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Cramer grand piano for sale with a burr walnut case inlaid with a variety of woods: Art cased, Cramer piano. If you are interested in this Gebruder Knake grand piano, give us a call on 0113 244 8344 and ask for Steven Leeming who will be happy to discuss your requirements.
An 1860 - 1870, Cramer Grand Piano For Sale with a Beautifully, Inlaid Burr Walnut Case. If you require buying advice, we recommend making an appointment before coming down to the showroom. This Lear Jet Flat Pack 8 track tape comes in its original 2-piece plastic case.This 8-track tape is an original Lear Jet pack cartridge. Other: This tape will receive professional pre-shipment refurbishing including replacement of splice and pads at no extra cost, and this tape is covered by the 8 Track Shack guarantee. In the UK there are still many fine small upright pianos available made by English firms from about 1960 to 1985. By far the most common of these is the Challen baby grand, which measures between 4ft 4in and 5ft long.
The most common good quality British upright makers are Broadwood, Chappell, Challen, Steck and Welmar.
If you use thick music books, then a pair of book holders can be fitted to most small pianos.
Some uprights are fitted with a third practice pedal, and we can fit this to most other pianos in the form of a lever under the keyboard. Many modern grands and a few older ones are fitted with a sostenuto pedal in the middle of the sustain pedal (right) and una corda (soft) pedal (left). The name “baby grand” is said to have been coined by the British firm Challen, who made by far the greatest number of small grands in the UK. It’s most important to note that as the soundboard vibrates the sound bounces back off a wooden floor, making the piano sound much louder than it does on a carpeted one. If you can fit a 5ft grand piano then there are some very fine German grands by Bluthner and Lipp and Steinway and good British ones by Welmar and Challen. The gummy or melted roller will be replaced prior to shipment, unless customer instructs otherwise.
Just choose the option you prefer above and we'll ship a digital backup copy along with your 8 track tape. These are generally far better made than the same size piano made today, as from about 1920 to 1985 (uprights from about 1960 to 1985) many British firms specialised in making small pianos. They vary a great deal and fluctuated in quality, the worst being passable and that best good. Again, there is a great deal of variety of British pianos, so consult a good tuner before buying.
However it does not appear in any classical pieces either used for exams or in the normal concert repertoire, with only a few modern composers writing for it. If you are tall then you will probably have to use a chair which is lower than a piano stool, or an adjustable stool at minimum height. If you’re buying a soft toned piano such as an old style Bluthner then this may not be a problem.
I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Besbrode Pianos Leeds to anyone looking for a piano".

With much competition, high skill levels and great demand, the quality of the best ones was extremely high. This may be useful if you have thin walls or need to practice in the same room as others, but the tone is not as good as when played normally. Grands and small modern uprights are usually about 62cm from the floor to the underside of the keyboard. The best of these have a pleasing tone and touch, though perhaps 50% of them are not of good quality.
However if you’re buying a bright sounding modern Yamaha or Bosendorfer then it’s likely you’ll need to put a rug under the piano, and may also need to introduce other absorbent material to the room such as drapes or tapestries. The most common good ones are by Knight and Welmar with some but not all of the small uprights made by Kemble, Rogers, Broadwood and Chappell also being well made. Other good makes which are relatively common are Broadwood, Rogers, Chappell, Cramer and Steck . We also recommend a practice pedal rather than a “silent” piano as most silent pianos compromise the piano action making it less sensitive, though we realise that some people must have a silent piano so as not to disturb, in which case we can supply them to order and sometimes have used ones in stock.
With grands, this can be increased by about 3cm by using glass caster cups; the angle of the pedals may then need adapting as these are raised up too. Most experts will say that it’s better to buy a tall upright than a small grand, as the string length is no longer on a small grand. Your company has the real warmth of the family concern that it is, where everyone is highly knowledgeable about, and devoted to, beautiful pianos." Alison and Daryl Truefitt, London "We purchased a Broadwood barless grand from Roberts Pianos and we asked them to carry out further restoration work on the piano. As a rule, these English pianos are far better made than the equivalent new ones from the Far East.
A Yamaha U3 upright has leg room of 62cm whereas a German Steingraeber 118 has 70cm and an older Bluthner 65cm. However, the action on a grand is generally better than an upright as uprights “throw” the hammer at the string whereas grands “lift” the hammer towards it. We were very impressed with the level of commitment and professionalism shown by Marcus Roberts and his team - they are clearly perfectionists, and they were determined to restore our piano to the highest standards. This is because most of the Far Eastern small uprights are scaled down copies of the taller ones, and often produce an uneven and brash thin tone. From about 1895 to 1910 Broadwood and Chappell made some very fine 5 to 6ft baby grands, every bit as good as top German ones.Challen baby grands account for over 20% of all those available in the UK.
Marcus was happy to spend time keeping us up-to-date and showing us the work in progress when we visited.
Recent examples of this are the Yamaha uprights E108 and LU101 and B1 baby grand which in our opinion don’t have a pleasing tone. As they specialised in them, the pianos are generally well made, and the best ones are excellent. I would recommend Roberts Pianos to anyone looking for a high level of personal service when buying a piano.The Penney Family, Surrey I traded a Bosendorfer Baby Grand Piano, which I no longer had use for, for a beautiful Feurich upright at Marcus Roberts branch in Oxford. Small modern upright pianos date from about 1960 to the present day and the best period of manufacture was from about 1965 to about 1985.
Marcus found the Feurich for me and his team worked hard on the piano both technically and cosmetically to an impeccable standard. I know both the wedding couple and the staff at the Palace were impressed at how the piano perfectly complemented the way the room was set up on the day and, from my point of view as a pianist, it was nicely tuned and sounded lovely.

