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View DetailsCar Digital TV ATSC Tuner Receiver Box with 4 Video Output for United States car digital tv atsc tuner with freeview television for United States.
We chose the Sony brand because it is well-known and is a quality brand and we have many family videos that we want to convert to DVD. The digital tuner will also allow you to watch all your favorite TV shows in digital and allows you to record them in digital quality as well.
If you are not familiar with computer programs, then one of these systems is the way to go, especially if you are looking to preserve your family videos and older movies that cannot be found in the shops on DVD. I had many movies taped from the TV that I knew I would not be able to find on DVD in the shops, so converting them to DVD was the next best thing for me.If you have a machine like the Sony RDR-VXD655 you can record these VHS movies to DVD and if you are competent with computers you can go one step further and store your now recorded DVD on your computer. All you need to do here is buy a large external hard drive that is 1-2 terabytes in size and this will store anywhere up to 1,000 movies. A terabyte is equivalent to 1,000 gigabytes in size.We recently moved house and I still had boxes of all of my VHS tapes stored in these boxes.

Having this product meant that these boxes of tapes were either given away or thrown out, which saved us a lot of space. If you are computer literate and you are familiar with how to transfer your DVD movies to your external hard drive that you might have connected to your PC then it is always a great idea to back up your DVDs to your external drive, just in case the DVDs get damaged in some way. Some people think that DVDs are indestructible and that you cannot destroy them, however they wear out over time, and do become scratched, so an external hard drive is an excellent idea if you want a back up of your DVDs. They are not expensive and are usually around a hundred dollars for a one terabyte hard drive.When it comes to recording VHS tapes onto a DVD disc you may have problems if you have VHS tapes that are copyright protected. This often happens with many DVDs that people attempt to copy; usually with a bought VHS tape or DVD there is a encryption code which stops people from copying the DVD, as this is illegal and is considered piracy. However, if you only intend to copy these tapes for safe keeping and to reduce the space needed to store VHS tapes, then this would not be considered illegal. For example recording a VHS tape to a DVD disc and store it on an external hard drive would be okay.The most outstanding feature of this particular product was the fact that is was very simple to set up.

I can remember when I bought my very first VCR in the eighties, it took me weeks to figure out how to set the timer to record programs. As far as can remember you will need to purchase an HDMI cable to connect it to your TV, however given that my partner and I bought this product in 2009, this might not be the case anymore. You will need to do your research when selecting a product.The Sony RDR-VXD655 was my top choice because I have a Sony stereo and I believe that you get what you pay for when purchasing a quality brand. I also advise that you should go with a brand new system as these days many products are just not made to last.
It is just like older cars, back in the seventies and eighties and even before then cars were built tough and were made to last.

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