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Welcome to BPLG, our internet based piano school, where the aim is to teach you to play piano or electric keyboard with our online piano lessons.
We have many  teacher, our piano pedagogues , that will help teach you what you need to be doing to become the best pianist or top keyboard player you want to be. We can help you learn to be a great jazz pianist, or play R&B keyboard like Lady GaGa and you could get featured on Grooveshark. The site is currently under construction, but we are setting up an area of piano backing tracks that can really help you when you are learning the best techniques for mastering the piano.You will also have access to a vast array of piano sheet music, both  for free and to purchase at low prices. There are lots of different piano playing styles and genres we will teach and certain techniques you will practice to let you find a playing style you like and help you master it. We're going to use two left hand chords, played close together so they're easy to find - but they still sound great!
Remember how in part 1 we tried to group the improvisation into phrases, based on the length of the left hand chord?
Play up and down the scale a few times and then try it with C and G in the left hand, as in part 1. Finally repeat the question and answer exercise, using the C and F chords and the full blues scale in the right hand.
Learning to play Blues Piano is a fabulous way to improve your piano playing skills. It will help you learn to play by ear, understand how music is constructed, and enable you to fly over the keys.

While learning blues, we’ll work on some extra music theory, to round out your understanding of how things fit together.
Since the 1800’s Blues has been greatly influenced all types of American music, Classical, Folk, Rock n’ Roll, Jazz, and more. Some well known Blues piano players from different time periods are: Otis Spann, Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis, Oscar Peterson, Randy Newman, Professor Longhair, Keith Jarrett, Michel Petrucciani. The way I teach Blues Piano is unique; developed over years of teaching, it’s easy to follow and understand. We will be hiring the top Piano teachers to provide a level of teaching expertise matched by very few piano and keyboard websites. Students who learn Blues Piano acquire a sense of freedom to play piano and keyboards effortlessly. Learning to play twelve bar Blues begins with the left hand chord progression and right hand Blues Scale. There is a special feeling of freedom and accomplishment to being able to play without music.
Each riff comes with the music notation in pdf, midi file of the piano left and right hand parts as well as drums, an mp3 file of the example and a video file that shows the music notation while the riff is playing.
We want you to get the most from our classes to let you learn to play your favourite tunes on this fabulous instrument.

Jamming Blues Piano with friends makes a great music connection. It’s the fastest way of learning to play music with others. Complete beginners, after spending a few months learning to read music, can begin Blues Piano, learn new techniques and expand their proficiency. Usually played as a twelve bar progression, there is a distinct chord and melody structure which gives it such a unique sound. Everything you need to know to master the basic styles of Blues will be presented in an easy to understand progression.
Blues Piano is often played solo, and is a lot faster and more innovative than Blues generally played on guitar. If you already play piano and want to learn this great American piano style, then you can begin right away. Playing Blues Piano helps students acquire a nice fluid playing style and improve all areas of their playing.

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