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Using these midi controllers for FL Studio is as simple as installing any drivers that come with them, then plugging the device in.
The Alesis Photon X25 midi controller is a midi keyboard with 25 keys, knobs, pitch and modulation wheels and an X-Y axis control. The BEHRINGER BCF2000 midi controller comes with precise motorized faders and programmable buttons and knobs.
The Hercules DJ Control MP3 is the smaller version of the DJ Console and this midi controller works with mp3, wma, and audio cds.
Keyfax Phat.Boy is a multi-knob midi controller that can be used to control numerous midi functions and channels.
Kontrolux keyboard is a midi controller keyboard comes in with different choices for the amount of keys. We are sorry to say we do not know which Novation ReMOTE SL is specified in the FL Studio midi options. There is a current support list in the Image-Line forums with detailed information about using these Midi controllers with FL Studio and more.Of course these are not the only controllers that will work with FL Studio. Midi guitar garageband mac app store - itunes, Download midi guitar for garageband for mac os essentially converting your guitar into a polyphonic midi controller which was one of the best. Connecting keyboard controller garageband - lynda., Connecting a keyboard controller connecting a keyboard controller garageband. Garageband drum tracks, We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.. Novation music has really started to set themselves apart from the competition in terms of equipment and recording gear. Synth-action is a bit more springy but that’s preferred for more compact MIDI keyboards.
If you’re in the mood for a compact mini MIDI keyboard controller, the Novation Launchkey Mini is the way to go. Their addition ofA apps, support and included sample packs are a huge plus as well (something other brands tend to use in order to jack up the price). Subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates on our latest reviews, guides, information and news!

Music equipment researchers: recording gear, headphones, synthesizers, samplers, drum machines and various other music equipment addicts. Choosing the best midi controller among them will be a matter of personal preference and budget.
After that you open up FL Studio go to midi options and select the device you have from the controller type box then make sure the enable button is selected next to controller type. Models with faders, knobs, buttons, keyboard, and transport controls can be found all in one. Its small size allows for great portability and since it is USB powered it only requires a laptop and speakers to mix songs and get the party going. It has midi in and out capabilities and is powered by an ac adapter included with the device. With 8 endless encoders, and multiple faders this midi keyboard also acts as a USB powered midi controller as well. This one seems to have it all… the faders, knobs, pads, 49 keys, pitch wheel, X-Y controller and more. Korg nanoKONTROL is a micro midi controller that gives you many controls in a smaller package.
Transport controls, a copious amount of buttons, motorized faders,built in plugins and instruments, and much more. Most midi controllers should be fine, it just might take a little more configuring to set it up. Zzounds has everything you need to get your own home studio up and running with the lowest price guarantee.
Their MIDI keyboards especially have started to really grow on me, and this particular 25-key mini MIDI keyboard is getting some very positive reviews around the music world. The Launchpad Mini has smaller keys than normal, so it may take a while to get used to them if you’re conditioned to a regular piano or regular-sized keys. Also small for mini purposes, I can bang out some drum solos pretty well on them and they’re great in terms of responsiveness. I am planning on buying a 25 key midi keyboard, but I still not sure whether to get the novation launchkey mini or the akai mpk mini mk2.

We like to review, guide, and provide new information to our fellow music equipment junkies. With 3 level per deck eq, cross fader, and 2 volume faders it is like having a whole DJ setup in one small package.
We are not sure how much longer they will remain in production though so used controllers are the only thing available. The nanokey doesn’t have a very traditional keyboard though, so factor that into a final decision. Here are a several Novation midi keyboards to look at while we do some more reasearch to find out which are included in the midi options. 9 faders and 8 knobs plus pitch and modulation wheels provide plenty of automation options.
They do feel pretty nice once you get used to them — I can jam out pretty smoothly now.
The three-color theme is also beneficial in terms of aesthetics, looks really cool especially in a darker toned studio or stage — Novation has always impressed us in terms of the look of their equipment. Some would say that this rivals the new Akai MKII Mini keyboard ($100), but the Launchkey Mini has better overall pad quality, although the MPK mini has a new thumb joystick for pitch and mod control — pick your poison. We will provide a little information on each one below to help find the best FL Studio compatible midi controller.
A huge plus of the Launchkey Mini is the plug-and-plug play and seamless compatibility with most DAWs, let alone the surprisingly smooth pads that are built-in to the machine. The apps Novation offers is a big plus, however a bit pointless if you aren’t going to use it (I just use my DAW and studio).
You can also check out our Novation Launch Control XL surface review for their latest MIDI controller that’s out without keys, but gives you a few more options in terms of external FX and EQ control.

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