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Steerers and handlebars are now usually made of composite materials and can easily be compromised by poor clamp design.To assure the integrity of the ARX clamp interface, 3T perform their own tests that go way beyond the demands of CEN standards. They even tested this new stem's compatibility with other brands of handlebars and it passed with flying colours. Now we didn’t test the stun gun part out and we had no intention of doing that on the CES floor.

From only 245g it is one of the lightest bars ever in this shape, yet also one of the strongest, exceeding all the industry's most stringent tests.The past 30 years have seen a wide variety of new dropbar shapes, but most pros still ride with this bend, perfected by 3T in the 1980s. Check out the video below from Mike Flaminio.The Yellow Jacket is not legal in all states so be sure to find out what your states laws are before considering this thing. Now we’d love to show you this thing in action on a real person but no one on staff was willing to submit to a test shock.

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