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Ground hornets are typically very aggressive in defending their nests but when foraging for food, they are almost docile. For some unknown reason, ground hornet nests at Shady Pond are often found amid the roots of pecan trees.
Late last summer as I plowed field 'B' in preparation for planting, I discovered a ground hornet nest under one of the two pecans that survived Katrina. Time pasted, the season came and went, and the ground hornets under the pecan tree were all but forgotten.
But as yummy a combination as the armadillo apparently had devised, in truth only honeybees (and to a lesser extent bumblebees) produce honey; not ground hornets. With hornets, their nest is no more than a wasp nest shaped disk, surrounded by a paper mache hull.
We've had yellowjacket nests pop up in the most unexpected places (inside a roll of roofing paper, in a pile of plywood). If it makes you feel any better we found not one but about ten yellow jacket nests (all dead thank goodness) in the ceiling of my office when we demolished for the basement remodel.

Yellow jacket nests are usually in the ground or hollow tree, but they can be found in wall voids, between attic rafters, and on exterior of homes.
In late summer months, when yellow jacket populations increase, they can create a nuisance in parks by scavenging for food from picnic areas.
And by the time Shady Pond opens for the Christmas season, the ground hornet population has progressed to dormancy and remains so until spring. The hornets would get all grumpy for a while but would soon settle down and return to their appointed task of foraging for protein and sweets. As I passed the old hornet nest hole, I noticed that the comb had been removed from under the tree. The offending creature had methodically gathered pecans from around the area, cracked them and eaten the meat along with the hornet's nest. And fortunately for me, I am neither allergic to ground hornet venom nor apparently viewed as a real threat to the little monsters since even with all my encounters with them I have rarely been stung.
Ground hornet stings can be fatal if the number of hits is sufficiently large or if the victim is allergic to their venom.

They are so diligent about responding to any threat that even the ground vibrations from a lawnmower will produce a reaction. After all, I was focused on ground prep and the ground hornets were really not part of the task at hand. And if so, which member of our wildlife population is tough enough to take on the ground hornets.
When a nest is disturbed, yellow jackets can inflict multiple stings that are painful and may be life threatening to individuals allergic to the venom.

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