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Roland FR-1x V-Accordion provides both flexibility and portability with added USB functionality and advanced bellows-pressure circuitry for enhanced sensitivity and precision. Roland FP-50 brings you top-class piano performance along with many other great features to enhance your playing enjoyment. Roland FP-80 is perfect for a wide range of applications, including stage performing, the classroom, daily practice, and entertainment at home.
Roland RD-64 not only weighs in at around 13kg, but it fits easily in small vehicles and takes up less space on crowded stages. The battery power and onboard speakers of the FR-1x make it ideal for the musician on the go.

Besides these great accordion sounds the FR-1x lets choose from a huge selection of organs, orchestral sounds, basses, and much more. The FR-1X fits in the overhead storage compartment on most commercial airplanes, thanks to its compact size. USB functionality The V-Accordion's USB functionality lets you play MP3 or WAV files from a USB drive making it easy to play along with backup tracks.
You can enjoy instant, high-quality sound from the onboard speakers or play privately with your own headphones. Once you have created new tones that you want to save or share just upload them to a USB drive and take them with you.

There are even orchestral instruments onboard, as well as virtual tone wheel organs with realistic rotary effects.

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