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July 21, 2016 by admin Leave a Comment As you work along your musical journey, you may have witnessed friends, colleagues and others in the same field with a perfect pitch.
It is the ability of a person to hear tones exactly as they are played over an instrument without having an eye or hands over instrument and without any references given. While you can learn a perfect pitch on other instruments too, piano is one of the good choices for the reason that each note that you use with this instrument would have a distinct tone and thus would aid in training and developing your musical ear. Work on your relative pitch: You are more likely to develop a perfect pitch and do have a musical ear, if you can tell differences and intervals between notes on your musical instrument.
Begin with a single note: Don’t focus on everything at once or you will not be able to get a good grasp on anything. You can ask a friend or someone to play some notes randomly and you can identify the note that you have just learnt as it is pressed. Move to other notes: Once you have mastered on a single note, you can move to other notes and repeat similar memorization and practicing that you opted earlier. Practice using different tempos: One of the interesting aspect of ear training for a perfect pitch is to identify whether you can identify a note at different tempo or not? Practice with your own voice: If you want to learn piano seriously, you should try playing and practicing notes with your voice by trying to sing back.
Test with unintentional mistakes: You can test and improve your pitch by trying to have someone make some intentional mistakes when playing a piano tune. Practice chords: Once you have mastered well with identification of single notes, move on to chords (where two to three notes are played together). Keep your mind alert: Even when you are not practicing and are only casually listening to some music, keep your mind alert while trying to identify pitches as the song is played. Many musicians often make this mistake of not giving importance to pitch, though it is important for if you really want to become a successful musician. May 13, 2016 by admin Leave a Comment The value and worth of a used piano depends upon a number of factors. Condition of Used Piano: The main aspect of inspecting a used piano is determining its condition. When you look at a piano with the aim of determining its condition, the first thing that you would notice will be its overall exterior condition and quality of the instrument. Keyboard with Keys Chipped or Twisted: As we talk about exterior of a piano, one of the most important component would be keyboard of a piano. Inspect the piano by striking keys multiple times and test them at different lengths and tempos. Some problems that may appear can include irregular buzzing sound, off-pitch keys, abnormal vibrations, sound of two notes with one key pressed or the key may not be producing any sound at all. Pedals not Responding Well: Another issue that may be found with a used piano is the pedals system. So it is thus important to check each pedal separately with the keyboard and pedals should be performing their jobs properly. Any rusting, limping or sticking of pedals should be carefully examined and reported when buying a used piano. Damaged Finish of Piano: Check the overall finish of the piano for any cracks, scratches, muddiness or any other problem in finish. Just make sure that these damages to the exterior finish may not have affected with interior of your piano.
Once you are done examining the exterior of a used piano, now move on to any abuse that the piano may have faced on its interior.
Damaged Soundboard: A grand piano usually has a soundboard under it and in an upright it would be at the back. Condition of Pinblock: Pinblock is a piece of wood located along the bridge and its responsibility is for holding tuning pins of strings in their appropriate position. Condition of Keys: Checking the exterior of keys is not sufficient in order to make out if a particular used piano would work well for you. Serial Number of Piano: You can find serial number of piano on a mental plate near keyboard or Pinblock. Name of Manufacturer and Date of Manufacturing: This information can be found on any component of your piano and many manufacturers even publish this information online. When you are done with collecting all of the information above, you will be able to better evaluate a dollar amount for used piano. June 20, 2016 by admin Leave a Comment It is true that buying an instrument especially a good quality piano will cost you good amount and there leaves you with less budget for purchase of other necessary accessories to go with your piano.
