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This post could help answer such a significant question to single out a very important decision.
As one of its greatest advantage, the Speed of a DSLR is highly in frame than that of the regular digital camera. There are many types of lenses you may attach to your DSLR from time to time depending on what you need.
When investing for passion and for the sake of Art in Photography, it is just wise to read a lot, listen or read through advices and take them by heart. Join Over 120,000 Aspiring and Professional Graphic Designers who receive weekly tips and Freebies!
Carole, a loyal reader, wrote me an e-mail about an issue that many of us have experience in. When we are students in school, we use AutoCAD a lot, depending on the university of course. But simply because we become dependent upon AutoCAD software early on, it doesn’t mean that we use best practices in school. I know that in many schools, the professors will throw their students in the proverbial CAD pool to teach them how to swim.
As you begin stumbling your way through AutoCAD, you will learn some of the most basic yet essential elements that professionals use everyday to compose their AutoCAD documents. But learning the basics does not end at just learning what these elements are; you must also know how to manipulate them as well.
As you use these functions, you should also note the benefits of toggling theSnap, Tracking, and Polar tabs. Layers are a vital aspect of working in AutoCAD and knowing how to use them effectively is a must when working in a professional office.
If this is all way too much to learn on your own, there are many resources available to get you at least started on your way to drafting professionally. You need to be a member of Architecture Linked - Architect & Architectural Social Network to add comments! Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use Architecture Linked - Architect & Architectural Social Network. How To Fix A Flat Tire:In this, the first installment, of Technical Tuesdays, we'll cover one of the most common mechanicals: the dreaded flat tire! Step By Step Flat Tire Instructions Tools needed: Tire levers (do not use screwdrivers please) and a pump Flat tires have to be one of the most common mechanical problems faced by mountain bikers. Step By Step Headset Adjustment InstructionsTools needed: Folding allen key set (or separate allen keys depending on sizes needed)Before we start using tools, let's make sure you know the function of the parts we'll be adjusting.
Before we get into learning how to dance popping it is important to learn a little about the roots of the dance style, where it originated from, and how it came to be!
All I will say on that note is that if you desire to learn about the specific dancers who are known to be some of the founding fathers of the dance style popping, this won’t be the place you will learn that, but I will give references at the end of this guide if you desire to go further into the roots of Popping. I just want to cover a few important concepts that I have learned about popping. If there is only one thing you should practice in the dance style of popping to become a good dancer it is the concept of hitting or doing that body pop in your natural dance freestyle.
To learn how to freestyle dance and create your own moves can come naturally or as the hardest challenge to learning the dance style popping. Freestyle dancing is all about creating movement from experiences and inspirations of day to day life. I had the hardest time freestyle dancing when I started because I was always worried that someone would catch me dancing and make fun of me. I included this segment last in my ultimate guide to learn how to dance popping guide for beginners because tricks are truly the last aspect of dancing that you should focus on. I hope this guide gives you the knowledge you need to get started learning how to dance popping. This type of Camera has been widely used in the production of quality images in no time since it captures fast. Knowing that its features are almost a hundred percent similar you really have to go down to every detail to be able to find its unique functions.
It aligns to bring out larger images with less distortion.It may not be much of that biggest deal to dwell into the more pixels, the bigger the quality your image may have since most of the time, it’s the lens that gets thru with the quality.
There are automatic settings for different types of shots may they be landscapes or action shots. Knowing what you want and what you need may become a hard task at times since there are just cravings and excitements that we seem to forget the details we must consider. In this particular case, I have been given a black market copy of CAD by my cousin an architect out of San Francisco…. AutoCAD has become such a force in architectural education that today’s architects cannot “letter” like our previous generations.
While we may have 5+ years of CAD experience on our resumes, recent graduates enter the profession with a toddler’s skill-set when it comes actual AutoCAD drafting.
