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Step 3: Cutting of the KeysThis is by far the longest and most tedious part of this, and any Keyboard mod. Now that the keys are done, lets move on to the board.The first thing you will probably want to do here, if you haven't already, is clean off the board you popped the keys off of.
In terms of performance, the 6GV2a€™s keys feel very cramped, a problem exacerbated by its non-standard key layout. If this durable keyboard has an Achilles heel, ita€™s the cheap rubber cable, which has a stiff joint where it joins the keyboard. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Don't let budget constraints stop you from getting the added musical expression that MIDI keyboards provide. Aside from providing tactile control over your music without breaking the bank, these top MIDI keyboards are compact and easy to carry around - making them imperative tools for today's on-the-go musicians and producers. The Arturia MiniLab is our current favorite for the second year in a row, securing the top spot with its stylish appeal, impressive controls and powerful software companion.
To start with, it gives you 25 velocity-sensitive mini-keys that you can play with, while you can adjust the pitch and modulation via two touch sensitive panels on the side. Now when you factor in the generous amount of extra controls - 16 encoder knobs and 8 backlit performance pads - then it becomes a really great deal that's gives you more than what you pay for. Finally, the Arturia MiniLab's stylish exterior will make music making more fun, be it on stage or in your home studio. The 2nd generation Akai Pro MPK Mini is easily one of the the most versatile and portable in this price range. The 25 velocity-sensitive keys offer playability, response and reliability on par with more expensive keyboard controllers, and user reviews are in agreement. Just like the mark 1 version, the most notable feature of this keyboard is the 8 backlit MPC-style pads and 8 knobs.
Novation is known for prioritizing compatibility and mobility, even in their portable keyboards. With so many features packed in its compact profile, its surprising how the 25 velocity sensitive keys are not compromised in anyway, users agree that they provide excellent response. The 16 three-color velocity-sensitive pads and 8 knobs turn this keyboard into a full featured DAW controller that provides great visual feedback.
Behringer hails this controller as "The Ultimate Studio in a Box", and they are not bluffing.
UMX250 comes with 25 full-size velocity-sensitive keys, and many are satisfied with its good height displacement. The MicroKEY 25 is the latest iteration of Korg’s portable USB MIDI Keyboard controller, and it comes with a unique feature that lets you adjust the playing feel.
Backed by a brand known for producing keyboards that are highly playable and durable, the MicroKey lives up to its name.
Although it will take a bit of time to get used to its smaller keys, your patience will be rewarded with its lighter and portable profile, you can even power it with your iPad.

IK Multimedia is one of the pioneers that helped revolutionize mobile music production, so it is only fitting to see their portable MIDI keyboard iRig Keys Mini in this list. This affordable keyboard does not carry fancy features, but it does specialize in portability and expressive playabiltiy. The sleekest looking and easiest to use of all the MIDI keyboards on this list is the M-Audio Keystation Mini 32. This compact Keystation focuses on straightforward keyboard control with 32 velocity-sensitive mini-keys. The low profile keys might put off some piano players but electronic musicians have used its unique feel and action to their advantage, not to mention that the unit is easy to carry around for live performance or for capturing ideas while on the go.
The Nektar Impact iX49 is an affordable 49-note MIDI keyboard that comes with impressive playability for its price. It may not have the added pads and DAW controls found on other MIDI controllers, but it excels in providing responsive velocity-sensitive keys.
This streamlined interface makes enough room for its key sensitivity to shine, and allowing you to focus more on playing the keys than tweaking knobs.
The popularity of the iPad helped spark the latest trend of mobile music production, so it is only fitting that the Samson Carbon 49 is compatible with this powerful tablet from Apple.
This affordable keyboard offers 49 velocity-sensitive keys, the most keys from among this list, and it also has classic pitch bend and modulation wheels.
Mobile keyboardists have had great things to say about the Carbon 49, especially about its durability and easy setup.
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What really helped convince me to do this was the brass supports (pic 1&2) that I found at Home Depot.
The people that will appreciate these extras will be electronic music producers and DJs (i.e. You also have 8 velocity curves to choose from, resulting in a keyboard feel that suits your playing style. Ita€™s not an unheard-of layouta€”Ia€™ve used other keyboards with the samea€”but ita€™s an unnecessary complication. And for all this keyboarda€™s bulk there are heavier keyboards out there, and there are more durable keyboards out there. As I mentioned in a few previous steps, I got lucky with this keyboard as it already had a black metal frame inside that the keys were already attached to.
These are the adjectives SteelSeriesa€™ designers want you to think of when you look at the 6GV2. Even more lucky was the fact that I was able to use existing screw holes to make my supports.
And thata€™s probably why they selected Cherry MX Black keyswitches, which require the heaviest actuation force of the entire Cherry MX produce line. A selection of media-player control keys overlaid on the first six Function keys is the only other bonus feature youa€™ll find.

Ita€™s not aesthetically pleasing, and it doesna€™t have enough frills to justify its $100 price tag.
You might not be as lucky, but it shouldn't be something that a little extra Dremel cutting and drilling of new screw holes couldn't fix.Here I took a peice of felt, layed it over the top of the keyboard, and cut out holes for the keys to go through.
You might easily mistake the 6GV2 for the cheap rubber-dome keyboard that came with your factory-built computer. I used gaffers tape here because it can be removed without leaving a reside and it isn't affected much by heat. To keep it simple for everyone to understand, I didn't specifically call it a mechanical keyboard. But I do make a note that it does make noise and other keyboards may not (membrane keyboards). As I mentioned in the last paragraph of step 1, what matters more is how the keys are attached to the keyboard, ie is there space to do this or not? Some membranes do look exactly like the mechanical keyboard I used and have room to do this, and some don't.
As a typewriter collector, it pains me to see keychoppers destroying typewriters for their keys. You're paying for things like the fact that Datamancer has heavy duty metalworking tools and has spent probably several hundred to a couple thousand hours work getting as good as he is with them. Which means making a bunch of stuff that used materials, and from experience with metalworking myself, you don't sell most of your learning pieces. I'm currently typing on an unmaintained 20 year old Model M I saved from my mother-in-law trying to throw it out. I had to throw away 4 newer keyboards like the black one in one of your photos in the 3 years before I got lucky and found this baby.
I should point out that I did not mean to imply that high end Steampunk stuff is overpriced.
And while there is always something good to be said about quality and craftsmanship, fact is most people don't care about that. The problem is that the less we pay our labor, the closer we get to some grand societal collapse.
To move away from a cheap throwaway culture before our own world becomes a post-apocalyptic hell in which we scavenge materials in hopes of keeping a semi-solid roof over our head to keep out the rain. Keep it up!Thanks, unfortunately many of the second hand, and antique, stores around my area have mostly furniture and very little, brass or bronze items. I remember having some that had a fluted design on the interior that looked really good for steampunk but I don't think I have them anymore.

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