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Leland Sprinkle, who used to be an electronic engineer by profession, continuously tried to make a perfect harmony using three simple devices. Out of the three almost perfect sonic art instruments across the globe, the most perfect one is the wave organ. Outside the city of Lancaster in California, there is literally a road that plays the music of the William Tell Overture.
Terje Isungset, a drummer and composer by profession, makes his own musical instruments using ice gathered from frozen lakes. Athanasius Kircher, who was a 17th century famous scholar, prepared a list of fantastic instruments, including the cat piano. A wide range of musical instruments can be made using vegetables, and that is just what has been done.

Together with a little hammer, tuning fork and an angle grinder, he was engaged in a mission to create excellent-sounding stalactites. This instrument uses long organ pipes, through which air is forced in, depending upon ebb and flow of water. To add more specialness to it, Queen Victoria experienced the performances of Handel, Mozart and Rossini on the same xylophone. The wind blows through the ends of the pipe, creating different sounds, which are are reportedly very haunting. A similar sound can be heard from the clock in Vancouver, which is created by the water vapour passing through whistles. As the wires vibrate due to the wind, a sound is produced and is further intensified by pipes.

While it might make strange noises, there are also nice, harmonious sounds played at times. It was designed more precisely for the sake of treating psychiatric patients, rather than simply being played as a musical instrument, for entertainment. They are always innovating different instruments, and, at the end of the show, treat audiences with some fresh soup.

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