It is so that we can have multiple levels of information that we can turn on and off (freeze and unfreeze) while still working in the same drawing. I can say with great certainty thatnobody knows how to use x-refs when they are coming out of school. This apartment building has the same exterior walls going all the way up with the same windows.
They allow you to establish viewports and titleblocks to make your drawings look professional. AutoCAD is not supported on Mac systems currently so there is a special software called VectorWorks.
Nothing kills the day's flow more than popping a tube halfway through a ride, it's just a bummer all around.
You could spend the next hour following these instructions, but it will be of no use if you're using bent, damaged, or worn out parts. When talking about loosening or tightening the pedals I'll use the terms clockwise and counter clockwise as if you were facing the side that you're working on. Lubricate both syringe plungers with DOT fluid to create a better seal and make them easier to stroke. Freestyle dancing is defined by the ability to create moves on your own and interpret music as it plays. In order to get inspired by everyday life you need to see the world through a dancers perspective. It was silly, however it is a very common issue! When you dance you need to find your zone, get in the mindset where you don’t care what people think about your dancing.
I’ve been watching dancing videos from Marquese Scott, in fact, I watch then everyday and Im starting to pick up his style of dancing. You don’t just actually buy a camera just because it’s on sale and the features you’re looking for are still there sitting inside the stall. If cellphones are a hit, DSLRs are too as you could already see people taking photos of someone or something in the streets but are we familiar with what really is a Digital SLR?
A question that could lead you to a sign as to which would help you find that Digital SLR that suits you and in no time, you’ll go digging into the depth of the other functions. Technically, up to 10 Megapixels would become the highest ideal number to consider getting a good quality print out.
From among these may include shutter speed and noise reduction for that best shot with the least effort.
Do your research so as not to miss anything when finally getting to choose from a narrowed down list. But however, we sure hope we were able to help you out with your need in choosing the Digital SLR that’s right and just as cool for you. That means that all the pretty script that we used to be known for has now turned into the equivalent of an illegible doctor’s prescription. I personally was lost when it came to my knowledge of CAD and I continue to see recent grads come into my office and be clueless on the tricks that we all have come to use everyday. Architecture professors don’t have the time, patience, or social skills to sit down and teach their students how to draft on the computer.
Once I started my assignments in AutoCAD, I would ask how to perform certain operations in the Help section. So it can be said that the outer boundaries of the building does not change no matter what floor you are on.
Also, learn the “block” function to group specific elements together that you would like repeated.
Viewports are little windows that you can set up to zoom in or out of your drawings and organize the components of your drawings on a page.
The cost of the class should pay for itself many times over once you get into the profession. While a lot of readers out there no doubt already know how to go about replacing their tube, those who are new to the sport or have not yet been forced to learn how may not be so adept at it. While fixing a flat is a pretty simple job that should only take a few minutes with practice, it's something that a surprising number of riders struggle with.
Take a few minutes to be sure that both your derailleur and derailleur hanger are straight. Before you go ahead and tackle this job, you'll need to familiarize yourself with how to loosen your pedals.
The function of the top cap and bolt is to apply the correct amount of preload to the headset bearings. For some people they have been freestyle dancing ever since they first heard music as a young child. In dance it means you can move any way you want, the only thing stopping you from doing a move is yourself.
If you do not know how to freestyle dance then the first thing you need to do is find your rhythm. Think of learning coolhip hop dance moves and dance tricks as being the sweets and desserts on top of the food pyramid. There are many other benefits… many techniques and some other tips we may learn to effectively use it but how do we really choose the perfect DSLR for us?
This type of camera enables you to exactly view what the lens sees, you are able to change lens too. Find the Manufacturer that could help you out with your concerns at times your camera needs checking. At our present development in technology our kids know more now than we did twenty or thirty years ago.
And what advice do you have, as in should I buy a manual or should I just tinker with the program? In fact, I have begun to give newbies a quick refresher course during their first week in the office. This breeds poor practice and the people who already have professional experience tend to have an advantage.
