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Where the Samsung Q1 skimped, Sony splurged, releasing the most full featured UMPC, or Micro PC as they call it, to date. We’ll go into more detail later, but they continue to set the standard for small computing devices like this. The UX comes with a Cingular card already installed, so if you have current data service on another SIM card, you should be able to swap them out without a problem. It doesn’t bother me much since I have a few Duo cards, but I understand the complaint.
Since they’re on the bottom you might fear losing the audio jacks when the UX180 is docked, but Sony carved out a slot for those cords, so they can stay connected.
Though cords with L tips or other abnormalities might not work that well or may obstruct the keyboard when docked. The main area features a stylus silo, additional vents and a swing out antenna for the Cingular data service. You have to do this through an application, which is a little bit of a pain for a device like this.

The screen performs flawlessly inside, but even does a respectable job outside, in full sun. The screen is fully exposed at all times, so you’re going to want to use the included case and those who are more nervous about these things definitely need to invest in a good screen protector.
In fact, I could see this being a primary machine for those who do little more than use an office suite, the web and email. If you do any heavy work though, like Photoshop and the like, you’ll find the UX struggling to keep up.
Of course the down side is there’s no way to upgrade with a faster unit, one of the compromises with a device this small. They included disk drive shock protection, which in a nice small droppable unit like this, is much appreciated. The default is at the medium level, I dropped mine to low since I plan on cradling it like a baby at all times.
While this capability is expected with traditional notebooks and Tablets, it’s not with PDAs and the rest of the UMPC market is about the same. This open source benchmark application allows the user to change the number of digits of Pi that can be calculated from 16 Thousand to 32 Million.
I would often find myself typing, only to stop to peek at the screen and notice I’d left a few letters behind. This issue will get better with usage though, as you train your fingers how to use the keyboard. Sony has also included something called touch commands, which give you even more control when using the stylus. For example, you can drag the stylus to the left to go back to the previous page in your web browser.
The launcher button on the left side is mapped to launch the Sony management application by default. There are a few cases where the high resolution might be a strain, so being able to zoom in on a small section of a document or website might be helpful to some. The UMPC as a stand alone device is too niche, accessories like this are point on, expanding the functionality of the device exponentially.
So it’s not much of a surprise that when we ran Battery Eater Pro we busted through the battery in 95 minutes. The reality is, battery life under normal conditions should be in the 2.5-3 hour range, depending on usage. In addition to the Windows power schemes, Sony includes an application of their own that’s fairly robust, and will help you milk the maximum battery life out of this machine. Perhaps the coolest thing about it though, yes, something cool about a power cord, is the tip. They’ve got the standard WiFi and Bluetooth but also included access to the Cingular data network.
The latter is absolutely critical in my mind for a device like this; at least the option is anyway.

By design this computer is extremely mobile, so it needs to be able to access the Internet anywhere and sometimes WiFi just isn’t enough. I would prefer Sony work out a deal with Verizon, but they don’t offer this, they have an exclusive arrangement with Cingular at the moment. One of my major gripes about Intel’s card is the included wireless management software, which I think is terrible. I was thrilled to notice that by default Sony uses the Windows zero configuration network manager. It connected easily to a few different access points and the speeds were generally very good.
I don’t see any downside in terms of performance as a side effect to the tiny size of the UX. Registering my fingers was very easy, compared to other integrated scanners I’ve used. I registered four fingers in the time it normally takes to do one with Fujitsu’s application. The built-in speaker leaves much to be desired, but given the form factor, it’s acceptable.
I would like to have a hardware control switch for the volume, since with an ultra portable device like this, it’s nice to be able to quickly make it silent.
The one in front is a .3MP sensor that is designed to be used for video in chat clients and the like. On the downside image quality is poor and there are no manual controls to handle white balance, zoom or the like, something we’re seeing in even basic smartphones at this point. The couch in the background is beige but comes out almost green and the painted trim should be white. The latter are actually pretty useful, especially since the interface of the UX is somewhat limited.
Their extra power profiles, camera management software, security software, backup software and the rest are welcome additions. There is no paper manual, which is a shame, since the PDF manual is actually very helpful and a must read for any buyer of this device. You have to lug a little more weight than a PDA, but the terrific screen, keyboard, bevy of wireless options, capability for a full Office suite and a fantastic browsing experience will be surefire winners. Of course the cost is three times more than the highest end PDA, but that’s part of the balancing act.
While there is stylus interface, it’s more about navigation and manipulation than input. Still, if you’re looking for something tiny that you can use a stylus and small keyboard with, this might be worth consideration.

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