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As mentioned earlier, in an effort to create speed and efficiency in the typing process, typing keyboards have become standardized over the years.
Standardized computer keyboards have allowed a mechanization of the typing process resulting in incredible advances in typing speed and efficiency. A computer keyboard may seem like a simple and relatively unimportant tool, but the reality is that the keyboard interface has allowed information to be created and replicated in a way that has transformed the world. The number of keys on a keyboard generally varies from the standard 101 keys to the 104 windows keyboards all the way up to 130 keys with many programmable keys.

The computer keyboard keys include numbers, letters, symbols and a variety of command keys. But there is simply no shortcut to entering vast quantities of raw information into a computer system.
And like it or not, virtually every sentence, every word, every syllable, and every letter has had to be pounded out by a typist. It turns out that the lowly keyboard is one of the most important tools mankind has ever devised.

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