First, each layer has its own color so that you can tell different elements apart from each other. By copying and pasting the block elements, if you need to change the elements, you simply just update the block and the changes automatically occur in the repeated block.7. Titleblocks are borders that display the name of your project and other important information. All in all, it took me about two weeks to get proficient in VecotrWorks which isn’t much time really.
We're going to keep it simple for this first installment of Technical Tuesdays and show you how to repair your flat. Even if you already know what to do (besides call your mom to come get you), there are a few tricks that can make the job quicker and easier. Do this by standing directly behind your bike and sighting up through your derailleur, everything should be straight and in line. If it's too tight your bars will not turn freely, too loose and your headset will have play and knock back and forth. For others, the thought of making up moves and freestyle dancing without any guide seems impossible.

Defining your rhythm can be described as listening to a song and tapping your feet, bobbing your head, bouncing, or even swaying side to side. Do you know those arcade games that mock a fork and lift where you try to reel down a clamp to grab a teddy bear to bring back to the exit? It could become a hassle to all these stuff but nonetheless, this leads you to getting what you have been craving to have and what you need. Its really important to make sure that they will be on the same page as me when I end up working in their drawing files.3.
I learned quickly and soon found that other people were asking me how to do things on AutoCAD as well. Second, and more importantly, each color represents how dark (or thick) these elements will read once they are printed out. The beautiful part about x-refs is that when you change the information in a drawing, the x-ref of that drawing changes with it. You should set up your titleblocks asx-refs in order to change your titleblock information on multiple drawing files whenever you need to. These instructions assume that you've already removed the offending wheel from the bike, and while we're using a standard tire and tube setup, many of these steps still apply if you manage to flat your tubeless setup and simply want to put a tube in to get you out of the bush. Also, your chain should not be completely worn out and dry, as this will have a detrimental effect on your shifting as well. The curve ball is that the left pedal (non-drive side) is left hand thread, meaning that you turn it clockwise to loosen it from the crank arm. Using a shop towel to keep from dripping, hold the syringe upright and depress the plunger until the bubble has exited through the bleed fitting. For those dancers that have trouble learning how to freestyle dance, you are in luck, because the solution is simple. Always listen to new music as it encourages new feelings, new thoughts, which translate to new movements in your popping dance.
Look for a camera that has it inside the body so it could go with the different lenses when you change them.
But they can do so by joining the AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students) automatically getting huge discounts on a student version of AutoCAD. If you have never done freestyle dancing before then you have to start somewhere, even if it means snapping your wrists on beat. Other than that I wish you the best of luck, to learn how to dance popping is a daunting challenge. I feel that the AIA does this as a way of luring in unsuspecting students into a lifetime of membership servitude, kind of like a drug pusher giving kids a free taste. Many times, stairs, stair railings, demolished walls, overhead elements, furniture, plumbing, lighting…you name it…have their own individual layers. Then we x-ref that exterior wall drawing into the different floor-plans and setup the unique interior layouts within the exterior walls.
One more time: Turn the non-drive pedal clockwise to loosen it, turn the drive side pedal counter clockwise to loosen it. Viewing the fork and lift arcade machine my inspiration comes from the joltyness of when you move the joystick and its affect on the claw.
Since the exterior wall information is being photocopied into each floor-plan drawing, anytime we need to change the exterior wall for some reason, we just have to change the “exterior wall drawing.” The changes will be reflected in each floor-plan! A pinch flat is as it sounds, the tube was pinched between the rim sidewalls and the tire hard enough to cut it. With the clip still closed and the plunger upright, pull back (out) on the plunger to expand the small air bubbles in the fluid. There are a few different ways that stems can clamp onto the steerer tube, although the most common place to find these bolts is at the rear of the stem. Followed by the after shock wave the claw makes that rocks it back and forth after you make a move. Transforming from an educational tool for children to a technology device that has taken on a life of its own. The more air pressure you run, the less chance you have of pinch flatting, but you will have less traction at higher pressures.
