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The Illuminating Piano is a 61-key midi controller (piano), with each key capable of illuminating brilliantly and evenly in any possible color combination. Music DJ's and Producers have been using this technology for years now, and we think it's time that everyone gets to share in the fun.
Customized settings for a variety of piano playing controls, including displaying note names in the note head, changing the color of illumination, and many other options. Accuracy of notes is also stored on your computing device, so you can review your play after you are done. Learning to play the piano is difficult, and our software and hardware together make it fun and challenging for adults or children of all ages. The tried and tested illuminated key learning system by CASIO really supports key training.

Unlike many portable keyboards, our sound synthesizer is on your computing device, in software.
The system also waits for you to play the correct keys, so you can step through a piece of music at your own pace, regardless of the actual tempo. Our score rendering system is based on the open MusicXML format, allowing for rapid introduction of new content into the system. The Illuminating Piano is the piano that anyone can play, and this is one of the only hardware purchases on the market that will improve over time! With the LK-120 you can simply sit yourself in front of the 61 illuminated keys and off you go.
Our Illuminating Piano will feature continued updates to our software, making it more useful as we receive feedback from customers on what to add next.

The system is split over three levels and enables you to learn to play the keyboard at your own pace.
Beat, key sequence and speed are practiced bit by bit since it does not take long before the collection of 100 timbres, 50 rhythms and 100 songs inspire creative playing.

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