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FORMING AUGMENTED TRIADS OR CHORDSOne of the easiest ways to form an augmented triad is by raising the dominant note which the high note in a major triad or chord. No doubt the sound that is been created by the augmented triad gives a sense of incompleteness, this is because these type of chords are used as passing tones. Do you find the lessons and articles on this website interesting?Then keep updated by following Choose-Piano-Lessons on Twitter or share this website on Google Plus.
Remember that a major chord is formed by choosing the 1st, 3rd and 5th notes of a major scale.

All you need to do to form an augmented triad is to sharpen the last note that makes up a major triad.Here is a diagram showing the difference with the G major triad and the G augmented triad.
Try playing the C major augmented triad on your piano and then go back to the C major chord. The 5th note is referred as the dominant in a major scale.Below is an illustration showing how augmented triads are formed by raising the high note in a major chord.
In other words, when the fifth note of a major scale is raised or sharpens then that note is considered to be an augmented fifth.

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