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The Yellow Jacket 93600 BULLET 7 CFM Vacuum Pump is a two-stage rotary vane oil-sealed 7 CFM pump that pulls down to 25 microns or better. Few of us worry about the Vacuum pump hidden away in the boot, that is until our locking packs up then we are directed to look for the pump that operates the system.When you do find it do not be surprised if the foam casing is soaking wet and the well that it sits in is partially full of water! In the above owners case the pump was saved but it took him some time to clean up the electrical connections which were in very poor condition, this is the male section of the connector which you can see is in a poor condition although salvageable. This is the vacuum pump which is situated in a separated section, near side far corner of the spare wheel compartment in the boot, it is function is to actuate the locks on all doors, boot and fuel flap and operates with the central locking facility or door key. This photo shows the vacuum pump and it is ancillary components exposed but still resting in half of its flexible rubber jacket If you are removing this unit for any reason take precautions to ensure that undue pressure is not placed on the yellow tubes, or that the white plastic tube is dislodged from the pump this section of tube is a push fit onto moulded outlets on both the pump and manifold.

When I was removing the white plastic manifold, that has the yellow flexible tubing attached, from it is housing it was apparent it was fixed on securely.
On the other hand if you do need to remove your pump for any reason then you will need to follow this procedure to remove the manifold from the pump assembly.
Note the positioning of the stowed unit, the yellow tubes in which the vacuum is created point towards the front of the vehicle. This in turn flood the recess and submerges the pump in water with the end result being that a new vacuum pump is required .
Remove the oval felt pad & place your hand with caution due to sharp edges into the access between the body panel and the boot lining, moving your hand towards the filler flap or following the yellow pipe, incidentally the connection onto this unit is the same as on the headlight remote adjusters.

If you dry the pump out you may be able to salvage it but this really does depend on how long it is been submerged in the mixture of water and screen wash fluid . If you do find that your pump is submerged in a water soaked foam casing then you will need to remove the pump to dry, service and hopefully salvage the pump, failing that the pump will need to be replaced.Barrie ,a fellow owner who suffered this problem spent so time trying to disconnect the manifold to which the vacuum tubes connect from the pump assembly.
New pumps can be purchased from Mercedes-Benz parts but like most things do not come cheap, at least having discovered the problem you can save the costs of diagnostics by Mercedes Workshops and having purchased the pump you can easily fit it yourself.

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