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Yamaha offer the biggest range of grand pianos: Baby grand up to concert grand, Silent and Disklavier options, digital and AvantGrand. The sound of a grand piano is usually better than its vertical partner due to it's longer strings and larger soundboard.
Includes pedal, music rest, adaptor, FREE 3 Year Warranty in UK & Europe and 60 day returns guarantee. I have just retired and have also retired from my semi-pro keyboards job as resident in a Northern Club. It went down to one night a week and the scene in social clubs is dying and has been for years now .

I just need to get back to having a good keyboard (piano) at home and sell the rest of my gear. I would be looking for a piano in December so if you can advise and even supply at the time I would be interested . The MK10 model has a self-playing feature, so it can be played, or set to play all by itself (keys move up and down on their own). This model looks stunning and has one of the most realistic piano sounds from all digital pianos.
If you want something compact with a great sound and authentic key touch then these pianos are worth considering.

A grand piano will give you the best sound, touch and musical enjoyment", Graham Howard, piano advisor. The general rule is; the longer the length of the grand piano, the better and richer the sound will be. Please note that baby grand pianos have the same string length as tall uprights so their sound quality is often similar.

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