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Casio Keyboard - MA 150 — Buy Casio Keyboard - MA 150, Price , Photo Casio Keyboard - MA 150, from Raj Musicals, Company. Casio's WK-7500 delivers an unprecedented level of power and music making capabilities, in a sleek lightweight package. In addition, the WK-7500 provides an organ simulation in which the sound is contoured by physical drawbars, offering sound ranges that previously were only available in higher priced organs. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission from Sonic State is prohibited. Learn to Play with Casio's Lighted Keys Leading the Way!When it comes to inspiring young pianists to practice, it's hard to beat an instrument that seems to magically light up in the dark.
Step-Up Lesson SystemA light-up keyboard does more than just look good -- it's the heart of Casio's exclusive step-teaching system.
Casio LK-165 Lighted Keyboard, 61-KeyThe Casio LK-165 Lighted USB Keyboard with PS is a great portable keyboard for beginers and experienced players alike.
All the organ sound controls, drum patterns and built-in sounds (800) can be recorded on the built-in 16-track sequencer and saved along with a lead vocal or guitar part. Follow the light-up keys to learn to play 110 built-in songs with Casio's Step-Up Lessons -- perfect for beginner pianists.

That's why the "LK" in the name of Casio's LK-165 portable keyboard stands for "Lighted Keys." Choose one of the 110 built-in songs, and watch as the first note of the song glows and flashes on the keyboard. Turn on Step-Up Lessons, and the keyboard will step through "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" (or any of 109 more built-in tunes) as the student learns and plays at their own pace.
But there's plenty to love here for grown-ups, too: the built-in USB port is a MIDI interface for your computer.
There's even a sampling system, so you can record 1-second voice or percussion sounds, loop them, and jam along with yourself on the keyboard. Grandson is nine and asked him a month ago while he was watching a teen band if he would like to be in one when he is older, that's why I got it for him. With Casio, musicians can now incorporate external instruments into their compositions through the audio line inputs. A gentle simulated voice calls out finger numbers, and the full-size keys light up and flash red to reveal exactly where to play next, as the LCD screen displays musical notation. Simply plug-and-play with any MIDI-compatible music education or composition software, such as GarageBand on the Mac -- no drivers necessary.
The LK-165 also has five "voice pads" which play back sound effects or your sampled sounds.

The Casio LK-165 Lighted USB Keyboard is portable, so you can take it with you when you're on the go. Simply plug in a microphone, guitar, bass or other instrument and play along with MIDI instrument tracks stored on the keyboard.
When it's time to impress the family with a formal recital, you can easily turn off the voice prompts or flashing keys.
Choose from 400 onboard tones (including stereo grand piano), play along with any of 150 rhythm patterns, and spice up your sound with 10 types of reverb effects. Much more than just a toy for the kids, the Casio LK-165 has a full 48 notes of polyphony, the most in its class.
With all these features, the LK-165 is one entry-level portable keyboard that you -- and the piano student in your family -- will want to keep playing for a long, long time. And the LK-165 comes with an AC adapter power supply, but you can also power it with six size-D batteries for ultimate in portability.

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