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As a piano teacher, the original keys are too difficult for elementary and early intermediate students. Using the Cats – Dogs game as a way to find middle C, place the Right Hand on CDEFG with the fingers 1- 5. If you enjoyed this post, come and join us on Facebook, Pinterest and Google + or subscribe to our free bi-weekly newsletter for many more musical ideas! I got a question my daughter is 8 years and she just begin taking piano lesson but she hasn’t learn any notes or anything she just went straight to playing piano is that they way it should be? Monica, Don’t worry about that right now, many teachers want to get kids started playing so they feel like they are accomplishing something.
Thanks for your comment Amy, I completely agree, I’m sure the teacher is getting her new pupil settled in, and the note learning will be coming along very soon!
Hi Monica, I agree with Amy, I’m sure your daughter will be learning the notes very soon.
The piano lesson series were written specifically with children in mind, and it is always important to gauge each child’s ability and concentration, so as not to make them feel pressured in any way. I hope you enjoy this Margaritaville piano lesson (Video, chord chart, notation, and lots of extra piano tips below). Why not take a few minutes and watch as I teach you how to play the Margaritaville piano intro. As a result we could even call this a country piano lesson if you think about this technique in a big picture way. Power chords are a term mostly used by guitar players but I think we can use the term as well.
Since the riff starts the song it will be very hard for a band to follow your lead if you play it with rhythmic inconsistency. You can start the metronome at a slow tempo and gradually speed it up till you can play it all full tempo. You can subscribe on the top right of the site, below the comments area, or in the subscribe box right next to this article. There are two easy piano music arrangements for Happy Birthday here: one for children who have only just started to play, which is the simple melody line centered on middle C that they will find quick to master, and an easy piano music arrangement for both hands together which is more suitable for someone who has been playing for a little longer.
If you are new to the piano, use my six easy lessons in the First Piano Lessons Series to introduce the basic concepts of fingering, rhythm and notation. Thx I’ve just started and know I know happy birthday and good swell cause its my brothers birthday tomorrow.
My child is only 5 – is it too early to start lessons – might it be a waste of money? These are all frequent questions asked by parents who are interested in starting their child on the piano.
These first piano lessons are a series of short exercises disguised as games, that combine strengthening and co-ordination with note recognition and memory. With this series of easy first piano lessons, parents will be able to assist their own children in the basic, first steps of playing the piano.

Hi Alissa, The note printables for the keys are included in the First Piano lessons eBook, which full of support and tips for young beginners. Hi Lia, The most important thing with young beginners is encouraging them to play as much as possible. The problem is that I didn’t receive the email with the ebook because it was sent to a wrong email, could you please help me with this?
First piano lessons should be fun and playful, start by drawing around the hands of the child on a sheet of paper. Ask the child to play each note with each finger and repeat it 3 times – call this exercise Up And Down The Escalator. You asked about pedalling – it is too early at this stage to introduce the use of the pedal.I hope that helps! I’m going to have some fun and teach you how to play the classic intro riff from the song.
The riff is pretty easy but watching and listening to it demonstrated with definitely speed up your learning process. Since Jimmy has changed it up over the years you can too! Now, lets explore some other very important things to help you learn!
It doesn’t surprise me that Jimmy Buffett has recently started guest appearing on several country artists recordings.
If you’re using a digital keyboard I recommend you play this riff using either a piano sound, a wurlitzler sound, or a steel drum sound. From a piano technique perspective, remember to keep your wrists relaxed and tension free while playing the riff. It has such a special significance and is one that that they will sing many times every year. To prepare, ask the child to play and name the notes  C, D, E, F, G with the right hand 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 both up, and back down again. Once the child has identified all the notes it’s very good practise to sing the names of the notes as they play them. Start with the left hand, since this likely to be the most challenging, singing the tune along as you play the chords. Practise playing the left hand while singing along with the tune as this helps with the rhythm. Once the right hand is ready, you can play one hand each together as a duet, swapping over to make sure you practise both hands. Only attempt both hands together when they can play each hand easily and feel ready to try. They are presented in a playful and engaging way that doesn’t cause frustration, but hopefully a little satisfaction along the way. This will lay the foundations in a fun and easy way, giving children the incentive and confidence to go on to a piano teacher for proper one-to-one lessons and be in a strong position to learn and make the most of them. The first piano lessons series gets them started, and the eBook although it does include a lot of the same activities, includes much more in-depth teaching support and resources. Alternatively, you can print the finger chart shown below by clicking on the picture to print.  Ask the child to number the fingers 1 -5 on both hands starting with the thumbs as 1 and the little fingers as 5. Explain that 4s and 5s are usually weak, because they are normally a bit lazy and never really do anything on their own – so that is why it is difficult at first, but just like riding a bike or learning to write your name, practise will always help! The most important thing is to make sure a child is happy and relaxed right from the start and then they will be ready to learn.

If you want to apply a really sweet and effective harmonization trick to other piano songs you can use the same technique. This is just a simple I-IV-V(1-4-5) chord progression that you’ll find in countless pop, rock, and country songs.
If you’re sort of new to using the sustain pedal just remember the basic principle is when you play a new chord you should pedal again. If your child or pupil is new to reading music, take a look at this post on How to Read Music Made Easy. Then do the same with the left hand going downwards (they find this more difficult at first) C, B, A, G, F  and back up again to middle C. This is difficult at first and should be attempted very slowly and with no pressure, but it really checks that they fully understand what they are playing, and are not just relying on their memories! Find the hand position for the first G chord by identifying the bottom note and explaining that basic chords are made with fingers 5, 3 & 1, and the bottom note is the key note (tonic), in this case G.
The first couple of times, it might be helpful to prompt them verbally when they should change the chord in the left hand, or which note comes next in the right hand. Firstly, it is vital that the child shows a desire and interest in playing the piano, and is happy to sit and concentrate for a short time, say 15 minutes to start with.
Progress will be much faster, and they will be more likely to succeed and develop a real love of the instrument. When children first start learning the piano they need lots of repetition in order to develop an understanding and strengthen their fingers, so these activities and exercises are an excellent way to encourage them.
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Repeat this exercise with the Left Hand, with the 1 (thumb) on middle C and the fingers going down in steps the opposite way.
They feature a low root of the chord, the 5th of the chord in the middle, and the octave of the root on top. It is really important to take a slow tempo and keep a relaxed approach, making light of any mistakes – the most important thing is to have a go and have some fun! It is a lot easier if they can already read a little, so it is probably best to give that a head start, and not to bombard them with too much information all at once!
On the 7th bar, the thumb 1 & 3 each have to move up one note to E and middle C as the words sing the name of the name of whose birthday it is. It also helps if they have strong little hands, although this can be improved with practise, if they have very small hands, it might be better to let them grow a bit!
9x12 inches.This souvenir songbook features beautiful full-color scenes from the smash hit Disney animated feature along with 11 of the songs by songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez arranged for easy piano.
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