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Turn your iPad into the ultimate piano instrument with an extraordinary collection of ultra-realistic acoustic piano instruments along with built-in recording! With high-definition stereo samples across multiple velocities, iGrand Piano brings you the most playable, expressive and beautiful sounding grand, baby grand, upright and specialty piano instruments available on a mobile device that you can play anytime and everywhere. 8 world-class, multi-velocity stereo grand and upright piano instruments (including one by registering). Expandable library of 9 additional studio-grade instruments instantly available via in-app purchase. Intuitive instrument edit controls including ambience, lid, brightness, release, tuning and transpose. Support rekkerd.orgIf you appreciate this website, you can become a patron below, or make a donation through PayPal (no account required). Many thanks to James Wiltshire, Richard Hasiba, Pavel Vladykin, Shannon McDowell, and Sami Younes for showing their support through Patreon!
There are plenty of apps which let you use your iPad like a piano, but to be honest, playing on a toucscreen is just not the same as using a tactile keyboard. Now, there’s a Kickstarter project which hopes to provide a high quality piano keyboard, built into a protective cover. The keys fold neatly into a cover that’s about the same thickness as the iPad itself, and acts as a stand for your iPad when opened up.

There’s also a capacitive ribbon controller along the top edge of the keyboard which allows you to shift between octaves as well as to provide analog expression data for things like pitch bending. The C.24 also has an expansion bay which will allow for the addition of things like knobs, faders, sliders and other controls, and will be releasing an open standard for creation of these add-ons.
This looks like a much more serious bit of hardware than the Ion Piano Apprentice, and well worth a look for traveling electronic musicians.
Virtuoso Piano Pro Classic on the App Store - iTunes - Apple Bottle Piano is a funny music bottle piano.
Steinway Etude on the App Store - iTunes - Apple Play up to 4 pianos simultaneously on one device. Virtuoso Piano Free 2 HD on the App Store - iTunes - AppleKids Piano Melodies is a musical game for children so that they can learn how to play the piano and identify instrument sounds in a fun an easy way.
Free Piano app by Yokee on the App Store - iTunes - AppleCan you imagine a moment without your beloved piano?
Real Piano™ Classic on the App Store - iTunes - AppleNotasi Piano adalah aplikasi edukasi musik, media belajar piano melalui perangkat android. Tiny Piano on the App Store - iTunes - AppleHoliday Piano it's one of the funniest piano apps for free.
Be the maestro with Virtuoso Piano Classic, the classical iPod touch and iPhone instrument.

Add the Piano Expansion via in-app purchase to further extend your piano library with 9 additional high-quality instruments. It connects wirelessly to your iPad using Bluetooth Low Energy, and transmits CoreMIDI data over Bluetooth.
Delivery is expected to start this November – assuming the project reaches its funding goal by August 8. Set the difficulty level depending on your Magic Piano expertise or your mood.If you want a slightly more traditional experience, you can set the Piano to respond to your hand placement. Entertain your family and friends with this very easy to use simulThe first studio-quality electric piano app. You can play back and forth for a bit, and then the roulette wheel will spin again and you’ll meet another new person.

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