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We’re all familiar with keyboards, especially seeing how prominent MIDI has become in our day and age. The Alesis Q keyboards have shown a very solid test of time and their reputation is great in terms of longevity.A Another budget-friendly keyboard coming in around the same range as the Keystation, the semi-weighted and velocity-sensitive keys are great in terms of build while giving you a natural feel when playing.
Here’s another 88-key MIDI controller worth looking at, and it has a bit more extra features than the previous two listed.
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Editors Keys will be launching a brand new shortcut keyboard for Ableton Live, on April 27th. The keyboard is an ultra thin design with well-spaced keys making it great for typing and editing. Nowadays many professionals and music hobbyists are generating their music from computers where a MIDI keyboard controller is used as inevitable tool in controlling the sounds that are synthesized by the computer and making them to play just like a traditional music instrument. The Novation Launchkey49 can be the ideal midi keyboard controller for logic which offers the essential features of a midi controller. The Arturia minilab is one of the most featured compact control systems available in the market for professionals. You can get the next generation functionality from the M-Audio oxygen25 which is also a leading innovation in mobile music production technology.
The Akai LPK25 midi keyboard controller ensures amazing performance with its unlimited features.  You can plug and play with your Mac or PC with the USB connection without installing any driver.
The Alesis Q49 is the great midi keyboard controller for ableton that provides ideal surface for creating music with sequencers, digital audio workstations and more. The M-Audio 88ES is the best midi controller for conveying the most popular music education and studio software to your computer.
The MPK mini from Akai is an ultra-compact keyboard that comes with array of buttons, pads and knobs for providing control over the music software and to have hands-on performance. Let us know the MIDI controller keyboard that you prefer from the list and also your feedback in the following comments section which will be useful for other users. We are a group of Tech Geeks, passionate about latest trends and we love to share our knowledge to world. Apple’sA Logic Pro music production software has become a huge hit within the realm of music creation.
The usual debate about MIDI keyboard controllers for Logic Pro is between Novation andA M-Audio models. So our advice is to not let the automapping software of the Novation MIDI keyboard controllers you’re looking at sell you for a particular model.
We narrowed our search down to the M-Audio Axiom Pro 49, Novation Sl MkII 49, Novation Impulse 49 and Akai MPK249. Our verdict was a close one, but we stuck with the Novation ImpulseA for a few different reasons. The Novation Impulse 49 featuresA their brand new version of Automap 4 software, which has been stated by numerous users to work well with Logic Pro, specifically Logic Pro X. The Impulse has 8 knobs, 9 faders and buttons, as well as an LCD screen for a solid control surface build. I have a friend who composes trailers for a living and he uses Logic Pro with a 66-key MIDI controller with no pads or extra funk. This is a great budget controller as it is one of the cheapest in the market in terms of pad incorporation and software bundles. We’re huge fans of Akai and this barely missed the cut in terms of best midi keyboard controller for Logic. Because two minutes of online searching will inform you they are actively developing deep integration with Logic (and other DAWs) in their products, far beyond other mfgs. I’m looking to purchase a 61 key midi keyboard to work with Logic Pro X on a MacBook Pro (i7 if that makes a difference) and wondered which you’d recommend? I’ve been looking into the M-Audio Axiom and Novation Impulse but have heard that they both have issues with Logic Pro X.
Also, any advice on a compatible midi controller like the Novation Launchpad which is designed to work with Logic Pro X would be much appreciated. Great if you’re looking for a CV gate controller, otherwise, there are cheaper alternatives with 25 keys. Das Samson Carbon 49 ist ein MIDI-Keyboard mit 49 Tasten und mit den obligatorischen Drehrädern Pitchbend und Modulation ausgestattet. An einen Volume-Fader wurde ebenfalls gedacht und das dreistellige LED-Display gibt Auskunft über die wichtigsten Informationen. More and more producers and musicians haveA already switched over to an all-digital setup, myself included. That’s probably because not everybody can handle (or even need) that many keys at once. Some can be a bit costly when compared to other key counts, but we were able to find a few that fell within budget-friendly terms. Some of these come with only keys and maybe a pitch bend and mod wheel, but others can give you some faders, knobs, buttons and more. Not too prominent in the 88 key realm as compared to others, but some of these come with VST’s, others with trials of music software and more.

