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Browse all tutors listed alphabetically below or refine the list using the Music Tutor Search tool on the right of the page. Recommended for those serious students wishing to compete in competitions, sitting for music examinations or for those preparing to be professional musicians. Gold teachers specialise in beginners level and those who wish to learn for leisure and people who want to get introduced to a new musical instrument. To guide and train intermediate level students to become advanced, quality, outstanding young musicians. Has a set curriculum from beginners to advanced with important skills which has proven to be very effective in all her students.
Passionate piano tutor, composer and performing artist, Joff Bush has performed with many renowned international acts including Megan Washington, Nikki Jean and Barry Crocker to name a few.
Jonathan believes the joy of playing music is for everybody at every level and enjoys teaching absolute beginners as much as tertiary level students.
Claire is a passionate and caring teacher who believes in the musical potential of every keen learner.
She has had a wide ranging experience in mentoring all types of string lessons for over 10 years. Claire specialises in teaching violin to all ages, from beginner to advanced levels, as well as beginner to intermediate levels on the piano.
Susannah is a fun and passionate teacher who believes in the full potential of all her students. Her positive and personable nature is easily channelled into working with younger children and she aims in her lessons to encourage a positive learning environment where students can enjoy the creative and intuitive development of their musical skill and musicality. Susannah works professionally as a musician and is just as passionate about the creative element of musicality as she is about teaching. As an experienced Sydney Conservatorium graduate, David specialises in Jazz (Double and Electric Bass).
Oliver is a multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, recording engineer and songwriter working within a broad range of contemporary styles including electronica, hip hop, rock, pop, rnb, jazz and world music. As a passionate musician with over 18 years experience, he provides students with a versatile skill set that is informed by the cutting edge of music. Oliver’s lessons are tailored to the strengths and interests of each student ensuring consistent engagement and enjoyment while covering fundamental music theory.
Elizabeth first started teaching as a music tutor when she was 15 years old and quickly developed a passion for sharing music in this way. Elizabeth is passionate about helping students meet their goals and strives to tailor each lesson to suit an individual’s level and learning style.
Elizabeth actively works to improve her own understanding of teaching by reading widely and attending teaching master classes and workshops where possible. Jacqueline is an accomplished tutor and has taught levels from beginner to professional and both children and adults. Ana is a graduate of the Australian International Conservatorium of Music (AICM) and holds a Bachelor of Music (Perf.) in contemporary voice.
As a teacher, she aims to instil a sense of music appreciation and cover all technical aspects in a fun, relaxed environment. Alongside her study, she continues to work on original compositions with her own line up of contemporary musicians. Having begun training at the age of five, Daniel has found a uniquely passionate appreciation for guitar and music.
Daniel specialises in guitar tuition, covering all aspects of the guitar in a straight forward yet relaxed style.
Aside from teaching, Daniel currently works as a professional guitarist in both session work and performances.
Having great passion for all music since a young age, John specialises in a wide range of musical instruments to accompany his devotion to all genres of music. Taking 4-Unit Maths in high school, he is also very confident in teaching the mathematical and numerical areas of study to both beginner and advanced students. Bec has been studying and performing the flute for ten years in a variety of individual and ensemble positions. She has experience teaching and playing with a variety of age and experience levels and whether it’s preparing for exams, or just playing for leisure, Bec ensures that her students will have fun with their instrument.
Thomas is a passionate and engaging teacher who emphasises musicality and self expression on the drums. Johnny is a dedicated and engaging teacher who is confident in the belief that his students may grow and achieve highly if they are taught well. With over 9 years of experience as a musician, Johnny has focused his musical endeavours on the field of performance in drums and guitar. Being experienced in a range of genres in both contemporary and classical streams gives him the ability to adapt his lessons based on student interests, and to encourage students to pursue what they are personally passionate about.
Johnny is currently undertaking specialised studies in Music Education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, honing his skills in teaching, and equipping himself better for helping his students accomplish their best. Aaron took up the piano for a number of years reaching Grade 8, encountering many styles of music including Classical, Pop, Latin, Jazz, Australian contemporary and Rock.
