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Elektrik Keys by DSK Music is an electric piano VST plugin with 2 layers of 13 waveforms each. RhodeZ by DSK Music is a free Rhodes Rompler (sample-player) with 6 different Rhodes piano variations.
The free Classic Flanger by Kjaerhus Audio will give your guitars that subtle and highly sought-after swirling effect. The BJ Flanger by Bojo Software is a freeware VST flanger plugin with great LFO capabilities. TAL-Flanger from Togu Audio Line is a free stereo flanger effect with its own special sound, useful for a wide range of flanger effects from the subtle to the more extreme. SampleScience has released Dusty ePiano, a free library of piano instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt. Dusty ePiano is a sampled electric piano emulation produced to sound like it has been sampled from a dusty vinyl. The Arppe2600va VST plugin by Richard Brooks and the Voltkitchen Group is an emulation of the legendary ARP 2600 -a semi-modular analog monosynth from 1970. The free OranZe VST Synth by DSK Music is a hybrid synth featuring 2 oscillators with 135 different preset waveforms each, 2 LFO's with 5 waveforms and 1 LFO with 42 waveforms, LFO Routing Matrix, phase modulation, 32-step sequencer, and a 16-step gate sequencer.
MDA ePiano VST is simple & effective, of course it’s more limited than Mr Ray, but sounds great! Here i choosed the SFZ+ player by RGCAudio and the jRhodes sf2 , that’s the best combo!

This entry was posted in VST plugins and tagged deep house, emulation, freeware, lounge, rhodes piano on 25 September 2014 by Wavosaur. Each layer offers individual control of the volume, ADSR-envelope, spread, pitch, flanger, and delay. The VST plugin architecture is based on physical modeling synthesis, without the use of sample playback.
The VST plug-in features an amplitude envelope, velocity response, tuning, filter, chorus, flanger, and a reverb (although not a very good one, so you might want to use a VST reverb instead).
You can obtain a wide range of sounds with this plug-in: It can either sound very subtle and soft, or, if you push the faders far enough, it can sound truly metallic and alien-like. Due to a tightly controlled feedback path, it is possible to boost the flanging effect to maximum without getting unwanted side effects. Check latest news about best VST plugins, sample packs, sound kits, midi files, music production tutorials and tips. The VST plugin features 3 very dirty sounding oscillators, 1 noise generator, PWM, Frequency modulation (FM), ring modulation, 2 envelopes, an LFO section, sample and hold, pitch bend, and a spring reverb. This free hybrid synth has a cool and very rich sound, and it even let's you edit the factory waveforms of the two oscillators with your mouse to any waveform you wish. So you can pick your favorite sf2 capable VST player and load a Rhodes piano soundfont into it! Hardness of the attack and overdrive is then added to the signal together with the optional wah wah and tremolo.

It features all the nuances and colorations of the Wurlitzer 200, such as the noise of the hammers, the noise of the dampers, certain inconsistences between a note and the next one. The Classic Flanger plugin features host synchronization, stereo spread and it supports sampling rates up to 96kHz.
The Arppe2600va VST synth is completely patchable via a 12 slot Modulation Matrix, and it comes with 80 killer presets! The sound of the LazySnake plug-in is very cool, especially if you spice it up with some reverb, and it is by far the best free all round VST emulation of electric pianos available!
The Elektrik Keys plug-in has a very round and rich sound due to it's perfectly sampled waveforms. The MrTramp free VST plug-in is a very close emulation of the real deal with an truly impressive sound!
With a sound that resembles the old Boss HF-2 flanger unit, the Clasic Flanger will give your guitar the true mid 80's sound in no time! On top of this the OranZe plugin has a sweet randomize function, that can spit out new and very useful preset sounds in no time!

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