The amount of tension on the shift cable controls how much the derailleur moves with each click of the shifter.
Even taking a look at the slow catapult downward of the claw followed by the quick release of the capture down into the exit! Too much tension and it will shift past the correct cog as you shift to an easier gear, as well as shift slow in the opposite direction.
If you're unsure if you have the right tools, or aren't confident in your ability to do this, be sure to take your bike to your local shop to have the work done correctly.
See, all those movements from that arcade game would have been just a regular average day experience. Too little tension and it will shift slow, or not at all, to a bigger cog, and move too far as you come down to a harder gear.
These pedals only have two wrench flats1.Unlike a lot of other repair jobs, I find this one much easier to perform with the bike on the ground.
Then finally we will give you real world examples of what others are doing with the raspberry pi and give you the tools, tips and techniques to go out there and build your own. It is important to figure out why you flatted so that it doesn't happen again due to the same cause.1. The correct amount of cable tension is a balance that moves the chain up and down over your cassette at just the right amount. The reason for this is that it sometimes takes a good hard push to break the pedals free and sometimes a stand has enough flex to make this difficult. Also, having the bike on the floor should give you much better leverage as you can use your body weight to help you. To do this, place one hand over where your fork crown and lower headset cup meet and use your other hand to hold your front brake on.
They only effect the amount that the derailleur is allowed to move at each extreme of its travel. There are two limit screws, one for the low range (easiest gearing) and one for the high range (hardest gearing), and are labeled accordingly with "H" being for High and "L" for low.
If your headset is loose you'll feel a knocking through the hand that you're holding over the lower headset cup. When fixing a flat, unless the tire is damaged there is no reason to completely remove it from the wheel. The further you dial in the "high" limit screw, the less range your derailleur will have at the high range.
Remove the large bubble that is there from filling it, but there is no need to degas the fluid as it won't be introduced into the system.
If you have a dirt jump bike without a front brake, you can turn the front wheel 90 degrees and check for the same knocking with your hand. If you find that your derailleur is shifting over the top of the largest cog, you'll need to apply more "low" limit until it no longer over shifts.
Some pedals will have four wrench flats (located on the spindle, just outboard of the crank arm) that will make it easier to position the pedal wrench in such a way that will make it easier to loosen. To check if your headset is too tight lift just the front of your bike off the ground an inch or two by holding onto the top tube. Some tire and rim combos have quite a tight fit which can make starting with a tire lever difficult.
If your shifting is good throughout the middle of your cassette, but is not able to shift to the largest cog, you may have dialed in too much limit. With the front tire off the ground check to be sure that the wheel flops from side to side without your hands on the handlebar.
To make it easier, start by squeezing the tire bead into the center of the rim all the way around the wheel.
A headset that's too tight will hold the bike's steering in place or slow it down as it flops back and forth. If you manage to bend your derailleur or derailleur hanger after you make these adjustments, they will no longer be effective. Because you are turning the wrench counter clockwise to loosen the pedal, this will allow you to push down from above and use your body weight to break it free. Put the caliper thru-bolt,safety clip, and the brake pads in a safe spot where they won't get lost or be exposed to brake fluid. Line up the tire lever with a spoke that comes from the same side of the wheel that you are working on. B Tension Screw This lesser known screw adjusts how close the derailleur's upper pulley wheel follows the cassette. Hook the spoon end of the lever under the bead and pry it up and over the rim wall, hooking the opposite end of the lever to the closest spoke. If it is too close, the upper pulley and chain will come in contact with the cassette, especially when back pedaling. Once it is free you can spin it all the way off, being sure not to lose the pedal washer if there is one.
