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Cooler Master announces the Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Pro mechanical keyboard available soon in four different CHERRY flavors.
Cooler Master jumped into the mechanical keyboard market with their QuickFire Rapid release in late 2011. Cooler Master has obviously found that the Rapid a successful product as they will launch a sister design allegedly sometime this month. Just Delivered is a class of articles at PC Perspective where we share what crosses into our offices, labs, houses, or pseudo-classified locations with crummy internet.Today we look at the Corsair Vengeance line of mechanical keyboards.
That is not really the case for the Corsair Vengeance line of keyboards which use the linear Cherry MX Red switches. First impressions are that Corsair really put some thought and effort into these keyboards. Each keyboard has a few non-mechanical keys which slightly take away from that feeling -- but that will be discussed in a more formal review setting. While Corsair to some extent markets these keyboards at different audiences -- it really does seem at first glance like the K90 is a direct upgrade to the K60, rather than a sidegrade.
Rosewill, a PC peripheral company popular for its lineup of mechanical keyboards has announced a new model.
The Elite Ivory mechanical keyboard will be available with either Cherry MX Blue or Cherry MX Brown switches. Unfortunately, pricing and availability have not yet been released by Rosewill, but I would expect that it is coming soon. Cologne, Germany — August 15, 2012 — Corsair®, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced the acquisition of certain assets of Raptor Gaming, a maker of high-performance PC gaming peripherals headquartered in Heinsberg, Germany. As part of this transaction, Corsair receives Raptor Gaming's full product portfolio of keyboards, mice, headsets, and accessories, which will form a new series of gaming products alongside Corsair's existing award-winning line of Vengeance® PC gaming products. The Corsair K60 and K90 were launched simultaneously and represent Corsair’s first attempt at producing a mechanical keyboard.
Earlier in the year I was in a discussion with a friend of mine about mechanical keyboards.
That will soon change when they introduce their mechanical G710+ gaming keyboard to the market.
The G710+ keyboard contains Cherry MX Brown switches along with a full set of media keys, a handful of macro keys, and a number pad. The G710+ is also a white LED backlit keyboard with the option to customize brightness such that your movement keys are lit differently than the rest.
Macro functionality on the G-keys can be programmed using Logitech drivers in the Lua scripting language. Favored by eSports athletes the world over, the Razer DeathAdder has established itself globally as the best gaming mouse. Now with Chroma customizable lighting, the latest version of this iconic mouse not only performs the way you want it to, it looks that way as well.
Razer has today launched a brand new keyboard and mouse that are sure to get a few gamers excited.
First up we have the 2013 edition of the BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard, which offers up full mechanical keys using blue switches and 10-key roll-over (copes with up to 10 key presses simultaneously).
The BlackWidow Ultimate may be perfect for your desk at home, but Razer also wants to cater to those attending LAN parties and tournaments. The wireless mouse can perform for up to 12 hours using a single rechargeable AA battery, but you will probably never run out of juice if the recharge stand is used between gaming sessions.
Accuracy is assured as the Ouroboros achieves 8200dpi using a dual sensor that consists of both a laser and optical sensor fitted to the base of the unit. Both the new keyboards and mouse take advantage of Razer Synapse 2.0, which allows your game preferences to be stored in the cloud. I get asked about WoW hardware strangely often, and I figured it was about time I at least shared my own opinions. I’m certainly no expert and I have not gone out and tested every option out there (or even most). Just remember, the best gaming peripherals are the ones that work best for you, not necessarily the ones that work best for me. Personally I use the Razer Naga and this is without question the best gaming mouse I’ve ever used. I bind my strafing, aspect changing, and stopcasting to the mouse, letting the mouse handle movement while my other hand pew pews. In addition to WoW, I also do a lot of writing, so I prefer a keyboard that is at least somewhat ergonomic — hurts less and lets me type faster (once you get used to it).
The two features you generally want for a WoW keyboard are a mechanical keyboard and backlit keys.
A mechanical keyboard just has a crisper feel to it (more like a mouse click) rather than the someway mushy feel that many standard keyboard have. I have yet to really discover the perfect WoW keyboard, but I currently use a Logitech Illuminated keyboard that works well enough.
They’re a bit pricey, but the comfort of the headset (+ wireless when grabbing a drink) and the versatility of of they keyboard and mouse = comfort and combustibility.
I went with the Corsair M90 mouse since I thought the side button arrangement was better than the Naga’s straight grid. Well, in any case, no matter what mouse you use, if it’s got a lot of extra buttons it’s extremely nice! As you i’ve never been able to find an good ergonomic gaming keyboard, and the gamming keyboards like Logitech G15 are just so HUGE for me.
