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Condition: When purchasing a used piano ask about the condition of the instrument: Where has the piano been?
Personal Appeal: The right piano for you must appeal to both your ear and your heart - but go after the sound first. Even if you're buying a piano without knowing how to play, remember it's never too late to learn.
HAMMER: A felt-covered wooden mallet that strikes a string to produce a note when a key is touched. ACTION: The complex mechanism between each key and its complementary strings that activates the hammer and damper. A quickie and less expensive repair is to glue the soundboard back to the ribs where the soundboard cracks and separates from the rib(s). BRIDGES: Wooden supports situated between the strings and the soundboard to transmit vibrations from one to the other.
KEYS: A keyboard should rise slightly - about three millimeters- in the middle, the section that supports the most wear and tear. Art cased and Decorative Upright Pianos for Sale : We buy and sell new and secondhand pianos.
Artcase Upright Pianos For Sale Our range of artcase upright pianos feature ornamental case styles from different art periods.
Come down to the showroom to play or view our current stock of art cased, inlaid and decorative upright pianos. If you are interested in any of these art cased, inlaid decorative upright pianos, give us a call on 0113 244 8344 and ask for Steven Leeming who will be happy to discuss your requirements.
Arts and Crafts Bechstein Upright Piano For Sale with a Mahogany Case, Sculptural Candelsticks and Fretwork Panel in a Floral Design. A 1903, Arts and Crafts Bechstein Upright Piano For Sale with an Oak Case, Inlaid Panels and Ornate Hinges. SOLD:An 1890, Aeolian Harmonium with an Mahogany Case with Carved Pilasters and Ornate Fretwork Panels. SOLD:Oscar Gerbstadt Upright Piano For Sale with an Ornately Carved, Romanesque Style Case. SOLD:A 1905, Bechstein Model 9 Upright Piano For Sale with a Mahogany Arts and Crafts Style, Case. Everyone has an individual response to music, so go with what you like, not what someone else tells you you should like.
Play every key and feel for sticky or squishy action - it should feel as if there is no obstacle between you and the instrument. While a hammer can be shaved down, this can only be done once, maybe twice in a hammer's life.

Although a cracked soundboard may not be easily spotted by an amateur, it may be very serious and require major rebuilding.
At the age of 51, Noah Adams, host of the National Public Radio show All Things Considered, bought a piano before knowing how to use it - chronicling his adventures learning to play in his 1996 book Piano Lessons. A properly adjusted damper will not let the string ring after it has fallen back on the string.
This is an acceptable repair in an upright where it won't be seen and where the plate cannot be removed to install shims. The section of each string that is located between the bridge pins and the pressure bar (Capo D' Astro) on the plate nearest the keys and vibrates. Although the proto-typical veneer is usually ebony, many other woods such as mahogany and walnut are often used. A properly designed lyre should always have some sort of rear support, that bears the rear-ward motion of the pedals being used. It's always best to hire a registered piano technician you know or who has been recommended by friends. Nearly everyone has his or her own favorite hammers, whether they are of American, European or Japanese manufacture. In most pianos, the tuning pins come out of the pinblock and pass through the plate, where the plate has a hole for each tuning pin. A frequent scenario with age is that the soundboard splits, producing visible splits, sometimes paralleling the bass bridge. This could be an ugly repair on a grand, where it would be seen, however, with a lack of funds for a full restore, it would suffice.
Problems with older bridges include loosening of the bridge pins and the associated cracks around the bridge pins.
Tuning pins come in sizes from #1 up to #7, each size a larger diameter then the last, with #1 being the smallest (new pianos come with a size #2) on up to a #7. Although ivory keys have a tendency to unevenly discolor, the feel is unsurpassed and serious consideration should be made before replacing original ivory keys with plastic. We have contacts countrywide and internationally so are sure to be able to help you find the piano of your choice.
We are especially looking for all models of Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Seiler,Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Fazioli..
Unlike a harpsichord or guitar where the string is plucked with a pliable pick, the hammer strikes the string much like a xylophone hammer or a bass drum hammer. On other pianos (such as the Bechstein), the plate is cut away just above and around the pinblock so that the tuning pins are not supported by the plate.
This is due to many factors, such as changing temperature and humidity and sometimes, bass bridge design.

This is not normally a problem unless the pin has moved away from it's hole or the wood surrounding the pin (bridge cap) has turned soft due to environmental neglect. There can be as few as 4 laminations on an older piano, or as many as thirty or more on a modern or replacement pinblock. We offer a sale or return service with a 20% commission charge and a pick-up charge depending on location. Remember, a tall upright has long bass strings, so a 55" upright will approximately deliver the sound quality of a 5' grand piano.
Pianos with very worn action parts typically produce a light touch as there is very little resistance to the touch with it's worn bushings throughout the action.
Soundboard's are normally repaired with spruce shims cut to fit these gaps or cracks and glued into place.
You should be able to see all three strings of a unison, from the treble down to the tenor section.
That is, it does not produce proper tonal qualities, like the surrounding strings: weak sustain, poor treble or bass response.
If you are interested in trying any of our pianos listed below, here are directions how to find us. There are fine used pianos - often better than new - on the market, but approach the purchase of either new or used with some basic knowledge before buying.
Although a cracked soundboard is serious, usually a little rib tightening can make all the difference in the world, both structurally and sound quality wise. The exception is double strings where the first few unisons in the tenor section have double bass strings, as in a Steinway grand. New hammers, which may not be properly voiced, may make for a bright tone as the felt is new and supple, compared to old hammers which become worn and hardened (compressed) over time.
The bottom line is that in order for the instrument to produce deep, rich bass, the soundboard needs to be one continuous membrane, much like the head of a drum. Believe it or not, after the ribs have been tightened in a piano with soundboard cracks, the quality of sound is very near equal to that of a similar piano with no cracks! Missing strings generally indicate the strings have rusted somewhere along the string and the string has broken.

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