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However, the term wasp is often used in a narrower sense to just describe members of the Vespidae family, which include the medically important hornets (Vespa species), yellow jackets (Vespula and Dolichovespula species), and paper wasps (Polistes species).
Vespidae wasps look similar to bees but are less hairy and have thin waists (except the yellow jackets).
Yellow jackets are typically black and yellow in color, although a few are black and white, including the large black-faced hornet (Dolichovespula maculata), which is misnamed a hornet.Wasps are social insects, living in colonies, and they build paper nests, which they will fiercely defend.

Yellow jackets build nests underground (Vespula) or aboveground in trees or buildings (Dolichovespula).Wasp stings are the most common human envenomation.
The stings from all species are similar, but hypersensitivity reactions may be quite specific. Wasps (including yellow jackets) can sting repeatedly, especially when trapped in clothing, because their stingers do not have barbs, like some bees.Wasp venom is similar to bee venom, but the venoms are generally not cross-reactive.

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