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I found a nest in the ground in the hill in front of my house about 30 ft from the front door last summer.
Identify your bee: bumble bees, honey bees, ground bees, wasps, hornets, carpenter bees, or yellow jackets here!
When yellow jackets nest inside a structure (such as your home) the nest is not at all visible. They seem to prefer new construction to old, and I keep very busy treating wasp infestations in suburban housing developments.
Yellow Jackets, like wasps and hornets, actually make this paper themselves by chewing on tiny slivers of wood.

You'll see them flying in and out at some small gap, crack, or crevice on the exterior of your house. These were ground bees (actually a type of yellow jacket) that chased your father around the yard.
While carpenter bees are strictly considered "wood-destroying" insects, the damage they do is typically limited to surface wood and they are not likely to do any damage to the structural or weight bearing wood of a house. Those are yellow jackets going about the business of building their hive and slowly chewing through your plaster or drywall. Hornets, as do wasps and yellow jackets, actually make this paper themselves by chewing on tiny slivers of wood.

I do my house every couple weeks and NOTHING gets inside other than European hornets and it completely disables them and fucks them all up.
They are much smaller than other yellow jackets but are fairly aggressive and can become very easily agitated – especially with a giant lawnmower rumbling overhead.

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