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The Yellow Jacket is a North American predatory insect that builds a large nest to house the colony.
These bee-sized social wasps are black with yellow markings on the front of the head and yellow banding around the abdomen.
Yellow Jackets are common visitors to picnics and parks in the summer as they are attracted to meat, fruit and sweet drinks. Yellow Jackets are common worldwide, and are particularly abundant in the southeastern United States.
All social wasps are capable of producing a painful sting, but none leave the stinger embedded in the skin, as do honey bee workers.

In Colorado, the western yellow jacket is estimated to cause at least 90 percent of the "bee stings" in the state. Some species build the nest in old burrows underground, while others build nests in or around houses (German Yellow Jacket). Insect bites and stings are typically minor in nature and only cause mild pain and discomfort.
Yellow jackets' closest relatives, the hornets, closely resemble them but have a much bigger head. If someone has a known severe allergy to an insect bite or sting you should call 911 and treat them according to the allergic reaction protocol.

But I learned a secret from my aunt who passed on many years ago, it's actually a way to get a stinger out, take your plastic card could be a credit card or drivers license and scrap the end with it slowly it really does work it came out in no time flat!
No big deal you went and got a pair of tweezers and pulled the stinger out and went back outside.
To treat a victim of a insect bite or sting evaluate the situation and attempt to identify the origin of the bite or sting.

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