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At the momnet, we have an amazing selection of restored and unrestored Bechstein uprights available.
Nearly New Boston UP125 upright piano new in this week.  Designed by Steinway, this piano is a bargain!
Compare against new Yamaha GB1, See a great selection of modern bay grand pianos, all under one roof! Although a used piano, this is a prime example of a good quality German upright piano, beating a comparably priced second hand Yamaha U1. Due in this week, this rare walnut German Bechstein baby grand is a little gem.  Fully original, a lovely piano at a lovely price! NOW in stock, this stunning Steinway model B grand, in a polished flame mahogany finsih is a beauty. We are pleased to offer this small black baby grand, in excellent condition, for under £4500! Are you looking for a traditional style, antique piano in good working order?  If so, we may well have the piano for you! If you're looking for a piano, the Piano Gallery has a wide range of pianos, and offer everything from starter pianos, through to the finest upright & grand pianos for the accomplished pianist. Up to A?2,000 extra in part exchange if you trade in your old digital or acoustic piano for a beautiful new Yamaha Silent Piano. For a limited period only, our Silent Upgrade Bonus scheme offers individuals and institutions guaranteed part-exchange prices on their old acoustic and digital pianos. Yamaha pianos are the choice of many of the world's leading pianists and composers, and are to be found in music schools, schools, theatres, churches, and, of course, homes. As well as new Yamaha pianos a€“ from entry-level uprights through to silent models, grand pianos, and the award-winning range of Disklaviers a€“ this year's initiative also includes all AvantGrand models and the popular NU1a€™Hybrida€™ upright digital piano. Yamaha acoustic, 'Hybrid' and AvantGrand pianos are the choice of many of the worlda€™s leading pianists and composers, and are to be found in conservatoires and concert halls around the globe.

We have a dedicated website for NEW Yamaha Pianos - Click to Visit where you can find all of the specifications and models. Owned and loved by retiring individual, ready to move to smaller residence - impeccably maintained.
At under 40% of current retail pricing, this mint condition Bosendorfer grand piano is priced for swift sale. Painstakingly remanufactured New York STEINWAY & SONS Model D with Gravagne hand-crafted custom soundboard. Another JUILLIARD SCHOOL OF MUSIC, top-tier, concert level HAMBURG Steinway & Sons Model D 274 Concert Grand Piano - STAGE READY!
Originally purchased by JUILLIARD SCHOOL OF MUSIC, top-tier, concert level HAMBURG Steinway & Sons Model D 274 concert grand piano - STAGE READY! Restored as a single project by STEINWAY & SONS trained Master technician, Christopher Carranza. Rare "stretch A" model - coveted by many who regard the AIII as having a more perfect scale than even the Model B.
Owned by Broadway celebrity, this instrument has a remarkable tonal character and light, responsive touch.
This magnificent 2001 Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand has had one owner and is in showroom condition. My goal is simple: I want to make every single aspect of either finding your perfect piano, or helping facilitate the sale of your piano, a pleasing and rewarding experience for you - from start to finish.
On the bright side, locally, in the Asheville area, I can highly recommend The Piano Emporium. Be among the first to learn when new listings for STEINWAY & SONS grand pianos have been posted at MY PERFECT PIANO.
When the teacher came back he took a few minutes to write out her assignments for the next week and said good bye to her and she left.

The next week when my wife showed up for her lesson she noticed a brand new piano in his studio.
This is why you should buy a new piano from a company that knows both sales and service or you may always get the short end of the stick!
This small traditional black Challen baby grand is a lovely piano, perfect for the smaller space. If so, thanks to the Yamaha Silent Upgrade Bonus scheme, there's never been a better time to invest in a new Yamaha Silent Piano. For music schools and other institutions the scheme presents a great opportunity to rejuvenate instruments and make savings in future maintenance costs. Thanks to the Yamaha Silent Upgrade Bonus scheme, owning one yourself just got a whole lot easier. This piano was never moved from its original in-home placement in Surprise (Phoenix), Arizona - evaluated by Louis Spencer-Smith in April of 2015. One of Bosendorfer Piano Company's newer models, this piano is designed with 88 keys and a reinforced rim to add projection and power. They sell both new and used, in just about anyone’s budget range, and back up what they sell with no-nonsense honesty, service, and integrity.
Adding up to 2,500 Euros to the value of your old piano, the Yamaha Silent Upgrade Bonus programme could turn the dream of owning a beautiful new Yamaha Silent Piano into reality. The owner, Shane Owenby, is not merely an entrepreneur, but is also himself an RPT, and I’m proud to be affiliated with his company.
The upgrade offer applies to all new Yamaha Silent Pianos and the award-winning range of Disklaviers.

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