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A flower border is not a natural habitat but a garden feature, and it can be planted to provide plenty of food for wildlife and to act as a refuge for several of the more attractive wildflowers.
Flowering plants are best placed in full sun if you want them to attract the maximum number of bees and butterflies.
There are several species of wild flower that are now so rare in the wild that they are protected by law, making it illegal either to pick the flowers or to dig up the plants in the wild. Try to include some plants that flower either early or late in the season, so that the potential for attracting bees and butterflies is maximized.
Butterflies will visit any garden where there is a range of nectar-rich plants, provided that they are able to breed in the area.
Planting a range of caterpillar food plants will ensure that you can enjoy watching the adult butterflies, which are less fussy and happy to visit a wide range of both ornamental and native plants for nectar. Last year, we went for a summer vacation in Venus, Romania – and it was a surprisingly nice experience (especially based on our really low expectations).
Even though we went there towards the end of the summer season (23-30 august, with the first day of September being considered off-season), it was pretty full and bustling with life.
One day we were surprised to see this: they just couldn’t wait to sort out some sand issues in that area! What really impressed me was how cheap everything was, even though we were still during the peak season: some prices were lower than they are in my home town or Bucharest, which was pretty much incredible. The spicy Mexican chicken with chili-potatoes was delicious, even though it wasn’t the best looking thing you could see. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is that Eforie Nord is really, really lacking in the food area. However, we managed to find a good restaurant, too, where we ate during our stay: the Chandellier Restaurant, with delicious food and great service. I forgot to take any pictures of the rooms, so you’ll have to take my word that they were really nice. Yup, it was indeed nice – Romania is definitely becoming a better and better option for spending a low budget holiday. Hello Teil, indeed it’s been a time since I last wrote here as real life was pretty hectic. There is a train from my city to Bucharest and we visit pretty often as my wife is from here and there’s definitely a lot more to do in Bucharest.
I always rate the places we stay at – we have our own TripAdvisor here in Romania and I make sure to write reviews of all the places that I visit.

Yes, the food was really good actually and I came back weighting a bit more, so I’m already on that salad diet, hahaha. PARIS 10 - Gare du NordPARIS 10 - Gare du Nord Facilities DescriptionThis hotel is located in Rue du Faubourg Saint Martin and very close to both Gare du Nord and Gare de l'Est. This value-for-money and comfortable hotel is perfect for your overnight stays and business stays or travel. At the roundabout, follow the bypass towards Lyon on the motorway, then exit at Parc d’activites de l’Europe. Many cultivated non-native garden flowers are rich in nectar and provide food for bees, bumblebees and butterflies, and as a result many of our gardens, planted with no thoughts of attracting wildlife, are full of bees and butterflies. Some of these, however, make excellent garden plants, including Dianthus gratianopolitanus (Cheddar pink) — a lovely plant of limestone areas, but one that is easy to cultivate in well-drained alkaline soil.
For this to occur, they are dependent on a good supply of the particular food plants on which their larvae feed. Now we knew exactly what to expect and decided to choose the Romanian beaches once more – this time we went for Eforie Nord where we chose Hotel Fortuna for our stay. Eforie Nord is a small town and is more alive than Venus was last year: more shops, more things to do, more than one main street, ha!
What I liked even more was the fact that I heard a lot of foreign languages there: French, German and Russian, which means that people abroad are starting to show interest in the country. The prices were also good, as we usually spent around 25 Euros, tips included on the food (which usually consisted of two main courses, three drinks and desert). The staff was incredibly polite and nice with us, they had a great activity center for kids (where they would get face-painted, where they could play, watch cartoons, interact and even take part in special activities such as magic shows, dancing and so on) as well as a mini-playground for the little ones. But as far as Eforie Nord goes, we were really happy with how everything went and I personally consider it one of the best possible low budget destinations in Romania for sandy beach lovers.
The hotel in Dijon is right on top of the vineyards of Burgundy, and great for your weekends, holidays and Oenotourisme.
Many such rare and endangered plants can be legally obtained by gardeners from specialist nurseries, and it could be very rewarding to plant a bed or beds with endangered plants and so create your own wildflower refuge. Caterpillars, however, are very specific about their food plants: many will feed on only a single species of plant and most diet on just a few closely related plants.
And here you can find out my impressions about vacationing in Romania and the hotel itself.
It has a really nice and wide sandy beach, with really shallow water (you could walk a couple hundred meters and the water would still be waist-high) It really felt like a real vacation destination with all the shops and stores, the fast food shacks and all the crazy souvenirs.

Most of the staff we have interacted with were really polite, always serving you with a smile on their face and offering good value.
Directly in front of the hotel guests will find a range of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and links to the public transport network (metro station Louis Blanc, Lines 7 and 7b). Babysitting or child care and Wake up call are a nice addition to the price minded Gare du Nord rates. Most gardeners want to include their favourite flowers in a border, and do not worry whether they are native or introduced. A native border always looks more natural with a hedge or shrubs as a backdrop, rather than a brick or stone wall, which makes it look more formal.
When butterflies mate, the female lays her eggs either on or beside the appropriate food plant for the larva stage — the caterpillar. We gave it a try in different places on three occasions and even though things got better as we learned how to sort the really bad ones out, the quality of food was still lacking: everything was greasy and you always had the impression that all the ingredients are of low quality. Shopping areas are located around 10 minutes away on foot and one of Paris' most beautiful parks can be reached within around a 20-minute walk.
If planting for bees and butterflies, choose single-flowered cultivars, because the design of these blooms makes it easier for the insects to reach the nectar.
Check which plants are likely to grow in your soil by contacting your local conservation group and be sure to get plants or seed from a guaranteed local source. Orly airport lies around 23 km away and it is some 28 km to Charles de Gaulle airport.This charming hotel comprises a total of 91 rooms. Common butterflies that may be seen in gardens are peacocks, red admirals, small tortoiseshells and cabbage whites.
The facilities on offer include a lobby with 24-hour reception, a hotel safe and a lift as well as a breakfast room with access to a lovely terrace on which guests may enjoy their breakfast or a drink during the summer months.
Additionally, guests will find a TV and a conference room and laundry services are also on offer.The air-conditioned rooms come with a fully fitted bathroom with hairdryer.
From Orly airport: get out at Antony station, change to the urban rail line B to Gare du Nord and walk for 10 minutes to the hotel.

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