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By registering, you may receive account related information, our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. The origin of Carnatic music , or the South Indian classical music often called as karnataka sangitham can be traced back to the age of vedas . The Melakarta Ragams refers to the basic 72 Janaka (parent) ragams for all of the infinite number of other ragams in Carnatic Music. Indian classical music, philosophy, yogic teachings - many of these are attributed to have its roots in the four vedas.
All of these ragams have seven notes saptaswaras, that is that they have all seven swaras which are- Sa, Ree, Ga, Ma, Pa, Da, Ni, and Sa. It is based on 7 core talas whcih use only 3 of the 6 possible components of an Indian talam - Anudrutam, Drutam, Laghu, Guru, Plutam, and Kakapadam.

The system is further divided into two sets of 36 ragams each - The first set with the first Ma and the second with a sharper Ma . This tradition has a rich heritage and is perfectly attuned with Indian culture and religion. Carnatic music is based on a 22 scale note (swaras) on contrary to the earlier 12 note scale that is used in the western classical music. The features and the constraints of a raga will be clearly defined in the arrangement of the notes in its arohanam ( ascending notes ) and avarohanam ( descending notes ). Thus , in Carnatic music , the raga connotes a mood or a route in which the music is supposed to travel. Thus , there are thousands of unique raga as per theory though very few of them are being used for performances in the present day. The former refers to the modulation of the frequency of a particular swara and the latter refers to the speed with which the musician performs a set of swaras or notes.

Both the gamaka and the brigha helps to improve the appeal of the composition that is rendered . Western music is often based ona pattern of flat notes, on the contrary, here , the swaras are performed using various modulations . Another very important aspect of the Carnatic music or karnataka sangeetham is the thalam or the rhythm.
Today, there exists more than hundred thalams , but here also, very few of them are in use .

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