Buying a piano bench of good quality is important because whether you are an expert performer or a beginner learning to play piano; you will be spending a lot of time over this instrument for practices. By keeping these factors in mind, you will be able to make a choice that would not only be comfortable but would give you added ease of playing piano and would complement elegance of your instrument. Buying a piano bench is not a complicated task, you just need to keep an eye on quality, comfort and your preference. Some of the artist piano benches are designed with more elegance and style specifically for use in concerts by professional musicians. Moreover these adjustable units can be purchased for duet piano practicing and lessons too.You can find some good quality adjustable duet piano benches with dual adjustment feature that gives each of the piano player freedom to adjust height according to their own convenience. Next comes the adjustable piano stools that also offer you a comfortable padded seating with height adjustment feature but these are proposed to be more suitable for low profile seating. These piano benches offer impressive finish that would match your piano well and not only that but it would further complement its beauty. These piano benches are stylish and comfortable however the finish could not match that of the wooden one for a grand piano. Apart from all the different types, foldable piano benches are easy to carry and store due to their light weight and folding feature.
All the pianists irrespective of their level are aware of importance of maintaining a good posture and thus it is important to choose a piano bench that would help you in maintaining that perfect posture with ease of playing piano.
January 5, 2016 by admin Leave a Comment Many of you may be taking services of professional piano tuners and may be thinking of doing it on your own to save this additional expense. Important Advice: The details that we are sharing here are only basic techniques of tuning however remember that these tips would not devalue what a professional tuner with years of experience can deliver. If a piano has remained neglected for years, it may be difficult to tune all the keys in one session. Do not avoid professional tuning sessions even if you are regularly tuning with these basic techniques. For serious tuning job, it is important to have right tools in your hands before beginning the process. When it comes to a tuning hammer or wrench or lever for tuning pianos, you will find different choices of supplies available at different stores. Another important yet cheap tool is the use of rubber wedges or mutes that you can easily find at any musical instrument store. It may get really dark as you tune your piano and with a lot of strings and components inside, it may become difficult to deal with in dark.
Firmly press the key and do it repeatedly while turning the pin with the use of a turning wrench. Now that you are done with tuning first string, you should move wedges from 1st and 2nd string while keeping the third one damped (if there).
Now repeat the steps for all the keys in the middle octave while using the first one that you tuned as a guide.

Frequency of Tuning: A piano that is tuned every 3 months would most likely stay in a good shape. February 13, 2016 by admin Leave a Comment Many a time’s basics aren’t enough and you need to add variety of spices in your performance to make it appealing for your audiences. Extended chords are 7th, 9th, 11th and 13thchords over a piano and the name extended chord is given to them because these chords are extended outside an octave. Dominant 7this the most common of all the extended chords where you get to add a minor 7th to the major triad.
For playing 7th extended chord, you would not need to remove any notes within the chord as there will 4 notes. With 13th extended chord, you would need to omit more than one notes as it is a 7 note chord and the ones that can be omitted include 5th, 9th and 11th note within the chord.
When you are dealing with any musical instrument, it is good to practice and experience but remember that as correct use of some new tricks can help you in becoming a better musician, in correct use on the other hand can be dangerous. They are able to tell you exact notes that are played just be listening to them and there is much more to having a perfect pitch. So for instance when you play a “D” tone on piano, someone with an absolute pitch would be able to tell that you have played a D without looking or using piano. This one doesn’t depend upon specific notes rather you need to keep your ears on intervals and distances that arrive between notes. Here are some tips that would aid you in developing a perfect pitch and thus would improve your sensitivity to music.
Though while doing so keep on practicing different notes so that you gain awareness and a good ear on identification of varied notes when played together. Practice playing notes at different tempos and understand the sensitivity of pitch to recognize differences in notes as they are played at tempos too low or too high. You may make some notes slightly flat while careful listening and exploring sounds that you are hearing. With a perfect pitch, you gain more sensitivity to notes and increased control over your voice. If by looking at the keyboard, you notice that keys are chipped or broken or showing age; there could be serious problems inside.
Even if you will not be using pedals initially, anything that is damaged around your pedals may soon begin to give problems to your instrument. Such damages can even negatively affect interior of your piano that could result in a sound impairment.
Some serious problem areas are always a damage in interior as it directly affect the quality of sound production and range of your musical instrument. Any missing ribs would result in odd vibration so keep a close ear on such vibrations when assessing soundboard. Any crack or damage to the bridge may result in a buzzing sound and playing piano in the same condition may cause even more damage.
