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There are already plug-and-play third-party devices that let you play previous gen consoles or a PC using any of their controllers.
Playing with a keyboard and mouse allows you to be quicker and more accurate than with a PS3 controller and the PS3 Max Shooter allows you to fine tune X and Y axis movement, map any PS3 button and directional movement to any keyboard key including both analog sticks, and customizable turbo functions with up to 8 user programmable auto-fire keys.
The PS3 Max Shooter also acts as a PS2 controller adapter allowing you to use your favorite PS2 controller, dance mat, racing wheel, light gun, or guitar on your PS3 console. 6.Can map the PS2 controller button keys to any key of the Keyboard ,Including the 2 joystick on the ps2 controller. Tips:If your order amount is more than $30, we will send registered parcel for you, if the amount of your order higher than the $250 we will ship your parcel by EMS or DHL express. Recently, my brother-in-law bought a new Sony Bravia HD-Television that plays videos directly from USB drives. Let’s say you and your friend are preparing for an all important exam that is going to decide the course the rest of your life takes. A camera is a mechanical device, and just like any piece of mechanical equipment, it will eventually fail. VLC media player has an amusing ability, targeted especially towards nerds, to playback movies in ASCII art. The release of Windows 10 is just around the corner, and one of the announced features of the new operating system is the ability to stream games from an Xbox One to a device running Windows 10. The Xbox One already supports keyboards, and adding the ability to use a mouse as well would open the door for compatibility with many apps developed for Windows 10, which would be consistent with Microsoft's goals of making Windows 10 a unified platform across all of their devices. Seeing as FPS and MMOs are still popular, I wonder why Sony and Microsoft don’t just add support for keyboards and mice on their consoles. If you want to use the express service you need to pay for the price difference please contact us before you pay.

This is not to mention the simple fact that it could bring another control method to the table for use with games on Xbox One, which could open the door to genres not typically seen on home consoles, whether or not PC to Xbox streaming becomes a reality.
There’s no equivalent product for the PlayStation 4 just yet, but Marcos Mori de Siqueira of Softfactory is onto something here.
He added that this concept would, of course, require keyboard and mouse functionality on Xbox One and stated that support for that input method will be coming to the platform before long. Using Remote Mouse you can use your mobile phone or tablet as a set of mouse and keyboard to operate your computer. You need to install this app on your mobile and the software on your Desktop.Remote Mouse reviewThere are many apps to control your computer remotely, but Remote Mouse has some additional features which makes it acceptable to  everyone. To begin using it, first you need to set it up in both, on you mobile phone as well as your computer.
It supports Windows Phone, Android as well as iPhone.Next, visit the website of Remote Mouse and install the software on your Windows PC. When we upgrade our computers, we usually buy only the hardware that requires upgrade like a new motherboard, processor, memories, and probably a new hard disk.
Now, everything is ready and you will be able to control your computer remotely, using the mobile or tablet, as mouse and keyboard.Convert mobile phone or tablet into mouse and keyboardThere are many features in Remote Mouse.
Apart from using it as mouse and keyboard, you can control playing videos, presentations and many more. We will look at them individually.1] Using your mobile as mouseAfter connecting your mobile with your computer remotely, you can use it as mouse by just tapping on the screen. A KVM switch allows you to connect two or more computers to a single display, and input devices, and quickly switch between them with the flip of a switch. If you do not want the text to be displayed on the mobile screen, then you can toggle the Show Input Text option in Settings. 3] Open Applications of your desktop through mobileRemote Mouse also provides you the feature of accessing applications present in computer.

The control can be switched from one computer to another by the use of a switch or buttons on the KVM device. Just tap on the respective icon and it lists down all the applications available in your computer.
You can even put your PC in sleep mode and controls are displayed by tapping the power icon in the Remote Mouse app.All these feature are of free of cost for both Android and iPhone users. If you want to use Spotify Remote, Media Control and Functional keyboard you need to pay separately for each of them.5] Panels and Settings SectionsYou can use Panels and Settings Sections from the Menu to toggle some options. A 2-port KVM switch allows you to connect 2 computers while other KVM switches allow you to connect up to 12 different machines. In order to use this Air Mouse Mode, just press and hold the button on the screen of app and sway or shake mobile to move the cursor.7] Set up a password for connectionYou can even set up a password for connecting your mobile and computer remotely.
For this, right click on the Remote Mouse icon (from quick launch) on desktop and click “Preferences”. Then tap on “Settings” tab and create password.Now the next time, when you try to connect to computer, it asks for password.
This is very important from a security point of view.These are the things which you can do with Remote Mouse.
It is for free of cost and it very simple to set up and use.Visit the home page and download Remote Mouse software for Windows.

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