As a collaborator, Aaron loves to work with like-minded musicians who strive for creativity and quality workmanship. Having taken a great interest in music from a young age, Tara has studied the piano for 15 years, completing 8th Grade AMEB. Tara also teaches beginners flute, having played the flute for six years as a member of the Hornsby Girls High School flute ensemble. Tara is an energetic and fun teacher with a passion for sharing her knowledge of music with her students. The inevitable garage band was formed when Roddy was given a set of old wooden drums from a family friend.
In the Mid-70s high school education in Australia was set at either four years or six years.
When Leeds Music Factory, an eight track recording studio, was built, Roddy became assistant sound engineer to Shad Lyons (who, with Leeds A&R man Roy Lister, wrote Marty Rhone's 70s hits and a string of country recordings). Around this time old school buddy Calvin DeGrey approached Roddy with an idea to write a Rock & Roll Musical. These eighteen year old entrepreneurs somehow encouraged fifty of their friends to participate in the extravaganza that ended up taking eighteen months of blood, sweat and tears from all fifty involved. Flim Flam's Singing Telegrams came to Australia in 1980 and when Americans Rick Burch, Renee Kimbal and New Zealander Brian Clark were setting up the Sydney office, Roddy was approached to co-ordinate the singers and write the personalized telegrams.

Sydney's Original Comedy Store opened in Margaret Lane underneath Jamison Street Night Club in the early 1980s and it was the shot in the arm that Sydney's comedy scene desperately needed. Saturday, in her Western Suburbs persona, Debbie Felini, always bought the house down with lines like, "I told my boyfriend, Killer, that Boy George said a cup of hot tea is better than sex. In 1989 Roddy was Production Manager for what is now known as Yoram Gross Village Roadshow, Australia's premier animation production house. Roddy continued to compose songs throughout the years - songs that reflected his circumstance and that is now a vast original songbook under the Rooster Music banner. During the recession of 1991 Burbank Films re-opened as Burbank Animation Studios and Roddy was contracted as Production Manager, and thirty three films later, Roddy is still with Burbank. During the nineties Roddy has co-written storylines for many of Burbank's animated specials (with Burbank producer Roz Phillips) and composed music for six of these productions.
In the early nineties Roddy was also deejaying and creating games and activities for Radio Lollipop, the internal radio station at the old Children's Hospital in Camperdown (now known as Radio Bedrock at the New Children's Hospital in Westmead). Roddy formed Animagination with executive producers Mahesh Patel and Steve Smith, and business partner Jacqui Crouch, to produce quality children's entertainment for the world market. Roddy's life-long passion for music now sees him presenting POPHEADS MUSIC QUIZ, a trivia game based on music from The Vinyl Years (1950s through 1980s). The file sizes are around 2 megabytes and take a few minutes to donwload on modem connections. Recorded for the 1983 Rock Eisteddfod and performed at Ryde Civic Centre where Glenn A Baker claimed it was the most original idea in the competition. It is with much sadness that the producers and co-performers on Roddy The Rooster & Friends send heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends of a great Australian actor and a true mate, Paul Chubb, who left us on 9 June 2002. To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.
Now several decades later, Laurie has tilted the balance away from acting altogether (“I was, until recently, an actor,” Laurie told the cheering crowd at Melbourne’s Palais), focusing on his jazz and blues octet, the Copper Bottom Band. But those who wanted to see TV’s most irascible doctor singing his heart out wouldn’t be disappointed, with Laurie giving his all on keyboard and the microphone. Laurie seems as if he can’t believe his luck (“Here’s a sentence I thought I’d never get to say – outside of a shower cubicle – here’s a song off our first album”), and his love for the music and extraordinary musicians on stage with him means this is no mere vanity star vehicle. We prepare you for AMEB exams, HSC, tertiary audition requirements, competitions and concerts. With a warm and friendly attitude accompanied with a wealth of experience, he has taught piano, theory and composition for over 10 years. She has studied under renowned violin teachers in Singapore and Sydney, and loved passing on the strong pedagogical ideas for a solid and comfortable violin technique, which she has compiled from her teachers over the years. These range from giving private violin lessons and piano lessons, student conducting with various string ensembles across Singapore, conducting sectionals in all five string instruments, as well as being leader of both her secondary and high school string ensembles.
She enjoys preparing her students for the ABRSM and AMEB graded levels, and helping them achieve their goals.
