never really learn how to read the music sheet yourself.
They never get to produce anything else on their own they simply play back what was inputted. There is however a lot of guidance and information provided, along with useful links to other resources (including the superb free book Fundamentals of Piano Practice). Although I have teaching experience, I am not able to maintain a steady class of students due to my hectic schedule. However, the bad news is that the quality of most downloadable sheet music is very mediocre – especially in the classical and jazz fields. By sticking with one good approach from the beginning, there will be much less risk of developing bad habits which can be difficult to overcome later on. If you've been thinking about starting playing piano or keyboard and need some easy songs to get started on, watch this video to learn how to play six classic easy piano songs: 1. I guess if you’re just out to impress somebody with the intentional of learning how to play the piano this is the best way to do it. The good news is that through blogging, I can reach a greater number of pianists and help them to reach new levels in their playing.

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