This is the second Razer mouse i have owned, that had a failed middle mouse click other than that, this mouse has been GREAT!
As for my Sennheiser headset, i have been through multiple headsets from varying companies for gaming (Logitech,Plantronics,Turtle Beach, and even Steel Series.) Sennheiser is BY FAR the best i have EVER USED(coming from and audiophile), and possibly the most comfortable headset that has ever been placed upon my skull. I now use the number-keys above the keyboard, because I’m to clumsy to use the righthand keypad.
No, the Naga can’t really be used by left-handed people (at least, people who prefer to operate the mouse with their left hand).
The extra buttons are on the left side of the mouse and are meant to be operated by the thumb of your right hand. I’m not aware of any company that makes one of the Naga-style mice for lefties, sorry. To keep your spirits up though, there are some good gaming mice that are designed as ambidextrous.
They don’t have quite as many buttons as the crazy MMO mice, but they still have a half-dozen or more programmable buttons.
I Have a logitec G600 mmo gaming mouse And love it, and it is a little cheaper then a naga, and a little bit bigger in size, I have big hands and it fits almost perfect. I am using a Ducky keyboard at the moment (YotD with no 10key), buy the offer the shine 2 (or shining w, they are Taiwanese so the English is interesting.
As for mouse I’m using a naga also which I like, but I love the death adder I have too. For an headset I have a steel series Siberia v2 which is analogue and has a very nice mic, it is extremely light and comfortable. I have the Naga but had a hard time getting used to the almost flat plain of the 4×3 pad.
Nobody mentioned the Corsair K90 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, and I think it deserves mentioning. Razer Naga took a long time for me to get used to, but once I was, there was no turning back.

I don’t keybind on a keyboard at all because I have teeny hands (drawbacks of being 4-11). I’ve been using a logitech mouse which I bought 5 years ago and its still going strong.
I really have not ever shared this, but I only use the mouse and arrow keys with my occasional space bar thrown in. So you read my mechanical keyboard round-up last spring, and I finally got you to throw out that rubber-domed piece of garbage you were using, right? Palm: Palm grippers are the most numerous, so youa€™ll find a large number of devices built with these folks in mind. Claw: Claw grippers keep the rear of their palm on the mouse and arch their fingers over the buttons.
Fingertip: The fingertip grip also puts a lot of strain on your fingers, as theya€™re your only contact with the mouse. CPI switching:CPI (Counts Per Inch) measures the distance your cursor will move on the screen in relation to a one-inch movement on the surface of your desk. Buttons that allow on-the-fly CPI changes are supremely useful, allowing you to do things like switch from a high-sensitivity mode that lets you quickly scan the landscape to a low-sensitivity mode to line up a sniper shot (or to precisely manipulate a Photoshop filter).
Weights: Occasionally a mouse comes with removable weights, allowing you to make the mouse heavier or lighter until youa€™ve found your a€?perfecta€? weight. Now that you understand some of the features to look for in a gaming mice, take a look at these six hands-on reviews, presented in alphabetical order.
The EC1 Evo CL is a great mouse, but Zowie Gear could make it even better with just a few design tweaks. The Rival is perfect if you just want a comfortable, bare-bones mouse instead of a 15-button behemoth.
The Razer Taipan isna€™t the most comfortable ambidextrous mouse, but it packs a ton of features.
Summary: Logitech's G502 Proteus Core is a customizable beast of a mouse, boasting one of the most comfortable designs I've ever held. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Here we have a look at the Razer Anansi keyboard for gamers who like to play Massive multiplayer (MMO) games live online.
The Razer Anansi has been developed purposely for MMO and includes some cool features that will help you play any online more efficiently. The main advantage to this arrangement on the Razer Anansi is that the T keys can be programmed with various shortcut combos that would normally require the use of the Shift, Ctrl, and Alt keys, so you can just press one key instead of 2 or 3, and this going to increase your speed considerably. It’s also prhaps worth saying the Razer Anansi operates extremely well with Razera€™s Naga mouse, and allows for function switching of the Nagaa€™s buttons from the keyboard itself, this can come in very handy for complex RPG games.
No macro keyboard is complete without the ability to do recordings on-the-fly, aka as you go along and the Razer Anansi lets you do this seamlessly.
However we haven’t finished with macros yet, as the Anansi has a further vertical row of 5 keys down the left hand side.
If you need it one further advantage of the Razer Anansi is the ability to store and switch between up to twenty game profiles, if you play several different games or chracters this facility will save you an enormous amount of time in remapping keys for each particular profile that you may use. If you play several different games or characters the Anansi has that covered with the possibility of 20 profile onboard storage. Finally there is a Windows menu lock key to prevent the dang thing coming up when you are playing.