You should now be able to let go of the lever and have it be held in place by the spoke and tire bead, giving you two free hands to repeat the process a few inches to the left or right. Use your T10 torx driver (one comes in the Avid bleed kit, or you can use a separate one) to remove the bleed port screw that is located up at the lever on the bite point adjustment dial. Certain derailleurs will need more B Tension screw applied to keep them from bumping on large 32 or 34 tooth cogs found on some mountain bike cassettes.
With the bike on the ground, loosen the stem clamp bolts a few turns each (if your bike has a double crown fork you'll need to also loosen all of the upper crown bolts) Once the stem is loose on the steerer tube, turn the top cap bolt clockwise a half turn at a time, stopping to recheck if it is still loose by placing your hand over the lower headset cup and checking for knocking as you rock the bike back and forth.
Once any free play is gone, lift the front end off the ground a few inches and check to be sure the wheel still turns freely. When putting in multiple levers, start within an inch or two of the lever that is already in place, otherwise it will be very difficult to get the new lever under the bead.4.
Again, this will allow you to apply more leverage once you place the pedal wrench in the same way that you did when you removed the drive side pedal.
Once a good portion of the tire bead is up and over the rim wall you should be able to slide one lever completely around the wheel and have one entire side of the tire up and over the rim all the way around.
If your shifting is only slightly out of adjustment you may not need to start from the very beginning. Now you can pull out the punctured tube, but be sure to keep the tube in the same relation to the tire as you remove it. Begin by shifting your SRAM rear derailleur to the smallest cog (least amount of cable tension) and then undo the derailleur's cable anchor bolt in order to release all cable tension.
When it's loose spin it all the way off, taking note not to lose the pedal washer if one is present.
If you've discovered that your headset is too tight, you'll need to loosen off the top cap bolt that preloads the headset bearings. If you're not sure what caused the flat and are worried about a piece of glass or thorn that may still be stuck in the tire waiting to put a hole in the new tube, lining up the hole in the tube with the tire will tell you where you should check. Take note of where the shift cable is clamped in relation to the bolt before you loosen it. Apply a small amount of grease to the pedal threads before you begin the install as it will make it easier to remove them again down the road and minimize the chance of any creaks developing. You are now going to bleed the brake line by moving fluid from the caliper syringe up to the lever syringe.
After each time be sure to check if you've loosened off too much by putting your hand over the crown and lower headset cup and rocking the bike back and forth.
While holding the lever syringe upright, push one third of the fluid from the caliper syringe up to the lever.
If you feel knocking you'll have to add bearing preload by turning the top cap bolt clockwise until it goes away. Locate the hole on the tube by putting some air into it and holding it close to your face so that you can feel or hear the leak. This is an important step as some of your other adjustments will be affected by this as well.

A pinch flat will usually look like two parallel slits across from one another and running lengthwise on the tube, although sometimes there will only be a single cut. If your high limit is off, there is a good chance the rest of your adjustments will be as well. Once you are positive that you've correctly adjusted your headset, you'll need to realign the stem before retightening the clamp bolts. If there is a single small hole then it was most likely caused by something that was ran over on the trail like a thorn or sharp stone. To do this, manually move the derailleur with your hand by pushing on the knuckle (not the cage!) and moving the chain up the cassette just as you would if you were shifting to an easier gear. The easiest way to do this is to straddle the bike's top tube and sight from above to line the center of the stem up to the centerline of the tire. Always be sure to double check that you've tighten them, as losing a pedaling on the trail could spell disaster!_________________________________________________________________________________________________How To Bleed Your Avid Elixir BrakesFor this Installment of Technical Tuesday we have SRAM's own Chuck Perryman from SRAM's Technical University to guide us through bleeding Avid Elixir brakes.
