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Making your own lighting at home allows you to save even more money and add your own personal touch.
With some spray paint and paint sticks, you can turn an old brass and glass chandelier to a bird cage like chandelier that looks great in the mudroom. Instead of paying $2300 for this Restoration Hardware birdcage chandelier, the blogger made one from a small chandelier for $25.00 and a large bird cage for her entry way. Add unique and beautiful decorative accents to your home decor with recycling tea cups and tea pots. This chandelier is made out of cardboard, and is perfect to hang in rooms for a better space.
DIY geometric light made to look like an expensive Ralph Lauren light, this idea is very creative. Check out this beautiful girly crystal chandelier tutorial to update your space and make it your own. Do some crochet work to Ikea lights and make these crochet seashell pendant lights which look so cute and inviting.
Instead of buying a similar light at $275, you can take about an hour to make this DIY crystal chandelier and use it to make your space more beautiful. When you are living in a small bedroom, a statement chandelier works well and gives a striking and luxurious look. Check out the quick how to based around a hanging plant holder and necklace beads from the dollar store! Don’t throw away empty wine bottles, because you can make beautiful wine bottle chandelier for your house. I have had such a fun time designing my new line of scrapbook paper and embellishments for American Crafts!! Use your craft cutting machine or circle punches to punch out as many circles as you can from your paper.

Once you have the circles sewn in one, continuous loop – lay it out on the floor of your home and try not to get it tangled up. At the top of the chandelier, run some wire across the top in an X pattern so you will have somewhere to drape the circle length. Attach some wire to the top of the lampshade and hang it up so you can start draping the sewn circles. When you have covered up the wires of the lamp shade, start draping the sewn circle length to the chandelier. This is so pretty Jen, it makes me wish I had a little girl to decorate for…maybe I will have to add something like this to my craft room. I’ve been itching to try one of these paper banners, can you tell me what stitch type you used? In interior design, it always brings out the statement in a room or puts the whole elements together.
If your place lacks overhead dining lighting or what is currently hanging is tacky or clashes with your style, take a look at this collection of Cool DIY Chandelier Ideas for Inspiration. If you want to make a real statement chandelier which add to shabby chic look in your space. Create your very own colorful chandelier to make a dramatic design statement that only looks like it cost a fortune! I just love the bubble chandelier made from the clear Christmas balls that give this room a striking impression and fresh look. Here is another great example of how changing inexpensive materials into something that fits the style of a space can really bring the whole look together. It seems like a lot, but you will need a lot of footage to drape the circles for your chandelier.
You can use glue dots or hot glue to glue the ribbon onto the spokes and wire of your shade.

I just draped the circle length from the X you made with the wire at the top.I used my hot glue gun to hold the sewn paper length in place and I looped the circles evenly from all four corners of the lampshade.
So much easier than using individual lengths of fishing wire and hand placing the paper circles. Welcome to Tatertots & Jello, where I love to share creative tutorials and inspiration every day.
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Then I went into the center of the lampshade and made four more loops that were a little longer from the center. I’m all over your blog today so u will probably see several comments in several post!
Stunning lighting will transform your great venue into a fantastic venue guaranteed to cheer your family members and your friends up as they walk in. I’m looking forward to seeing (and getting) your new product line, congrats, you deserve it! Of course, you would have to use LED light that wouldn’t get as hot as regular bulbs. Good news is there is no need to spend a fortune on unique lighting fixtures when you can create your own to die for!

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