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No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives. On an acoustic piano, striking a key harder will produce a louder sound, striking it softer will produce a softer sound.
In order to help you find the best digital piano (or best electronic keyboard as the case may be) this site will outline the top ten recommended digital pianos, the types of electric pianos and keyboards that are available, buying tips and important things to consider, and reviews of the digital pianos and keyboards that we found to be of particularly high quality for the price.All of these things are what we’ve decided are the most important tools and information that we can give you to help you choose the best digital piano for your needs and budget. If you have the time, be sure and take a look at all of it, but if you’re in a hurry and just want a good place to narrow down your search, refer to the Top Ten Recommended Digital Pianos.These instruments truly are some of the best electric pianos available today, and are an excellent place to start your consideration of which piano to buy.
One press of the Portable Grand button resets the entire keyboard to a stereo-sampled pianoa€?perfect for when it's time to practice. For more in depth research, check out the individual reviews and the buying tips that we have put together.If done right, finding the best digital piano or keyboard can be almost as enjoyable as playing it.
Yamaha is known around the world for the quality of their acoustic pianos and this attention to detail is evident as you enjoy the warmth and clarity of the YPT-310 Portable Grand piano. This is usually done to increase the portability of the instrument.Other differences that may lead to an instrument being classified as a keyboard is the fact that the keys may have no touch response (resistance) or it may not be capable of producing sounds that are similar enough to the sounds of an acoustic piano to let it to bear the name “piano”. A?Chord Dictionary - shows you how to play chords and tells you which chords you are playing by displaying the notes and chord name on the LCD screen.Sound Effect Kit: Have Some Fun!If your kid doesn't think playing keyboard is cool, wait 'til he hears this keyboard!
Push the Sound Effect button, hold down a key with your right hand, and you're groovin'!Sound Quality: Real Stereo with Bass Ports (Not Just 2 Speakers)Some keyboards have two speakers but aren't stereo. For one, digital pianos can be incredibly more portable and easier to fit into a cramped space.Sure, there’s digital pianos out there as large as any acoustic piano, but there’s also much smaller ones.
Just because a keyboard has two speakers doesn't mean that it's truly stereo with two separate amplifiers. The fact that digital pianos aren’t forced to house eighty-eight strings and hammers ensures that they can be made much smaller and lighter than is possible with an acoustic piano.The second advantage is the versatility and variety of features that a digital piano offers.
All Yamaha Portable Keyboards feature stereo-sampling technology.A?Bass Portsa€?Port on each speaker that adds a powerful impact to bass sound reproduction.

A?Stereo (Not just 2 Speakers)a€?We all know that stereo sound adds realistic character and spatial depth. Deciding which of these subclasses would best fit your needs is a great place to start in deciding which instrument would work best for you.Upright Digital Piano This instrument is the one that is closest in design, function, and appearance to a traditional, acoustic piano. All Yamaha Portable Keyboards are true stereo.32 Note Polyphony and 16 Part Multi TimbrelIn electronic keyboards, the more sounds made at the same timea€?polyphonya€?the more memory is needed.
Its appearance is what most likely comes to mind when you think of a piano, and it is the most popular digital piano design.Digital Piano Console Very similar to the upright digital piano, the primary distinguishing characteristic of the digital piano console is that it is smaller and may not have the same, classic shape. Obviously, more is always better, because too little polyphony can cause dropouts in dense passages of music. Regarding function, however, a console is equally as capable as an upright piano, making it a great choice for someone who is lacking the space for a full-sized piano.Stage PianoThis one is pretty self-explanatory. Stage pianos are capable of being hooked up to amps, and external speakers, and a variety of other electronic accessories that are geared towards a live performance. If you’re putting on a show, and you want to make it a spectacle, a stage piano is the best choice.Digital Grand Piano No other piano is more beautiful than the grand piano.
Likewise, no other type of piano plays quite the same, and owning a concert grand piano is the dream of almost every serious pianists. Call up your favorite style of music like Rock, Big Band or Country, press a chord or play Single Finger mode, and the YPT-310 will follow you through a piece of music, providing all of the drums, bass, piano, guitar, horn and string parts for you. Unfortunately, these gorgeous instruments cost a small fortune to purchase, pushing them out of the price range of most pianists.Digital KeyboardThis instrument is the most portable and generally least expensive of the types. And to make it easy and fun, when you select one of the styles, the One Touch Setting function will automatically configure keyboard parameters, such as voice selection and digital effects, to match that selected music style. While the fact that most keyboards have less than eighty-eight keys (ranging from sixty-one to the traditional eighty-eight depending on the model) may keep you from playing some songs, the ability to carry the instrument under your arm and pay for it without taking out a loan are certainly attractive features of the digital keyboard.SynthesizerThis instrument falls under the class of a keyboard and is used primarily for music production. Synthesizers are capable of producing a large variety of sounds and are made to connect to a computer. If you’re looking to mix and produce songs rather than playing them, then a synthesizer is a great choice.MIDI Controller KeyboardLike a synthesizer, a controller keyboard is intended for music production.

Only Yamaha's best keyboards have the capacity to support and reproduce Yamaha's XGlite voices.
The primary difference between the two is that a controller keyboard is not capable of producing sound unless it is hooked up to a computer, and it usually has less sound options to choose from. The result is amazing sound quality and almost 500 voices for you to choose from, offering even greater compatibility with both 3rd-party and Yamaha XG software.
However, MIDI controller keyboards are also less expensive than synthesizers.Which Digital Piano Should I Buy?Which digital piano you should buy is a question that is best answered by answering a few other, more fundamental questions.How much space do you have? In addition, you have the ability to connect to a computer, download more songs from the Internet into the internal Flash ROM, and use all of the Yamaha Education Suite V5 features to help you learn to play them. How much are you willing to spend?After you’ve considered these things, be sure to take a look at my digital piano buyer’s guide for more info on the decision, and check out reviews of a few specific models to get a better feel for what they have to offer.
With a little consideration and research, purchasing a digital piano that will perfectly suit your needs is not nearly as hard as it sounds.What is the Right Piano for Me? Now, instead of wading through function menus and fighting through a maze of selections, one button is your expressway to music on the web and your computer. You can connect to the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) port on the back with an optional USB-MIDI Interface like the Yamaha UX16. Once connected, you can play your songs into the computer, edit them if necessary, and e-mail them to your friends and family.
And with General MIDI (GM) and XGlite compatibility, song data always plays back with the correct sounds.9 Digital Reverb Plus 4 Chorus EffectsYamaha has long been a world leader in digital signal processing technology.
In fact, Yamaha professional audio products are found in most professional recording studios around the world. The YPT-310 takes full advantage of this know-how, giving you an extensive range of nine, top-quality reverb effects that simulate playing in everything from a small room to a large spacious concert hall and four chorus effects that add richness to electric pianos and guitars in particular.

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