Any damage to this piece of wood can cause the pins to loosen which would result in a bad sound effect. You should check all the keys at different levels of volume and each one of them should be producing proper sound. All these relevant details will prove helpful to you in making out whether a particular used piano purchase is viable or would your money go to waste.
Many of the pianists usually try to cut down cost when thinking about buying a bench for their piano and may opt for a low quality average piano bench. A piano bench should be such that it lasts long and enables you to comfortably practice for long hours. These benches include knobs at the sides that enables pianists to adjust the seat according to their height.
They tend to be a little more expensive but they are most comfortable in feel and stylish in look. These benches are durable and even after years of use you can easily refurbish them to appear like you have just bought them.
Thus they are more preferred for on stage performances and even in homes where space is confined.
A good piano bench may cost you somewhere around 100 to 200 USD and some may be even more expensive. Certainly you can do it by yourself and the good news is that this process is quite simple and easy to follow.
With consistent practice and learning, these tips would help you in carrying out regular tuning between professional checks. If your piano has pins that are loose or there is hammers’ misalignment, you would need an actual repair by a technician. If you have a choice prefer model with head interchangeable so that you can tune all different sizes of pin if in case there are some. Note that it is best to tune piano alone without anyone’s interference as this job would need your complete concentration over it. Pressing the key firmly is important because as you play it softly the string may later relax and thus when musician plays it hard, it may get out of tune.Continue to do so until tuner confirms that the string is tuned.
However as climatic conditions and usage varies with different situations, frequency of tuning may also vary. If you neglect your piano for a long period of time, it would be difficult for you or for any tuning technician to bring it back in shape. No musician wants his audiences to get bored and thus it is important to be a versatile and dynamic musician and in order to do so there are a variety of methods.
All the common piano chords such as diminished, augmented, minor and major chords are within the range of an octave and when we step outside an octave; it is an extended chord.
Similar procedure could be followed for 9th extended chord too and you can remove the 5th note within the chord.
Learning extended chords and how to play or voice them is a skill that you will learn over time with practice on piano and it would need consistent working. Many people thing that perfect pitch is something that you are blessed with and you can’t develop it. Perfect pitch is not truly common with all pianists and this is about training of your ears with attentive listening and knowledge of pitch.
This practice can be repeated multiple times with different patterns played to know that note well. You can get help from any colleague, instructor or can get a tuner that enables you to get control over your voice. If you are able to identify inaccurate notes and can correct the tune error, you have gained a good ear on music and a perfect pitch. However for all those who may want to inspect a used piano and would want to find out its worth, here are some important tips and ways following which you would be able to get a track of cost of a particular piano. Not only a damaged exterior will affect look of your piano but it may have negatively impacted issues deep inside it such as quality of sound production, tonality and other areas.
A damaged piece may have pedals with lost muscles and they may get detached from their instrument. Strings as they hit hammers through worn felt would be harsh and would cause damage to wood. Just make sure that the quality and condition of pinblock is good before giving any used piano a green buying signal.

Keep your ears on it as you check them and any key silent would might be broken, stained or chipped. Whether you will be using this piano for practicing or performance, it is important to completely inspect and assess ins and outs of a used piano.
Though if you are really serious about playing piano, you should invest and buy a good piano bench that would not only make playing piano easier for you but would save you from common injuries that usually occur while playing piano because of bad posture and other issues. Though when it comes to buying a bench, it wouldn’t cost you much and you can find some affordable choices too. When you look for a piano bench, you will find some that are adjustable (preferred choice) while others would be non-adjustable.
So it is best choice when you have people of varied age in your home using piano especially children. Though you can find both leather and vinyl topped stools but they may not be as comfortable as an adjustable bench. A wooden piano bench can also have a leather or vinyl top depending upon your budget and preference. They are padded either with foam or vinyl which is why their cost is lower than other leather and wooden benches. So set your budget and preference and choose a premium quality piano bench that proves most suitable for all the users of piano in your house.
