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What makes Zebra Keys one of the best resources for anybody starting out is the fact that it’s interactive and very easy to understand. The keys are laid out clearly and the letter of each note appears under the appropriate key. Join our growing community for free to get useful guides and exclusive best deal reports on digital pianos delivered right to your inbox.
Of course, if you hope to one day play Gershwin, Scott Joplin, Mozart, Liszt, Lennon & McCartney, or anything in between, it all has to begin from square one, and that first step is approaching the best way to learn piano right from the very beginning. For many reasons, the piano is an excellent instrument with which to begin one’s musical education. Right now, let’s examine what is likely to be the best way to learn piano for you or your child. If the student is not highly self-motivated & very disciplined with practice, progress may be more difficult. In the absence of a live teacher, students have no way of asking important questions about correct technique.
Without a set lesson schedule and a live teacher to provide feedback and encouragement, the likelihood of significant progress is greatly reduced. As far as cost-effectiveness, many students who have tried this route wind up abandoning their learning process pretty early on due to lack of encouragement, demonstration of how to play certain passages, and so on. A relative newcomer to the field of music lessons, the teacher is in one location, student in another. Student receives live feedback immediately, as opposed to the total absence of feedback with DIY learning. Even if you and your teacher are in different time zones, lessons can still be coordinated fairly easily.
Watching a 2-D image of how the teacher holds their hands, demonstrates playing a particular passage, uses technique, etc., might not give you the full experience of a private lesson, depending on your learning style.
No real way to effectively orchestrate recitals or live performances that students & families can all enjoy. The in-person aspect affords the student & teacher the best opportunity to develop rapport. The Keys to Success: How to Find a Great Piano Teacher Should You Learn Piano by Ear?
Did you know that teaching others is one of the best ways to learn piano — as well as continue learning, if you’re at an advanced level? Before asking yourself if you have the skills to become a piano teacher, and ultimately maintain a successful career, ask yourself what kind of piano teacher that you would like to have. Some may think of compassion as an emotion, but it can also be thought of as a skill to be learned and cultivated. Most students, especially children, will pick up on any sugar-coating or false praise almost immediately, and sometimes not even on a conscious level. Being honest and forthright in your observations during lessons and assessments of performances not only establishes trust, but also prevents wasting time.
Teaching lessons one-on-one can be very unpredictable and malleable in terms of scheduling. The best-liked and most successful piano teachers that I’ve met are utterly positive people.

The best piano instructors are individuals who relish both the learning journey and guiding others on journeys of their own.
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Usually when searching for something like this you’ll find all kind of websites that pretend offering free piano lessons, but actually offer a couple of lessons and then asking for a membership fee. Each lesson is written in a professional manner and laid out in a way that makes them easy to follow. Compared to the saxophone, for example, which requires pressing down various combinations of keys to obtain each note, the notes on the piano always look the same, no matter in what octave. So with books and software that wind up collecting more dust than use, this can actually be a waste of money. Enjoy live interaction and real-time performance with friendly teachers in a fun group setting. The art of guiding a student on a journey of learning is one that comes naturally to some, but can certainly be learned by others who have the right skills. For some people, a piano teacher is a harsh, cruel, and ruthless authoritarian, determined to see results no matter what the means. I had too many friends who’d taken them and had learned not only how to play the piano, but also how to despise it because of mean teachers. It’s vitally important in the art of teaching, but most especially in the art of teaching on an individual level. That busy schedule, combined with having a limited amount of valuable time in each lesson, means it’s so important to be able to keep student information, sheet music, and future assignments straight. It would be as if a plumber came to your house to fix a sink, but just stood there telling you how beautiful your bathroom is. Students might cancel a lesson a few days, a few weeks, and sometimes a few hours before it. Students may come to you with challenges that you may be too inexperienced or ill-equipped to handle.
You don’t have to be as perky as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, but optimism is infectious. If you have the key skills to be that guide, you’ll find that teaching is one of the best ways to continue learning piano even at an advanced or professional level.
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You’re probably going to need a piano teacher but there are some websites that offer free piano lessons. It’s very well thought out, as an interactive piano keyboard is built into the lesson so you can practice as you learn. It will be much easier to transfer the gained knowledge to the physical keys, this way, as you will not be struggling to remember where the correct notes are located. The true value that this website brings, though, is the list of trainer tools that offer help in different aspects of understanding music.
You can either create a song from scratch or you can upload MIDI files and learn to play one.

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The black keys grouped in twos & threes serve as landmarks for note location, making it relatively easy to learn.
Worse than that, some DIY students wind up getting soured on the idea of learning and abandon their piano-playing dreams altogether. For others, a piano teacher is a wise, gentle, and caring instructor who gave them some of the most beautiful and lasting memories of their youth.
Pretending to be greatly interested in mundane elements of a student’s life or trying to create deep connections will soon have him looking for another piano teacher.
Depending on your talent in this field, you should expect to see some progress as you advance through the lessons. Each lesson contains text and keyboard images to help you better understand the new knowledge that you’re gaining.
As it advances through the music sheet, you will get a graphical representation of what each note means on the keyboard in terms of position and duration. That will undoubtedly be covered in your very first lesson, among other fascinating facts about the instrument and reading music.
The shame is that if only I’d found the right teacher, I might not have had to spend years in intensive piano training to correct poor technique. Students will not only fail in small and large ways, but they’ll also be defiant and mean-spirited at times, too. But being flexible with students’ rescheduling and last-minute conflicts is essential to keeping your students, not to mention your own sanity. She is a graduate of the prestigious Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey, and has performed with the New York and Royal Philharmonics, the New Jersey and Virginia Symphonies, the American Boy Choir, and the internationally renowned opera star Andrea Bocelli.
After having a piano in your home, starting to go through free online piano lessons is probably the best way to learn piano. You also get a feature such as a student notepad to help you take notes easily whenever you feel the need.
You will not be an expert in musical theory but it’s probably the best way to learn piano fast, easy and fun. Over the years, I was lucky to be instructed by some of the best teachers in America and take note of the skills that made them so effective. These are the moments when compassion is essential for the sake of the single lesson, a long-term relationship with the student, and the growth of the student as a pianist. Yes, you will need a piano teacher if you want a higher playing level, but the free lessons you can find online will be a good basis on which you’ll be able to build. Some of the lessons also include a 12 key mini-app that enables you to try the new learned information, this way further cementing your new ability. The note is displayed as you press a particular key, this way helping you associate each note with their appropriate keys more easily. Piano Nanny, offering 13 beginner, 11 intermediate and 10 advanced piano lessons, is one of the most comprehensive free online resources for piano lessons.

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