If there are any straight lines on the ground, even the edge of a floor mat, you can use it to help you align the tire and stem. Run your palm up and over the inside of the casing slowly, being careful not to cut yourself if you drag your hand over something sharp. It should move the chain onto the smallest cog with no hesitation, but at the same time it should not let it go past the cog and and make contact with the frame. Sight from directly behind the smallest cog, the upper pulley wheel and chain should be directly in line with the teeth for the cog.Setting the high limit adjustment3. One small mistake can introduce air into the system and mean that you'll have to begin the process all over again at best, or suffer from mushy brakes that could be down on power. With the bleed clip open, apply light pressure to the plunger to shrink any air bubbles that are in the system in order to make it easier for them to escape. If you're not positive that you've done all the above steps correctly you should take the bike to your local shop for them to check it over before you hit the trails. If it is shifting too far and the chain and upper pulley wheel are not lined up with the small cog, or the chain is coming right off and making contact with the frame, you'll need to add more high limit. With the right technique and tools it can be a relatively quick and simple job that most home mechanics should be able to handle.
Below you'll find a great video and step by step instructions on how to bleed your Avid Elixirs correctly. Again, pull hard enough to extract the bubbles, but not hard enough to break the seal on the plunger.
Before you put it in be sure to put a few pumps of air in to the new tube so that it takes shape. Likewise, if the chain is not coming down onto the smallest cog, or hesitating slightly before it does, you'll need to dial out the high limit screw a small amount to let the derailleur have more range. If you do not have the correct tools or are are not confident in your ability to perform this job you should take it to your local bike shop.
This will help keep it from being pinched by the rim, tire bead, or tire lever, when you finish it off. Start by putting the valve through the rim's valve hole and then screwing on the valve cap. Unlike some other mechanicals, if you don't have the proper tools and knowledge to sort out this problem on the trail, it will mean that you are dead in the water.
This adjustment keeps your rear derailleur from shifting the chain up and over the largest cog and into the spokes.
Remove the toe strap or elastic band at the lever, but use your hand to keep holding it closed. With the shift cable still loose and not clamped down, push gently on the derailleur body (not the cage!) in order to move the chain up to the largest cog just as it would if you were shifting to an easier gear. Apply pressure to the caliper syringe and at the same time slowly let the brake lever come out.
Thankfully this only requires a single tool to fix and can take just minutes once you have the technique nailed down. Place the wheel upright on the floor in front of your feet with the valve stem in the highest position and the uninstalled bead facing out.
Do this slowly as if your low limit is not adjusted correctly it will over shift and possibly damage your drive side spokes. Starting at the valve stem use both hands working away from the valve in opposite directions to push the bead up and over the rim.
Take care to release the brake lever slowly (be sure to watch the video to see how it's done). At the point opposite to where you started you may end up with a 6" section that is too tight to push over the rim's sidewall.7.
If it doesn't have enough free movement to reach the largest cog, or is doing it slowly, you'll need to dial out the low limit screw by turning it counter clockwise a small amount. This is the important part that will let you finish installing your tire without having to resort to using levers, which can easily puncture your new tube. If it moves the chain up and over the cog and into the spokes, you'll need to add more low limit by turning the screw clockwise.
While still holding the wheel on the floor, start opposite the remaining tight section and squeeze the bead together towards the center of the rim. You should be able to move the derailleur and chain up to the largest cog and feel a firm stop. What you are doing is forcing the bead into the rim's middle section where the total circumference is slightly smaller than out at the sidewall, therefore making the tire a looser fit on the rim. Again, when sighting from behind, the upper pulley wheel and chain should be directly lined up with the teeth on the largest cog. It may take a few tries, but you should be able to push the last tight bit of tire bead up and over the rim wall with a few strong pushes of your thumb.
Once that is done you need to make sure that the new tube is not trapped between the tire bead and rim. Now it is time to re clamp your shift cable, but first you should make sure that it is moving free through your shift housing. If it is you'll be rewarded with a loud bang as it explodes at the trapped section once you pump it up.
Before you put any air into it squeeze both sides of the tire together and visually check to be sure you can see any part of the tube that may have got caught during installation.
