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This is a very popular piece with new students.Indian Dance (composed by yours truly) is one of my beginning piano students' favorite songs to play.
Download Indian Dance with Alphanotes - easy piano sheet music with lettered notes (not shown here)Download Indian Dance Alphanotes Helper version (just a few lettered notes)What? Expect them to forget your instructions!Of course, just because you carefully draw the finger numbers into the keyboard chart and have them locate the hand position on the keyboard doesn't mean they will remember to do this when they get home! Download printable music for Indian Dance with left hand When is it appropriate to give this piece to beginners?Usually I introduce this piece to slightly older or extra talented children in the first five weeks of lessons. But some students can grasp these concepts right awayVery occasionally, with an older or very precocious beginner, I will give this piece to a student on his or her second lesson. Do you have a funny story about this music, or does it remind you of something you'd like to share with other readers?
All our instruments come with free returns so when you're finished with your instrument, simply let us know and our courier will collect it free of charge. Beginner keyboard music sheets as beautiful as The Water is Wide will win your piano students over with storybook lyrics and a lovely melody. Students enjoy easy sightreading music, pieces with which they are almost instantly successful, especially when they are as pretty as The Water is Wide. Download The Water is Wide for beginner piano with chordsI encourage students to play chords with both hands, starting simply, with perhaps one chord per measure, then two chords, and eventually (maybe even the first week) broken chords.
Cheri in Vancouver, BC:I was looking for sheet music for She Moves Thru the Fair since I'm beginning both mandolin and uke. Please double check your phone number, if it is incorrect we will be unable to contact you. We aim to get back to you within the hour, during shop hours (please see store details), to confirm your reservation. Instant Feedback shows you when you play the correct notes as you progress through a melody. The Note Tracker and Finger Tracker tools show you the note you play as music notation and on eMedia’s Animated Keyboard. When using either software with an electronic MIDI-compatible keyboard in eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method and for selected exercises in eMedia Intermediate Piano and Keyboard Method, you can get specific feedback on note and rhythm mistakes made while playing to help you get it right the next time!

Interactive review and ear training screens help reinforce new concepts and develop your ear. Highlight an entire page, or just a portion of a song, and loop it for playback at whatever speed you are comfortable playing. Slows down the audio to any tempo, while the Animated Keyboard shows song fingerings as the music plays. MIDI playback options let you select left or right hand only, or a metronome click track to play along with. Personalized reports show your rate of progress, including scores for specific songs (when using a MIDI keyboard). Selected pieces include orchestral accompaniment and even a jazz band with which to play along. With the click of a button, you can get suggestions as to which “voice” to use on your MIDI keyboard to get the best sound for the song! Educational Editions of eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method and eMedia Intermediate Piano and Keyboard are also available. It satisfies the need for repetition, and for a loud LH (left hand) part they can really bang on the piano!Just kidding.
This piece is not really about reading notes, but about observing patterns, watching finger numbers, counting steadily, and coordinating the hands.Have fun! I have been struggling as a music student, not having any previous instruction in high school. For all the reasons you explain on the site itself--this is exactly what piano teachers need! I have recently started my own vocal studio, and though I have studied music education for years in college, a private studio is a daunting task for me. It features over 100 songs ranging from Classical, Pop, Folk, Rock, Blues to Country – making learning fun!
Beginning with intervals and expanded hand positions, the lessons progress through building dexterity, advanced rhythms and transitions, interpretive expression marks and voicing, and, finally, to blues improvisation based on the blues and the piano in Ensemble. Clicking on an individual feedback balloon brings up a keyboard showing you exactly what mistake was made and what should have been played.

Audio playback options include piano only, voice only, and full audio featuring both piano and vocal performances. Colorful variable-speed MIDI accompaniments are also available and can be fun to play along with! This feature allows you to compare your recordings with the instructor’s version, fine tune your skills and share your recordings with friends and family. I am a piano teacher in New Orleans, LA and in the process of putting together my own curriculum and recordings.
On some of my free sheets, I have written "For Use by Private Music Teachers" down by the Copyright notice, but I really intend them to be for the use of all teachers and students alike. Your site has made everything seem so simple and straightforward and has helped me to really get started. As you reach your goal of playing the melody correctly, you’ll discover that reading music notation is easier than you ever thought possible! Enhanced multi-track audio and colorful MIDI accompaniments enhance the learning experience. Music tracking highlights the notes being played on the screen making it simple to follow along. Please contact our Educational Sales Department for information about license options to meet your school’s needs and budget.
That's because "A," the first note, won't show up in their lesson books, usually, for a very long time. It is such a gift, for so many reasons!I have been slowly giving my oldest daughter whatever my memory can dredge up, scouring the internet for free music she can do, but your website with its instructions AND tips on how to teach pieces are going to help me SO much in this endeavor. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge so that music can be shared everywhere. Every new endeavor requires a little bit of chutzpah -- not to say just brazening it out a bit, because you just can't be an expert at anything until you've done it for a while.

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