Unfortunately this feature requires a USB port to work, so you need to have one available if you want to use it. The Anansi is not what you would call robust, because of it’s light weight, but the performance and key operation are excellent. In conclusion then, most users are happy they bought this keyboard, and they all love those thumb buttons.
There have been some early reports of keys sticking on this model, but this is a quality control issue which Razer seem to be improving all the time as later models sold do not have this problem. The biggest competitor for Razer’s Anansi is probably the Logitech G510, this is a superb keyboard and bursting with gaming features including the LCD data screen. For around the same price as the Anansi there is the Steelseries Shift which uses game-specific keysets, and also the Merc Stealth which has it’s share of followers.
Apart from the custom shaped WSAD keys and the wrist rest, I cannot see much reason to go for the K60 over the K90 except for price. Following in the success of Rosewill’s second generation RK series (which we reviewed here) is the Limited Edition Elite Ivory RK-9000I. The new mechanical keyboard features the same form factor and black keys as the existing RK-series, but has a white color keyboard color.
The Blue variants are tailored towards typists while the Brown keys are made as a compromise between typing feel and the ability to press the key multiple types rapidly–a feature highly sought after by gamers.
Established in 2004, Raptor Gaming has a strong retail presence in Germany, the largest market for video gaming in Europe, with products widely available in major chains including Media Markt, Saturn, Real, Kaufland, and Conrad. Raptor Gaming executives CEO Dirk Schunk and COO Heinz-Dieter Ludwig will remain engaged with Corsair to facilitate a smooth transition. They essentially target the most enthusiastic customers in whatever market they enter – breaking the ice with the coldest and harshest critics who are never above nitpicking faults and flaws. Corsair has included media keys, a metal volume wheel, and a Windows-key lock on both keyboards if you find yourself yelling, “I HATE THIS KEY!” at your desktop because your game is now minimized and cannot receive your hatred.
Each keycap has a sharply defined edges compared to the more round edges found on a Razer Blackwidow and other similar keyboards. His friend was certain that he owned a mechanical gaming keyboard and so I asked him which one.
While the brown switches tend to be fairly quiet on their own Logitech has also included damping O-rings under each keycap to make it even more silent than most large mechanical keyboard competitors. This is designed to be a visual cue to lead your fingers back to the movement keys in a dark room. This driver is available for Windows Vista through Windows 8 - sorry to the Windows XP holdouts of the world.
Renowned for its ergonomic design, swift responsiveness, and rock-solid build quality, this beloved mouse embodies the absolute best elements a gamer needs to dominate in any game.
Razer promises key motion faster than any standard keyboard, and detection of every key press regardless of how fast you can repeatedly tap them.
So they’ve also launched the BlackWidow Tournament Edition, which offers up the same feature set, but removes the numpad for a smaller, lighter keyboard. This is done by allowing the length of the mouse to be adjusted, the angle of the arch where you palm rests to be tweaked, and the side panels to be interchanged allowing for three different grip types (claw, palm, or hybrid). That means wherever you take your peripherals, as soon as you are hooked up to the web your settings will be available. Hunters are so important that Blizzard designed ten support classes just to enhance the hunter class experience.
I have, however, had enough bad experiences that I have a decent idea of what to look for and what to avoid.
Alas I’ve never been able to find an ergonomic gaming keyboard, and in the battle of WoW vs carpal tunnel, WoW wins. Mechanical keyboards have a mechanical switch under each key, rather than a plastic membrane that spreads beneath the keyboard. It was Hrist’s first recommendation to me (that I ignored, regretted, and then followed). Outside of finding the WHU and theorycrafting community, it’s the single biggest improvement to my gaming ever. The reviews are not so great but, although it is still not ergonomic, it seens to have a real good backlight system and it have a detachable number pad that you can eventually take off to make it smaller.

If you held it with your left hand, the buttons would be under your pinky finger; which would, I expect be very hard to use.
Quality mouse, my understanding is there’s a Logitech that does the same things, and Logitech is usually cheaper than Razer products. Taiwan is top class for keyboard production though.) It is similar to the dad keyboard but with backlighting and any key switch you could want. However, as a Photographer I’ve macroed PhotoShop keyboard shortcuts to it and still use it daily.
It’s built in an aluminum frame for strength, has 18 programmable keys on the LEFT side, with three memory banks, for a total of 54 programmable keys. They break easily, they hurt the first week or so, and my current headset actually keeps hurting, at least on my left ear, which really sucks. If you have been doing it that long you are likely as fast as someone like me that has all his actions bound to keys.