The outcome is a beautiful piano, the rosewood veneer now looks just like it was over hundred years ago. The sound is splendid, I just wish for the first time in my life that I had carried on with my piano lesson so that I could enjoy playing it now. The men who did the actual removal and reinstallment were extremly nice and very courteous I would be more than happy to recommend your Company at any time.Robert Cranmer-Brown, Henley on Thames It is just about a year since we bought our Wendle and Lung 178 grand piano and we can say that every aspect of service from Roberts has been very good. It is admired by all our guests, especially the birds eye maple inlay, and the matt black keys are very pleasant to those of us who suffer from sweaty hands under pressure! We received useful advice in the show room, the piano was delivered very quickly, in time for Christmas, and the delivery men who came on a day pouring with rain, were efficient and kept the place very tidy. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants a good quality piano with a range of prices to suit most pockets.Francina Schreuder, London Leaving a testimonial is not something that I would usually do however after the service I received I felt I should give the team at Roberts Pianos a big thank you, I took a gamble buying a piano without seeing or playing it and to be quite honest did not know what to expect on delivery, well the piano was delivered very promptly and was in first class condition, well regulated and serviced.
I found all your staff, including the movers, extremely professional and a pleasure to do business with.Richard Malone, Cheltenham Just a short message to say we are very happy with the Knight piano that was delivered on Friday. We are sure it will provide many years of pleasure and will be ideal for our son to learn on.Mr. Turner, Reading Thank you so much for the article comparing the Yamaha U3 and the Wendl & Lung 122 Universal pianos. I tried a Wendl & Lung, among others, at a piano store and fell in love with it, but being inexperienced in piano-buying, I felt I should shop around before making a decision.
I have searched the net, piano forums and the local classifieds for an alternative but nothing seems to compare for quality and value for money within my budget.
Your review has confirmed that this would be a good buy and removed my doubts and hesitations.Shirley Erwee, South Africa Just to let you know how thrilled I am with my Yamaha G3E Piano which arrived very promptly this morning. The men who brought it were very efficient and shared in my excitement which made the arrival of the piano even more special! I was also very impressed that one of them had gone in on his day off yesterday to make sure that I got the piano today! I am looking forward to many happy years of teaching and performing on such a lovely piano and I am very grateful to you for making it possible. More than "I am delighted with my new piano", it's a fabulous instrument and a real credit to Wendl and Lung. I very much hope to be turning my rental into a purchase over the next year or so having traded up from a Wendl and Lung upright. The delivery guys seriously earned their wage this morning getting the Piano into my house.
Finally, thank you to Norita and Marcus for running such a slick operation and for trusting me with your instrument.
It looks fabulous too and I'm delighted to have it with me; it will give me and my family years of pleasure. Do please pass on my thanks to all those who have worked on and restored it so well.Chris Hanmer, Bristol It has been my recent great pleasure to purchase a Bluthner Style IV small grand piano from Roberts Pianos.

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