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When treating the yellow jackets nests, avoid the entrance opening of the hive when you are treating it because it only increases the chance of being stung.
We have what looks like a large amount (about 200) small yellow jackets going into an eaves area on our roof.
With yellow jackets, we recommend getting a professional to take care of the infestation unless you are willing to eradicate the infestation yourself. Hi, we have several yellow jackets going in and out of our shutters out front of our house.
Of note, my dog ran into a nest in the ground on the trail that runs behind our house and got stung several times. The most environmentally friendly wasp nest removal is with natural repellents and pesticides. Another way to hinder the wasp community from settling near your house or on your property is to put up fake nests. During a wasp nest removal the wasps may feel violated.  In the stinger is venom that causes pain upon entering the body. Their diet consists mainly of large insects such grasshoppers, flies, bees, and yellow jackets. Nests are typically built in hollow trees, but they are often found in barns, sheds, attics, and hollow areas of house walls.
Their abdomen is usually banded with yellow and black, that is how they get their name yellow jackets. They are to be applied to small cracks and crevices in a structure with a bee might enter or build its nest near.
Broadcast treatments are usually for the entire lawn, in this case when you cannot find the bee nest.

When a nest is found in your home, shed, garage or any other part of your property, you need to know how to remove it safely. One way is to drown the nest (only if it is an aerial nest.) To use this way of extermination you will need a disposable cloth bag and a bucket of war- hot water. They love food so building a nest near open garbage is beneficial; this is why all containers of rotten food and trash should be tightly closed. Unlike its cousins the yellow jacket and the bald-faced hornets, European hornets rarely build nests that are free hanging or in unprotected areas, such as tree limbs. These nests can be found under the eaves of houses, under branches of trees and shrubs, under decks or inside pipes. If the bumble bee built there nest under the ground, spray directly into the entrance, if you can not find the entrance, spray the surrounding area. If you would like to treat the infestation yourself, we recommend using Wasp Freeze to kill the flying adults before applying anything to the nest.
With these quick steps and interesting tips you can learn how to remove a wasp nest in the fastest most safe way possible.
An aerial nest is a nest that is above ground, opposed to a ground nest, which is in the ground and under the ground. If you were to knock down or burn the nest all the little wasp residences would furiously spill out and want to attack whatever caused havoc. I had a gallon of gasoline which I poured on them and into the hole going to their nest.2The next day, I went back to make sure I had killed them. For most people a yellow jacket sting just causes a welt and temporary pain, but their sting can cause allergic reactions to people sensitive to this venom. Yellow Jackets do not see well at night so the chances of being stung are significantly reduced.

As winter approaches, the worker bees die off and the Queen will leave the existing nest and find an empty log or other sheltered spot to spend the winter. Wasps prefer to keep their nests hidden and bees usually reside in man-made boxes or old logs. Wasps also like dirt so keeping your house clean and cared for will lower the risks of having a nest in the first place. I started digging into the ground to find the nest.3This is the paper covering they built around their nests.
During the winter, only the inseminated queens hibernate and survive, while all the other yellow jackets die. Wasp nests are made out of wood and plant fibers that have been gnawed and made into a paper like substance. It is an amazing structure and houses many, many yellow jackets.4I took this picture to try to give a little bit of dimension to the nest. This is then further made into elaborate, six-sided nest where wasps lay their eggs and keep their young. The entire nest is about half the size of a basketball.5Here, I peeled away the outer layer of paper.
Look for yellow jacket nests during the day, because you can see them flying in and out, but destroy nests at night, when they are dormant and all there.
I read the hornets make their nests out of paper or wood they chew.6This is after I pulled the six tiers apart.

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