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This document describes keys you may find on your keyboard and some of the functions available when keys are used in combination with each other. Despite all letter keys having a capital letter on them, pressing them on their own produces a lower case letter.  Capital letters are produced by pressing and holding down the Shift key and then pressing the corresponding letter on the keyboard. These keys usually run along the top of the keyboard, and are marked F1 to F12.  Many packages have defined these keys to be used as shortcuts for commonly-needed actions but you rarely need to use them. Situated on the right of the keyboard, these keys have numbers and control functions on them. If the NumLock key is not pressed, it means that the other items marked on these keys are operational.
When using word processors, the 'up arrow' moves your cursor up one line of typed characters at a time, the 'down' arrow moves it down one line of typed characters at a time.
The Home key moves the cursor to the beginning of the current line of typed characters, the End key moves it to the end. Some of these keys are used in conjunction with other keys to perform specific tasks within software packages.
This key is used to send the cursor to the beginning of the next line (for instance when typing text in a word processing package).
Hold down this key and press a letter, to get an upper case letter, or press any other key, eg a number, to get the symbol above it.  Some keyboard shortcuts also use the Shift key.
Primarily used to cancel a command (instead of pressing Enter) or to escape from a process which may be in an odd state. Used in conjunction with other keys to carry out functions specific to your computer system.
Used to produce the third character located on the key above the Tab key.  Hold this down and press the key above Tab. Allows the numeric keys to be used on the numeric keypad, rather than the cursor control keys. Used by the operating system and applications - actions variable depending on program used.

Sends a copy of everything on your current screen to the Windows Clipboard.  From here you can paste it into an application, eg a Word document.
Tipe keyboard yang dipakai adalah PS2, walaupun tipe USB juga dapat dipakai, yaitu ditambahi konektor USB to PS2 adapter.
Trus buka program Arduino, kemudian Compile atau Verify, trus kalo sudah gakada error lanjut di Upload. Tombol “CAPS LOCK”  dalam keadaan mati, tekan tombol ‘A’ maka pada LCD tampil huruf ‘a’, tombol ‘q’ akan tampil ‘q’ dan seterusnya. Sebenere mikrokontroler juga mas, cuman dikasih program bootloader trus dikemas dalam sebuah board. We print these Arabic Language Keyboards and Arabic Keytop Label sets to make your life easier.
You can easily and economically convert your current keyboard or laptop to a bilingual board with our durable language keytop label set. These generally consist of punctuation (including accents and quotes) and mathematical symbols. This facility is often used by data entry operators who need to input vast amounts of numerical data by touch. PgUp is an abbreviation for Page Up, and moves your cursor up one page, and PgDn moves it down one page. The decimal point key beneath the number 3 key also has a Del function, allowing deletion of items at the current cursor position. It is also used to finish a command and tell the computer to execute the command just typed. You can also click and drag to highlight text and then press the Backspace key to delete text. Setting tab positions allows you to move the cursor to defined positions, for instance when typing figures in columns. Also used to enter ASCII codes, including non-English characters, by holding down the Alt key and entering the number from the numeric keypad. Num Lock mode is activated by pressing the key once and is indicated by a light on the panel above the numeric keypad.

You can quickly switch between languages with just one click or touch.Automatic AppearanceThe on-screen keyboard will appear when a text box is focused on. These characters are obtained by pressing and holding down the Shift key before pressing the required key. To use the numeric option, press down the NumLock key above the 7 key.  There is usually a light above the numeric keypad that lights when the NumLock key has been pressed.
The arrows are known as cursor control keys (the cursor is the flashing bar on the computer screen that shows your current position).
By holding down the Shift key then pressing Tab, you can move to the previous tab position. Scroll Lock mode is activated by pressing the key once and is indicated by a light on the panel above the numeric keypad.
You can also click and drag to highlight text and then press the Delete key to delete text. You can disable this option if you don’t need it.Auto-Repeat FunctionWhen a key is pressed and held, the keyboard types and continues to type the appropriate symbol at regular intervals until the key is released. When you have finished typing the numbers you want you can press the NumLock key again to release it (and turn the light off).  You would do this if you want to use the other options on these keys (see Cursor control keys).
Nah, gimana to caranya interfacing Arduino dengan keyboard computer akan kita bahas pada postingan kali ini.
So you can use the on-screen keyboard for playing games on your mobile PC with a touch-screen.
Comfort On-Screen Keyboard is also available as part of Comfort Keys which also includes Comfort Clipboard.

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