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One thing is for sure, this Casio model will definitely provide you the closest experience possible to a grand piano, when it comes to digital pianos. It depends on your music goals and budget too, but in the long run it definitely pays of to buy this model, especially if you’re looking for a long time investment and a realistically sounding digital piano. Join our growing community for free to get useful guides and exclusive best deal reports on digital pianos delivered right to your inbox. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Piano Solutions offers a broad selection of used pianos—all of which are completely serviced and restored before they are placed on our showroom floor.
Our selection of player pianos are known for their tonal excellence and unequaled performance.
For piano moving and storage, we recommend Carmel Piano Movers & Storage, a division of Piano Solutions.
Piano Solutions is your resource for short- or long-term piano rentals for your home or special event.
Whether your piano needs a full overhaul or just a new finish, our team of piano technicians has the know-how to restore your piano to its original condition—or better! Casio PX-160 88 key stage piano with sustain pedal, power supply and music desk. With nearly 300 pianos on our showroom floor, we have a piano for most every need and budget! When you purchase a piano from the Piano Solutions standard inventory*, you are automatically enrolled in our Trade-Up Program. The trade-up credit must be applied toward the purchase of a new or used piano that costs at least double the price of the original purchase. Pianos must be part of the company’s standard inventory to qualify for the trade-in credit.
The trade-in credit may be prorated or reduced in value if the trade-in piano has had excessive wear or been neglected of proper maintenance and service. The lightweight and affordable CDP-220r is an advance on its younger cousin the CDP-120 in terms of sound quality (it has a higher note polyphony) and number of sounds available. People who tend to buy pianos like the Casio CDP-220r are usually beginners or those who don’t have a great deal of space to put a larger instrument.  It’s a widely recommended instrument in the digital piano fraternity although for those wishing to pursue learning the piano further, the CDP-220r inhibits this slightly as there is only 1 “jack” entry for the sustain pedal and hence you can’t add a damper pedal too.  For many pianists, the sound of Old MacDonald to a reggae beat more than makes up for this! Those who are considering purchasing the CDP-220r might also consider the Casio CDP 120 or Casio PX 130, the Yamaha P95 or the Korg SP170. The ideal instrument for beginners and everyone who wants to give piano-playing a real chance. Casio has done a wonderful job developing many of the lines of instruments attached to their name. The color finish runs throughout the length of the PX-750’s cabinet, which provides a sturdy structure for the encasing and interface of the piano. One of the nicer things about the construction of this digital upright is that you will have a built in three-pedal unit for the piano. The Privia PX-750 has Casio’s own keybed system, with their Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action. The scaled hammer action of the keybed is backed up by Casio’s Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator (AiR) system, which uses over three times the memory of previous Casio generations with the help of four different layers of grand piano tones.
The piano has wonderful MIDI capability, and comes with a standard USB connection for you to link with any computer or tablet. There’s no doubt when you sit down with the Privia PX-750 that you’re entering a new level of class, and generally hefty price is expected when dealing with higher end digital pianos. Privia is a giant in this industry and after more than thirty years of producing digital pianos and keyboards, they have outdone themselves with Casio PX350 model. This model has a better overall sound and ivory and ebony feel keys, which make the playing experience even better.