I use mostly one set of 12 while fighting, but all of my best macros go here (assist focus, misdirect to focus, etc.) the lack of screen is ok for me, since the g13 has a screen (and i almost never look at it anyways for wow).
You love games; dona€™t settle for a tool designed for applications no more demanding than a web browser.
You just grabbed it in a way that felt natural and started moving that cursor all over your display. This allows for quicker button pressing, but ita€™s a less comfortable grip that can strain your fingers.
But this the most agile mouse grip because you can direct the mouse without moving your entire wrist. A CPI of 50 means one inch of mouse travel will move the cursor over 50 pixels on your display. Some even have a toggle button that alters the CPI only for the duration that ita€™s held down.
Of course this process can be repeated for all 7 T-keys giving a total of 84 (7×12) different key functions.
It also appears Razer have done a good job with the software as remapping the keys and setting the macros is simple and quite intuitive. The extra keys on the Anansi are great for MMO gaming and it plays well, but the cost is rather high for a unit of this type.
The Rapid was a Tenkeyless design, sparing you the width of a number pad if you do not wish to have one.
The Rapid Pro will be available in Cherry MX Blue, MX Brown, MX Black, and MX Red switch designs. Recent research at Microsoft increased the USB limit to approximately 18 keys from the usual 6kro.
Check out our explanation of the various type of switches from a few months ago to see the differences between Cherry MX switches.
Despite tossing their first generation products to the sharks they perform uncharacteristically well for a new contender almost every time. Neither keyboard has rubberized tips on their ergonomic flaps although slipping has not been an issue in my testing. While the technology is perfectly sufficient for most office uses, when a hiccup of a second or two happens, that is enough to get you dead. Now perhaps this is less of an issue who play with their keyboard closer to the sensor, but I tend to play with the keyboard in my lap (and my feet up on the desk).
It’s worth noting that Razer also makes a bunch of awesome non-ergonomic gaming keyboards. I saw the price of the high quality headsets and promptly skimped and went for a vastly cheaper one. The headset finally died after years of abuse (including being repeatedly knocked on the floor by the cat) and I after looking around some more, I got another one. And I heartily recommend it (if you don’t mind spending some money on your gaming peripherals).
Now I know you said not flat and more ergonomic, but if you try this keyboard I guarantee you will fall in love with it. I even use it for Starcraft 2, makes hitting those 7-8-9-0 control groups very easy without having to relocate the keybinds. The red switches are easier to press than the black ones, and I like the fact that they are linear, so red switches are definitely my favorite. I use it for everything and it easily doubled my dps =D I just use shift and control as modifiers so I have pretty much everything available. But then you plugged in that cheap three-button rodent that came with your computer, didna€™t you? Stepping up to a purpose-designed mouse wona€™t yield benefits as significant as upgrading from a cheap keyboard, but theya€™re still notable.
Peoplea€™s preferences generally fall into three broad categories: Palm, claw, or fingertip. This grip technique typically requires you to move your entire arm to direct the mouse, making it ergonomically comfortable but slow.
Youa€™ll also find yourself moving your whole arm to direct the mouse, same as the palm grip, because the rear of the hand is still touching the mouse. Most high-end devices come with anywhere from five to ten programmable buttons, while an MMO-style mouse might cram 20 or more onto its chassis. These days, the typical gaming mouse delivers upwards of 6000 CPI to allow for lightning-fast response time and frenetic movement.
If you are curious about the differences between keyboard switches then check out my explanation in the Rosewill RK-9000v2 review. I would be curious to see someone put that keyboard through Aquakey to verify those claims. As this Limited Edition Elite Ivory RK-9000I is based off of those keyboards, it should offer very similar performance. The mic slides up into the body to hide out of the way when not needed, sound quality is good and comfort is amazing.
I get 6 new binds and it?s comfortable, instead of binding buttons to the side of a normal Razer Naga like you do Frost! Taking a bio break and forgetting that you’re wearing the headset can be a bit disconcerting as voices from the nether penetrate your silent pondering. So the 3 I use, coupled with the 6 on the mouse gives me 18 abilities under the thumb without leaving the mouse. A good mouse can also reduce stress on your body and make you more productive if you take advantage of its added buttons and programability. Claw-grip users typically favor a narrower, shorter mouse to allow for better palm arching. Fingertip grippers normally want a thin, lightweight mouse to reduce the pressure off their fingertips and to prevent hand cramps. If youa€™re a palm gripper, you dona€™t want to buy a mouse designed for a fingertipper; the dimensions will be all wrong. Ambidextrous mouse also work well for fingertip users: The symmetrical design is uncomfortable for palm users, but fingertip users will have no problem.
Since I sit at my desk, its easy enough to slant the keyboard to give my wrist a straight shot at the important keys.

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