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From the developer of one of the most popular mobile games Don’t Tap The White Tile comes yet another similar game, a sequel so to speak. Piano Tiles 2 has been developed and successfully released by game developer Clean Master Games, who are well known for other popular mobile games such as Jelly Blast and Kitty Home.
After you have downloaded and successfully installed Piano Tiles 2, you can immediately start playing the game, without having to register or log in with a social media account for 2016. At the beginning of your gameplay, you will have twenty hearts in your inventory, which count as your energy bar.
The third button is the hall button, and on this screen, you will see three different groups of Piano Tiles 2 players; beginner, skilled and magician. The fourth and last button is the settings button, allowing you to change certain things within the game. The second currency is in the form of diamonds, and is considered to be the premium currency of Piano Tiles 2.
After obtaining premium diamonds, you will be able to exchange them for basic coins, should you need them. There are tons of websites on the internet that claim to be offering working cheat tools, hack tools or modifications for Piano Tiles 2, which you can allegedly use to modify the game files on your mobile device and give yourself an unlimited amount of coins, diamonds and hearts. Over the past couple of years, especially with mobile devices becoming so popular, mobile gaming has also became very popular. The owners of those fake cheat tool websites know this, which is why they aim to exploit unknowing and gullible children. After you have filled in a survey and downloaded the so called cheat tool, you will quickly find out that you have been duped, and that the files you have just downloaded are nothing but empty shells, which have no function. One of the first things that you will notice when you start playing Piano Tiles 2 is that the game has a lot of advertisements implemented in them.
The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have closed down Piano Tiles 2 entirely, and that the game is not running in the background.
Now, when you start playing Piano Tiles 2 again, you will notice that there are no more advertisements in the game, due to the fact that the game needs an active internet connection, in order to be able to push advertisements onto your mobile device. A couple of months ago, I played and reviewed a game called Don’t Tap The White Tile, which is the prequel to Piano Tiles 2. A very positive aspect about Piano Tiles 2 is that the developers have added many new songs to the game, allowing you to unlock them by simply playing the game. Unfortunately, even though Piano Tiles 2 is a very entertaining game to play, it also has several negative aspects implemented in it. I am not bashing the developers of Piano Tiles 2 for implementing advertisements into their game, because I would have probably done the same thing; however, the difference is that I would implement advertisements that are not obstructive to the gameplay.
This allows you to see all of the tiles clearly, while at the same time, allowing you to tap on the tiles very easily.
The sound effects in vary from confirmation SFX to regular main menu button SFX, and really work well together with the soundtracks of the game.
Don’t Tap The White Tile was pretty basic compared to Piano Tiles 2, which means that the developers definitely added more to the game, polished it and made it look way more up-to-date.
Even though the gameplay is pretty straightforward, it remains entertaining due to all the different songs within the game. If you enjoy being challenged in the games that you play, than Piano Tiles 2 is definitely the game for you. When we play a C chord, for example, up till now, we’ve been playing it the “doe-me-so” way. Simply put, a C4 (read “C suspended”, or “C sus-four”, or simply “C-four”) is when you play the 4th note instead of the 3rd note in your chord (together with the other 2 notes: 1st and 5th). Many hours are spent in producing each of the piano-playing demo videos you see on this blog.
If you are a person who enjoys music, making music, especially playing the piano, and you would like to test out your fingers’ reflexes, than Piano Tiles 2 might just be the game for you.
At first, the user interface might seem very crowded and confusing; however, it is actually pretty simple to select a song and start playing the game. After the hack has finished, which should only take about 30 seconds, open the app on your device like normal. The reason for this is because the tiles keep moving faster and faster, the more tiles you successfully tap on. For example, if you successfully tapped on one hundred tiles, you will receive one hundred points. Much like many other mobile games, you lose one heart every time that you start playing a song.