A healthy technical approach in both singing and violin is used as a foundation that can be adapted to a variety of musical styles (Jazz, Pop, Folk etc.), based on many years of study of professional instrumental and vocal practice. She is currently performing with a variety of high profile bands and musical ensembles as well as writing and performing her own material. She is classically trained in both voice and violin with experience in Jazz, a variety of different folk styles (Balkan, Celtic, Bluegrass), as well as Musical Theatre and Pop.
Throughout high school and early adult years, she continued with studies in voice, violin, piano and theory, before pursuing them at tertiary level. Lessons focus on allowing a student to grow in their technical ability on their chosen instrument while igniting self belief and passion for their potential.
Having just completed a Bmus (voice), Elizabeth is now continuing with postgraduate studies aimed to improve her understanding of teaching and the voice. She also has 9 years experience in guitar and has played both classical and contemporary genres. Playing music from a young age on various instruments Grant found his passion in playing guitar, which he’s been playing for over ten years and teaching for over three years.
She takes into account that every student is different and devises her lessons to cater for the development of their talents. He has developed a strong proficiency in all contemporary genres such as Rock, Blues, Jazz and Pop, appropriating himself as a versatile guitarist. He firmly believes in his students and aims to find the best approach to achieve their greatest potential. He has been playing piano for over 12 years and has also spread his musical passion into the guitar and drumming. I value the passion and affection towards a subject and aim to utilise this in my teaching. She has toured with the Armidale Youth Orchestra and is currently a part of the orchestra at her university.
While currently studying Jazz at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Thomas maintains an eclectic musical existence, regularly performing and recording in an array of different musical styles including Funk, Dance, Latin, Blues, Rock and Jazz.
He is determined to achieve this end through fun, interactive and well – planned lessons.
Having a great passion for music, he is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and skills with others. She also studied Music 2 and Music Extension for her HSC in 2010, majoring in composition and performance. She believes that music is a greatly valued and important skill that can have only a positive effect on your life no matter what level you are at. The family piano got the occasional bashing too, his mother deciding that poorly played Classical pieces was a better alternative to the pounding the upright Beale was then receiving.
Watching one of his father's business associate's deft hands tickle the 88s, Roddy learned to play boogie woogie, chord progressions and good ol' twelve bar blues.
Students would leave at the end of Fourth Form to do a trade or go on to Sixth Form hoping to matriculate to University.
The Leeds catalogue was impressive - Northern Songs (The Beatles), Screen Gems (Neil Sedaka, Carole King, Neil Diamond, Boyce & Hart, etc) and Dick James (Elton John, The Troggs) and others. A Christmas season in 1977 is most memorable as every night was a sell out and the capacity crowd lapped it up. Roddy and Julie wrote songs for this unusual band, that survived long enough to do only two gigs. This was the era of 80s Nightclubbing - Madonna, The Pointer Sisters, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Boy George.

The episode, CHRISTMAS BREAKFAST, was written and directed by Susan & Geoff Beak and features the voice talent of Jonothan Biggins, Ric Herbert and Joanna Moore. And production has begun on a new adult-orientated album of original songs, being co-produced by Julian Gough and Jim Blackfoot. An original story created by Roddy Lee, the Burbank film was written by Paul Leadon and stars Katy Manning (ex-Dr Who) as Emma, The Jungle Girl.
The full production show is currently playing on Monday Nights at The Sandringham Hotel in Newtown, Sydney. This was The Archies first single, the second single, Sugar Sugar, becoming their biggest smash when it topped the pop charts around the world in 1969. All are extremely accomplished musicians, and they produced jazz, blues and gospel hits with energy, pizzazz and significant skill and musicality.
He seemed to be having an absolute blast, dancing, cheering on his band and delivering some of his trademark wide-eyed comedic fare between songs. Indeed, Laurie himself, though a very good musician, is probably the least skilled there – and he’s happy to let the others shine with numerous intricate solos. Claire is also an active performer and her main love for performance lies in chamber music, in particular piano trios. She has also explored numerous vocal techniques and pedagogical approaches in different singing genres as well as vocal health and voice science studies in relation to vocal pedagogy. She has performed nationally and internationally as both soloist and ensemble member with Sydney Youth Orchestra, St James Choir, the Parsons Affayre, and with artists such as Jane Rutter, Simon Tedeschi and David Helfgott.