Here we are sharing some important details along with a complete guideline on how you can easily tune your piano without need of taking any technician course or referring to any book. The basics that we will share now can also prove to be a life saver in an emergency when your piano begins to trouble right before your performance.
Even a professional tuner will tune over an extended period so if you choose to do it by yourself, keep patience as it would need a bit of hard work. Avoid doing things that are beyond your knowledge as you may cause a permanent damage to this expensive instrument.
You will be able to find some really good tuners in Korg’s line of tuners with the help of which you will be able to tune your piano well. Work on one string at a time and if a key has three strings you can begin tuning with the one in the center of three. Remember that you must work on tuning one string in a note at one time while mute all the others so that you can appropriately compare the note.
Many of the factors contribute to tuning requirement for a piano and thus you should pay close attention to those factors such as piano’s exposure to direct sunlight, excessive cold or hot temperature or more. One effective method that many of the composers use to make their compositions more exciting is the use of extended chords. Perfect pitch is all about your sensitivity of music and a perfect pitch would further give you success with your musical goals.
Though don’t worry if you can’t in the beginning as only practice and more practice will improve your pitch. Though during the phase of development, you will be making mistakes but keep yourself actively dedicated towards your goal of mastering a perfect pitch and it will aid in improving your musical performance too. This is an important safety concern as any wobbly legs piano can cause further damage to the instrument and may hurt you too. They are well padded and thus you can comfortably practice with correct posture maintained so gaining without any strain.
These are most suitable for families who have kids taking piano lessons along with adults using this instrument. Some important tools and proper details would enable you to carry out a regular routine tuning and maintenance of your piano with ease. You will find some cheaper ones in market too but avoid opting for such tools as they may not give you correct turning, may slip easily and can even cause damage to pins. You may want to just mute some middle strings or would want to mute complete range of strings and for that purpose you can get different kind of mutes available easily.
While checking the middle string for tuning, mute the other two strings of the group with the use of rubber wedges. Make sure that you do it carefully and avoid stretching the string too much or too quickly as it may break.
An ideal tuning schedule of a particular piano can be determined with knowledge of the manufacturer company, year of make and usage. You may play inverted chords meaning that you can play in different arrangements of notes within the chord.
Perfect pitch can be well developed and it is likely to gain much easier when you work on it at a very young age or in early years of learning and practicing piano music.
You should not try to fix the detached felt to the hammer again with the help of glue as it is done with lots of pressure applied and it would not fix that way.
Alignment of the keyboard should also be carefully checked so that you can justify if piano would have some significant value.
Regular tuning can help you in maintaining clarity with tone of your piano, it improves life of moving components and it can prevent damage. A good hammer would make your job easier and at the same time will give you a professional touch. Be more cautious with old strings.Let the string relax a little bit before your tighten it. Any strings when left without proper tuning may make more strings out of tune and can cause a permanent damage. You may also prefer playing all the notes within the chord using both hands at the same time but it may appear to be conflicting. Keep them for special performances and sessions that would make your work performance extra ordinary. Similar to learning other music related skills, you would need to make some dedicated efforts and devote time for a gaining a perfect pitch.
If you prefer a high quality durable accessory, you should opt for a leather padded artist bench because it would be breathable, thick and would further enhance beauty of your piano. So you have to adjust with a stationary height and thus could not change to make it perfect for ease of playing.
A regular check for tuning of piano can inform you of small problems rising within the instrument and thus could prevent a big or permanent damage. Just remember important rules and notes that you need to play with each of the different types of extended chords and you will do well. Being able to associate the note with something would give you a feeling that you would be able to link the note with. When you are buying a slightly used or an old piece, knowledge of piano tuning can be a great help in buying decision. Though in the beginning you may not become aware of it every time you hear or play the note but it would need practice and time. You can make out if the instrument is maintained well by looking at certain details of its condition that relates to tuning.
Even some old pianos with a dull sound can become active and vibrant in a few sessions of good tuning process.

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