In order to join one of the groups, you will have to be able to tap on a specific amount of tiles in one second. It is almost impossible to obtain premium diamonds for free, which means that you will need to spend real money if you want to obtain a significant amount. There are three different premium diamond packages available; 10 premium diamonds for $0,99, 53 premium diamonds for $4,99 and 110 premium diamonds for $9,99.
It will cost you 1 premium diamond to get 100 basic coins, 10 premium diamonds to get 1100 basic coins and 100 premium diamonds to get 12999 basic coins. For every advertisement video that you watch, you will receive one premium diamond, which is not much, but they will add up. The fact that these websites claim that you will be able to hack into your operation system and files, should already ring some bells and raise red flags; however, people still fall for these tricks. A lot of children receive a smartphone or tablet early on in their lives, and everyone knows that children love playing games. They promise them they will be able to cheat in their favorite mobile games, and all they have to do in return is to fill in a silly survey.
Instead of wasting your time trying to find working cheat tools for Piano Tiles 2, I will give you some tips and tricks that will help you with your gameplay. Normally, developers give you the option to remove advertisements in their games by spending money on the game; however, with Piano Tiles 2, this is not the case. After you have done that, you can proceed by turning on Airplane Mode on your mobile device, which disconnects it from any incoming internet connections.
After playing Piano Tiles 2, make sure to turn off Airplane Mode again and use your mobile device as before. I must admit, compared to the prequel, Piano Tiles 2 is a much more superior game, simply because the game looks very up-to-date now. For starters, I really dislike the fact that the developers decided to implemented full screen pop-up advertisements into the game.
The graphics and animations in Piano Tiles 2 are very decent, especially considering that it is a mobile game. The animations in Piano Tiles 2 vary from the tiles glowing to random things moving in the main menu.
Of course, it is very important for all of the soundtracks and sound effects in Piano Tiles 2 to be of high quality, since the game is all about playing songs by tapping on piano tiles. The developers of Piano Tiles 2 should be praised for the amount of time and effort they have spent, just to perfect the sounds in Piano Tiles 2.
People that have played puzzle and reflex games before will know that Piano Tiles 2 is a sequel to Don’t Tap The White Tile, which has over one hundred million downloads on Google Play Store alone. There is no story behind Piano Tiles 2; however, I do not believe that a puzzle and reflex game really needs a story behind it anyways.
There is no tutorial at the beginning of the gameplay in Piano Tiles 2; however, I believe that the gameplay is very straightforward, even so much that the most casual mobile gamers will know what to do. I am a person who enjoys challenges in a game, and Piano Tiles 2 definitely becomes challenging, the more your play the game.
Say what you want about Piano Tiles 2, but you will never be able to claim that it is not addictive. You will constantly find yourself trying to beat your previous scores, or your friends’ scores.
So sorry that I only saw your msg today, as I haven’t been online for a few days during the long weekend here. If you have benefited from any of them, your free-will contribution to keep the site going would be very much appreciated. At the same time, I have added illustration photos on the “Suspension (part 1)” post (if you haven’t seen them), and do likewise on this post.
Select one of the many popular songs, start by tapping on the first tile and continue making music, without missing a single tile.
Piano Tiles 2 requires you to concentrate and use your reflexes, because the goal is to select a song and tap on as many tiles as possible. Those points will be registered and will give you experience points, after you lose at a particular song. This means that you need to be careful with them, because once you run out of hearts, you will have to wait for them to get regenerated.
On the home screen, you will be able to see Piano Tiles 2 updates, new songs that have been added, buttons to earn more in-game currencies and to invite friends. The beginner group requires you to be at least level three, the skilled group requires you to be at least level ten and the master group is currently being formed, and does not yet give any information on requirements.

You can also invite friends, give feedback to the developers of the game and change the game’s language. You can use premium diamonds to unlock certain premium songs, which will not unlock by leveling up.
Of course, they do not tell you that the surveys are a source of income for them, and after filling in a survey, you are of no use to them anymore. I do not know anyone that enjoys seeing all those annoying ads, and get obstructed by them during their gameplay. I really like the fact that the developers took their concept, polished it and made a better game out of it. On top of all that, you can now invite your friends and “challenge” them by beating their high scores. The pop-up ads show up at random times, which makes it very easy for you to accidently tap on one of them. The worst part about the ads is that, if you accidently do tap on one of them, your game will minimalize and your browser will start up, redirecting you to the website of the advertiser. Piano Tiles 2 is a sequel to Don’t Tap The White Tile, and you can clearly see that the developers have upgraded the game. The graphics and animations of the game really fit each other very nicely, which is a nice touch. I really like the fact that the developers have implemented many different soundtracks into the game, from Christmas songs to classical piano tracks, which all enhance the gameplay and makes the game more entertaining. The developers of Piano Tiles 2 deserve credit for their original idea, which resulted in them wanting to create a sequel, just to keep people hooked to the game. The controls in Piano Tiles 2 are very smooth and responsive, and the user interface nicely fits the overall theme of the game. You might not enjoy playing puzzle games or reflex games; however, you can easily tell that the developers spend a lot of time on the game, with many great songs available and awesome gameplay. The only downfall about Piano Tiles 2 is that there are so many annoying advertisements in the game. That is, C4 is when you play C, F and G notes together (compare this with a C chord, when you play C, E and G).
You would notice that the music kind-of ‘hangs in the air’ when you are playing C4, and then ‘settles down’ when you ‘resolve’ it with C. Download our free Piano Tiles 2 hack tool now, directly from our website, to easily get diamonds and coins. If you accidentally miss a tile or you tap on an empty field, you will lose the game and have to start over. Another goal of Piano Tiles 2 is to earn a lot of experience points, in order to be able to level up.
The next button is the music button, and on this screen, you will be able to check out all the songs available in Piano Tiles 2; however, at the beginning of your gameplay, you only have one available song. You can use them to fill up your energy bar, purchase more hearts and to unlock certain songs. Luckily for you guys and girls, I know of a little trick that will help you get rid of all the ads in Piano Tiles 2, without spending a single penny.
Another positive aspect about Piano Tiles 2 is that the developers have updated the graphics and animations of the game. The developers of Piano Tiles 2 earn a lot of money when people accidently tap on the ads in the game, which makes it feel like they try to trick you with all of those random pop-up ads. If you were playing in the key of A, then the only Sus4 chords you would need to know would be A4 and E4 (“A” being the Chord I, and “E” being the Chord V in the A key). If we were to play this song in the C key, then at the end of the line “… that saves a wretch like me”.
Every time that you level up, you will receive rewards in the form of in-game currencies, lives and of course, new songs to play. You could also purchase more with in-game currencies; however, I will write more about that at the Piano Tiles 2 In-game store section. Coins are easily obtainable by simply playing the game and getting a very high score on all of the songs. The 2016 Piano Tiles 2 hack works without a jailbreak or APK root and there are no surveys!

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