Around the 200$ range, the keystation is perfect for those looking for no BS and just what they need — a MIDI keyboard with 88 keys without pizzazz. You get pitch and mod wheels as well, but also added are octave up and down buttons for even more extended note ranges (as if the 88 keys didn’t give you enough). It’s in between the budget-friendly controllers and our top pick which we speak about after this. This thing is a beast, and when it comes to Akai Pro in our opinion the prices are always justified by the quality of the gear the put out. We like to review, guide, and provide new information to our fellow music equipment junkies.
The company worked with over 100 Ableton Live users and producers worldwide via social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The keyboard has over 70 shortcuts for Ableton Live, helping you to complete your projects faster than ever before. Moreover it allows you to control many different aspects of a sound and also the notes from music production software.
You can get the range of 25, 49 and 61 note with 50 physical controls for delivering amazing performance. With the help of 25 velocity sensitive keys, pitch and modulation touch strips control you can create expressive new melodies. It is featured with dedicated transport, assignable knobs, track select button, plug-in parameters, track pan and more. This allows you to create melodic and versatile patterns for modern music production which cannot be achieved by most of the other keyboard controllers available in the market. It comes with light weight keys and can be great choice for the people who are looking towards piano keyboard in lightweight package. This portable controller offers 8 backlit style pads, 25 velocity sensitive keys, Q-link Knobs and more.
Finding the perfect MIDI keyboard controller is an important task and investment — one we feel should be taken seriously. One of the most bitter sweet features of Logic Pro is the power you have of control, but in order to do so, you need to learn how to do it properly.
Some have complained about this, but Novation paid attention and improved this in their newer MIDI keyboard models.
First of all, it is a relatively newer keyboard and they’ve seemed to work some kinks out with their automapping software.
This is typically stated to be the best make of keys in the business, but if you’re picky and an experienced player, you may want something different.
The new Automap 4 works very well with Logic Pro, as backed up by many users around the net. We’ve included controllers with all keys (most with pads), but if you want a device that is only pads, be sure to check out our best MIDI pad controller article. He keeps it simple with only the keys and doesn’t like to use faders, knobs or even pads for his type of music and maps everything via the DAW controls of the software. 12 assignable knobs with 36 assignable buttons, not to mention the pads are RGB backlit to give your studio that nice little touch of pizazz. Der Hersteller hebt das dynamische Spielgefuhl hervor und steckt zusatzlich zum Controller noch die passende Software bei. Da der Tonumfang lediglich vier Oktaven umfasst, muss mittels Druckknöpfe in Oktavschritten transponiert werden. One of the most popular and first pieces of gear individuals start out with when building a studio is a MIDI keyboard. The more money you spend however, the more extra features you’ll have attached to it. Although, you do get two pitch bend and modulation wheels for some spunk and a few transport controls to talk to your music software directly. Yes sustain input is included with Q88 and it is powered via USB only so it is very convenient when adding to your setup. With the Oxygen 88, you get aA hammer-action key bed, dedicated transport and track select buttons for some DAW control, and lastly what separates it from the budget-friendly keyboards is the assignable knobs, faders and buttons. The shortcut keys contain both icon and text displays, helping you to save loads of time compared to going through the menus. If you are looking for the finest midi controller to meet your music needs then you have to take a look in to the following section. You can get software along with the controller that offers more than 5000 classic synth and keyboard sounds. This can be finest midi keyboard controller for logic which does not need any additional cable for power. You can extend the note range without making up critical desktop space using octave up and down buttons.
You can play drum sounds, samplers, programming synths and more with the help of pitch and plus slider buttons. With the help of up and down buttons you can access different pitch ranges which are ideal for capturing musical ideas on the go. We’re huge MIDI keyboard controller fans and have done a lot of research on this topic, especially because of how powerful we think Logic Pro really is. Your best bet is hooking up the sounds manually (as we do), but if you’re able to get the mapping features of some keyboards correct, that is a huge plus.