Sound realism is incredible and the key surfaces have a texture that gives your fingertips a grip which makes the actual playing a much better experience than on other digital pianos.
So, with all of that taken into consideration Casio PX350 is for sure a good choice for an aspiring musician who wants an uncanny grand piano playing experience and great sound quality.
As said before, sound quality is incredible, but some external speakers could be useful for those who like to play loudly, since on very loud volume audible compression effect is noticeable through internal speakers.
Our selection includes acoustic pianos from more than 20 leading manufacturers, including Estonia, Haddorff, Kawai, Yamaha and more! Apply for financing within the comfort of your own home and get a credit decision within seconds. You can choose from our Disklavier line—today’s modern player piano—or opt to install a PianoDisc or QRS player system on virtually any size, style or make of piano.
Visit our showroom to see our full line of accessories, including amps, synths, guitars, headphones, benches, stands and more. Like its more junior family member it offers the beginner, those with space requirements or those on a tight budget a good digital piano at a great price. For this price, there is nothing in comparison in terms of features offered along with the quality of the sound. Thanks to an impressive piano sound in AHL quality, 88 weighted keys with scaled hammer-action and excellent digital effects, the CDP-130 is the ideal help to start you off in the fascinating world of keys. They have a number of great digital piano models, but with their specialized Privia line their really take things to another level. It’s been well documented the struggles Casio has had to go through to put off the moniker of being toy makers, and their Privia line is one of the main reasons they’ve been able to accomplish that for the most part.
The Privia line is divided into two categories, mainly digital stage pianos and digital upright pianos.
There’s the black wood tone finish, which is the most well-known look and the one people are comfortable with. The 750 can be easily assembled, or you can arrange for it to be assembled at the nearest dealer and delivered to your front door. A lot of piano players bypass this wonderful teaching unit, not knowing the power of having those pedals at your disposal. The piano has the customary 88 keys, and provides an extra edge by giving each and every one of the keys a nice ebony and ivory finish.
This sound system brings to life the two 8-watt, 12 centimeter speakers, almost making it seem as though the generous sound is vibrating through the bowels of upright piano’s cabinet like a real piano. It quickly becomes evident that Privia spent a great amount of time perfecting the concert grand piano sound, and the quality that comes out of the PX-750 can make you want to buy the machine for that alone.
There are also 2 distinct headphone jacks, so this machine is great for student-teacher piano sessions or even a lovely duet. While a price range of $800 to $1,100 – $400 if you buy the piano without the cabinet – is nothing to sneeze at, after seeing similar products go for around $2,000 I think the PX-750 is quite the bargain. The previous model, PX 330 had three times less sample size of the main piano sound, which means the improvement in this segment is quite obvious too.
Another good feature is definitely audio recording, especially since it’s simple to use.
This content is provided 'as is' and is subject to change or removal at any time without prior notice.
Digital pianos and keyboards are reliable, portable and maintenance-free—perfect for new learners of all ages.
Our used instruments first go through our shop where they are cleaned and serviced before being placed on our showroom floor. The trade-in credit is generally valued at the full price** of the original piano purchase.

It has a high-quality speaker system that is particularly good with grand piano sounds.The CDP-130 digital piano is the perfect choice for price-conscious music students and beginners.
The amount of class and precision contained in each one of these digital pianos is simply delightful, and it’s a pleasure to come in contact with any of these machines. Simply put, Privias are exclusive and exquisite pieces of machinery, and it would be quite a good feeling for any piano player to get his or her hands on one of these. Both categories have a particular feel to them, all bring something different to the table. However I’ve been able to see the other two finishes, and they’ve been quite pretty in person. One of the great parts about it is its sliding cover which works well to keep dust off the keys. Advanced piano players know its worth, and wouldn’t accept anything less on such a piece of fine machinery. This is a wonderful addition that I haven’t seen on most digital pianos – the closest thing I’ve seen is the Yamaha Natural Wood graded hammer system which actually has wooden keys. Each key has three different sensors which measure the speed of the hammer against the velocity of which the key is pressed, producing an exquisite and detailed piano performance. If you want a combination of the latest technology and the lowest price possible for this kind of product, this is definitely the right choice.
All you have to do is plug in a USB flash drive and press a few buttons and you’ll be able to record everything you play in high quality WAV format. If we don’t have what you want in our inventory, we’ll work to find a comparable piano to meet your needs.
Typical delivery time ranges from one to five days, although this is ultimately determined by size and destination. There’s another white wood tone finish, which gives off an ivory look, and a marvelous oak wood tone finish, which has a classy, brownish earth tone to it.
Casio has also worked hard to develop its Damper Resonance and Hammer Response Simulator, which works hand in hand with the pedal unit to give an unprecedented and most realistic experience when using the sustain. The ebony and ivory texturing can also be found on some of the other models, and takes the Privia line to whole new level of class.
There are other grand piano sounds, electric pianos, organs, basses, strings sections, a harpsichord and a vibraphone.
To have an of what this digital piano is like, there are some questions that need to be answered. The PX-750 is part of the upright piano category, which also contains pianos like the Casio PX-780 and the brand new Casio PX-860. For all its measurables it’s still only about four feet long and just over two and a half feet high. It replicates the action of a damper pedal in a real acoustic piano as you can actually hear the response of all 88 strings being pressed. The 750 has wonderful split, layer and dual functions, and I was highly impressed by its ability to split the piano into four different instruments, with two sections of two different instruments layered on top of each other. In those situations, a representative from Piano Solutions will call you to help determine the most effective and economical shipping method. Many of the same elements run throughout all of these, such as the four-layer grand piano tone and a graded hammer keyboard action. Weighing in at about 70 pounds after assembly, it’s still on the lighter side of most digital upright and console pianos, so there should be no problem fitting it in a place like your living room.

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