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For 30 years the name Robert Schultz has represented a standard of excellence for piano compositions and arrangements.
Here is an arrangement of a classical piece from the ballet repertoire of Tchaikovsky, sent to me by Tabitha S. To turn this piece into a duet, try broken Am chords played quickly from left to right and held, followed by an F broken chord, and ending with a deep Am again.
Download easy piano sheet music Swan Lake with harmonyI hope your students enjoy these two versions of Swan Lake!

Do you have a funny story about this music, or does it remind you of something you'd like to share with other readers?
His more than 500 publications from the world's leading publishers, including Alfred, The FJH Music Company, and Schultz Music Publications, cover the range of classical and popular music at all levels, from beginning through professional.
My girls are finally willing to touch the piano, and are now asking to take formal lessons, because they have realized that it is not as intimidating as they thought.
I have been struggling as a music student, not having any previous instruction in high school.

She is a piano teacher, arranger and composer from the Netherlands, where Swan Lake is called "Het Zwanenmeer." This easy arrangement lays nicely in the hands of a beginner.
When your student plays Swan Lake at home, the ear of the imagination will fill in the missing harmony.

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