However, the Axiom’s mapping is said to really speed up this process with HyperControl, so we tookA that into consideration as well (particularly the Axiom Pro models, but those are pretty damn expensive).
Any love there?A Although we are huge fans of Akai MIDI keyboard controllers, a lot of users around the Logic Pro forums have complained about the make of them. Their keys as well as overall build is also extremely polished, giving us a great feel with semi-weightedA andA aftertouch. You’ve also got the combination of multi-function drum pads to be able to play them naturally (a huge plus for us, especially live). If you want to save some money and grab a controller that’s only keys and nothing too fancy, we recommend this controller. The keys are very nice feeling and the pads are a bit smaller than others such as Akai or Novation but they do the trick. The software bundle is a bit different as it comes with Ableton Live if you ever want to check that software out.
You didn’t review the machines, you reviewed the reviews and look at mfg website and videos.
It allows us to play custom sounds and trigger effects that are selected via our computer(s) — giving us a keyboard with endless mounts of possibilities. You’re making a great investment here and will be able to emulate a full piano in your setup.
It’s also a plus that it is compatible with a sustain pedal so you can add some more variance and natural-feel to your playing. In this article we have framed the list of top 7 best MIDI keyboard controllers 2015 after analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of each one. This compatible keyboard controller can be connected with the computer using the USB cable which does not require any driver installation. This is the top midi keyboard controller for ableton that is perfect for musician who create music on the go or the performer with limited space. It supports popular virtual instruments without any complicated setup and it can be a perfect keyboard for laptop production because of its compact design.
You can translate your ideas easily to the hardware using the octave up and down, sustain button, tap tempo controls, etc. You can easily access the deep levels of midi control using the keys on the keyboard and assignable sliders.
This is one of the best midi keyboard controllers available in the market that provides command over the digital audio workstations, sequencers, etc. Great for an overall feel in terms of playing both live and at your production setup.A The make of the knobs and faders have been rated pretty highly as well.
It also comes as the Keystation mini 32 keyA or if you want a better count, the Keystation 66.
It’s also available in the 25-key, the Alesis VI25 as well as 61-key, the Alesis VI61 keyboard. The mod and pitch wheels are pluses, not to mention a decent software bundle coming along with it.
Despite your meaningless claims about making music for decades, maybe you should have gone to a good college (or any college) in that time – one that challenges you to do thorough research and present your findings. If you haven’t read it yet, we recommend reading our best MIDI keyboard controller that has received a lot of great feedback. Lastly, it comes with an OK software bundle as compared to others, with SONiVOX Eighty-Eight Ensemble (a simple piano sound VST, but worth around $150 retail in value) — so at least you can start using the keyboard out of the box. In our opinion these are a bit more useful for live performers but you can also use it to real-time record some fluctuations in your tracks in the studio. This professional synth styled keyboard has 16 multicolored sensitive launch pads that can be used to play trigger loops and drums patterns.
You can create your own ideal music with this controller in the studio or anywhere else as it is portable in nature and can be easily connected to laptop or PC using USB cable. This is the best midi controller that allows you to stay engaged in the creative flow of recording and mixing of music. You can connect this cheap midi keyboard controller to your computer with the help of USB cable. Lastly, and although we’re all Logic Pro users here, it does come with Ableton Live Lite if you feel like messing around with it. If you want to save some money for a controller (perhaps with no pads, different software bundle, etc.) check out the list below. What’s the best way and equipment for someone starting from the bottom, early stages of recording and learning to start? The keyboard is a bit better quality than the others listed so if you’re looking for that we recommend settling here. On the whole this can be the great midi controller keyboard to meet the professional music needs of a person.
A few other extras, too: note repeat, swing and arpeggiator to help with some extra spunk to your songs. This is a good middle-ground for those needing an 88-key controller with some extra control features.

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