This encourages a healthy and positive attitude toward practice and performance and allows a student to explore who they are (and could be) in the world of music.
She also has skills in multiple other instruments including piano, bass, mandolin and ukulele.Jacqueline performs regularly and is currently involved in a number of musical projects. His wide knowledge of musical styles, sound and performance allows him to cater to the needs of each and every student he teaches. Ana is currently completing piano pedagogy as a second study at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (formerly AICM). Daniel has studied with many instructors and lecturers, gaining a vast knowledge base to employ within his students’ lessons. John is bilingual in both Chinese and English and has been exposed to both the western and Chinese educational systems.
John believes that music is not limited to anybody and he thrive to assist those who have difficulty in their area of study and to allow them to accomplish their absolute best.
Bec has experience teaching students in preparation for their AMEB exams as well as her own AMEB exam preparation and hopes to help her students get the most out of their instrument.
His broad range of experience informs his opened minded approach to teaching, resulting in lessons that focus around the individual interests of each student.
Specialising in vocal technique, performance and song writing, she offers a unique outlook for all students and strives to foster their natural creative and imaginative abilities. Amanda teaches through therapeutic applications guided by a strong knowledge of music theory and culture. During both degrees, Aaron gained a huge amount of collaborative experience with musicians from all backgrounds.
He believes that studying and practising music can establish extra-curricular behaviours and form a positive sense of well-being and happiness with all students: Music is shared! No matter what age, he will strive to work with students in developing musical outcomes and experiences regardless of mood or skill. Tara has proficient knowledge in the accompanying theory necessary for Piano, having passed all theory exams with honours.
She works with each student differently, tailoring their lessons to suit their individual style of learning and overall goals. But the originality of the concept impressed Glenn A Baker, who, judging the girls' performance at the 1983 Rock Eisteddfod said, it was the most original idea he had seen in the competition and it deserved a bigger stage.
Although Laurie sang many of the songs (either from his customary place at the piano or, occasionally, with a guitar at centre stage), on some he was an accompanying player, letting singer-songwriters Gaby Moreno and Jean McClain knock the audience’s socks off with their impressive vocal stylings. Laurie was exceedingly funny and charming, comfortable in front of a large crowd and passionate about his fellow musicians and the American soul they played. It might be the band thatHouse built, but it’s got real heart and soul and is a hell of a lot of fun. Admin (UTS)As the Managing Director of All Arts Academy, be rest assured to receive only exceptional music tuition from Meena. She has toured both locally and internationally, across Singapore, Malaysia, Italy and New South Wales.
She has proficient skills in performance composition, music theory, producing, arranging and sound engineering. With a profound belief in the joy of music Grant strives to inspire his students to help them enjoy learning, playing, performing and listening to music.
A warm and encouraging attitude makes Thomas a suitable teacher for all ages and skill levels; his lessons cover technique, musicianship, rudimental playing, including fun interactive exercises for younger years. Having graduated from the prestigious Sydney Conservatorium of Music, she brings over 20 years of experience in concert performances, competitions, radio broadcasts, festivals and teaching.Meena dedicates herself to each student and is passionate about passing the breadth of her experience and knowledge to the next generation of pupils. She has knowledge and ability across multiple genres, including classical, jazz, funk, folk, pop, latin, music theatre, rock.Jacqueline has performed in concert with international acts Dan Bremnes and Jordan Worner and supported Australian band Southdown. When it comes to teaching patience is Grant’s greatest asset and along with his friendly persona he creates lasting impressions and strong bonds with his students.
Thomas has had the privilege of studying under Australia’s leading percussionists and drum set players including Philip South, Ian Cleworth, Andrew Gander, Nic Cecire and Andrew Dickeson. She has taught for over 12 years and her students have gone on to achieve wonderful AMEB and competition results. Grant has studied music in many extracurricular classes including the Type One Jazz course at the Australian National University.
His recent musical endeavors include playing with renowned Composer and Jazz arranger Phillip Johnston and top New Zealand Jazz Pianist Aaron Blakey. He can play multiple instruments, sing and is an independent recording artist with experience in song production.

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