Install the bleed port screw and wipe off any excess DOT fluid after you've sprayed the caliper down with either water or isopropyl alcohol.9. Be sure that the pad contact adjuster is threaded fully up against the body (all the way in) before bleeding the master cylinder. Don't feel left out if you don't run a SRAM derailleur, as many of the same steps still apply.
Apply slight pressure to shrink any air bubbles, followed by pulling out on the plunger to draw the bubbles out. Inside you'll find step by step instructions and a How-To video that will guide you through the process. There are two quick tips you can do to help remove any bubbles in the system: gently tapping the line and lever with the handle of a screw driver can knock bubbles free, as can flicking the brake lever slightly to release any air that is clinging to the piston. You take it to your local shop only to have the grumpy wrench wheel it into the back to perform three minutes of voodoo that is apparently a trade secret.
Have a close look and you should be able to see a channel or knurled surface that defines the clamping area.
If you position the cable in the wrong spot it will not shift correctly as the cable pull ratio will be off. The truth is it's actually a pretty simple job that only requires a couple of tools and some patience to get right. Before clamping the cable, have the barrel adjuster at the shifter dialed two turns out from full in. You can test your lever throw by applying a slight amount of pressure to the lever syringe and pulling gently on the brake lever.
Below you'll find step by step instructions on how to setup your SRAM X9 rear derailleur.Keep in mind that the same basic principles will apply to other makes and models, although you may find the adjustments in different places. With the derailleur in this position, pull the shift cable snug with your hand and clamp it in the correct position under the cable anchor bolt. With practice you'll be able to know just how hard to tug on the cable so that you won't have to make drastic, if any, tension adjustments after it's clamped. Take a minute to check the brake by pulling hard on the lever (be sure to still have the bleed block in place) and watching for any fluid at the lever and caliper hose fittings.
When you're sure that the caliper is clean and free of any DOT fluid reinstall the pads and retaining bolt and clip.
If it's adjusted correctly, one click of the shifter will move the chain up to the next cog without hesitation and without it over shifting to the next cog. When checking your shifting be sure to shift one gear at a time as it can become confusing if it's out of adjustment and you're doing multiple jumps.
The first couple of tries may result in not enough tension, with the symptom being that the derailleur is not able to move enough to bring the chain up to the next largest cog.
Besides ruining a ride, not having your brakes bled properly can be dangerous and certainly cause injury.
Do a number of test stops to positive that there is no air in the system and that your brake pads have not been contaminated with DOT fluid. If you are not 100% confident in your work, take it to your local shop to have them double check.
If you find that it is over shifting and moving the chain too far, you'll need to remove some tension.
Inside you'll find both step by step instructions and a great How-To video running you through the process. A rear derailleur that is out of adjustment will "tick tick tick" as you pedal, while a properly adjusted one should be nearly silent.
Too loose and you'll feel a constant knocking sensation through your bars and quickly begin to damage parts. Too tight and your bars won't turn freely enough and you'll go through headset bearings like Al Gore through global warming excuses.
Adjusting your bike's headset is quick and easy enough to do that there should be no reason for it to ever be ridden while too lose or too tight. Before taking your bike off the stand the last thing to check is the B-Tension screw adjustment. The derailleur's upper pulley and chain should not come in contact with the large cog, but be roughly within 5-6 mm of it. If it is too close you could damage the upper pulley wheel as well as not be able to pedal backwards or freewheel correctly. Once you are happy with how your bike is shifting while on the rack be sure to take it for a spin outside before heading up to the mountain. The drive train may react differently during riding because it is under far more load when pedaling with your legs than it was in the rack. With the right tool and technique you should be able to finish this one in only a few minutes. So why is it that a lot of riders run into trouble when they have a go at removing their pedals?
What seems like it should be a quick a simple job can sometimes turn into a nightmare of bloody knuckles and confusion. Below you'll find out how to avoid going down that road when the time comes to do this job.Watch the video to learn how to easily remove and install your pedals!

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